sleepy friday

I'm feeling kind of out of it today, like I might be getting sick, but then I think maybe it's just allergies. Been taking Airborne "just incase." I hope I'm not getting sick! We're taking Toby to see Santa on Sunday and I want to be well for that.

Worked on more PoppetTM commissions today. Here's a scan of a PoppetTM sketch commission that I finished, aren't they a cute little family?

Tonight Paul and I ran errands and now home and really tired, so it's off to bed for me. I might not even have to take Tylenol PM to get to sleep tonight which is a miracle, normally my brain won't shut up and let me sleep without it.

Thanks for all the book suggestions! I will check them out!!
so adorable... great colors. and i just love the expression on the little one!
Have you ever tried a magnesium tea before bedtime? It does wonders for calming the body and mind and doesn't tax the liver and kidney's like Tylenol.
I'm getting sick too but I'm really fighting it! This is such a horrible time of year to get sick, isn't it? Too much to do!

This is an adorable family! What a fun family portrait to have! :)
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