i'm a busy girl

Spent today working on commissions (here's a little girl commission I did awhile ago) and also getting things ready for a workshop that I'll be teaching at the 2006 CHA convention in Las Vegas, on Feb 1st. Paul and I have never been to Vegas before so it should be fun. I am looking forward to seeing a Cirque show there. The only one we would have time to see is KA. I was hoping for O, but I'll take what I can get!

I got my holiday cards in from my CafePress store, they turned out really good! Now I just have to write them all out and send them, THAT'S the hard part.
rainy day
On days like today all I want to do is sleep. It was so cloudy and yucky. But there's work to do!

I see
Bust Magazine listed my link on their "girl wide web" section on the front of their web site. Yay! And I also got a spotlight feature on I was thrilled. It feels good to be accepted by other illustrators, especially of the caliber on that web site.

For fun we put the
Catnip Video in to see if Mabel would like it, we haven't tried it on her yet. She got really into it even pawing at the TV screen. Even Maggie tried to get a good view. Here's a photo.

Time to watch
House. I love that show.


shopping day
I sold almost all the PoppetTM Sketches today - only 4 left! So most of tonight was spent packing them up and getting ready to ship out tomorrow. Also working on commissions.

Tonight Paul and I rented Me and You & Everyone We Know it was kind of odd, not in a bad way though. I am still deciding if I liked it or not. I didn't NOT like it, but I don't think it'll grow on me like Napoleon Dynamite did. I love that movie.

OK off to bed for me, I have had a migraine every day for the last week and it is making me crazy. I love my Imitrex, but I wish it wasn't so expensive and why do they only allow 9 pills per month??!
new poppetTM sketches are here

I just put up a new PoppetTM Sketch Gallery!

Because I love those of you who actually take the time to visit my blog, I thought I'd post it here first to give you guys a heads up. All are original artworks on 9x12 watercolor paper and only $35 + shipping.

Get them while you can! I'll be posting it to my mailing list tomorrow night so here's your chance to beat the crowd.
national shopping day

It's national shopping day and the fun's already started! I see Orlando was on CNN because of a fight that broke out at a Walmart. That's the holiday spirit!

I didn't partake in the shopping festivities and worked on commissions and other artwork. Everything on my list has a Dec 15th deadline and it's stressing me out. So many things to get done, what to start on first!?

I do plan to get some new PoppetTM Sketches up by Monday, so there will still be plenty of time to buy them for the holidays.

Toby is on my mom's blog today, a photo of him with Santa. We take him every year. Our Toby is so cute I can hardly stand it. Speaking of cute, I am still watching the panda cam, it's so hard to tear myself away. Right now he's snuggling with his momma.
cooking time

Tomorrow is the big day. Gobble, Gobble. Paul will be doing the cooking and I'll be cleaning the house getting ready for everyone to come over. We'll have about 9 people all together.

I'll be eating Macaroni and Cheese since I am the only veggie in the group. I think I am the only person in America who doesn't like Thanksgiving food and always ends up having cereal later because I'm hungry.

Today worked on commissions and also posted up a new "Thank you" ecard. I have also been spending way too much time watching the Panda Cam. That little baby, Tai Shan is so cute. I am like an addict I can't stop watching it.

Tonight is going to be an early night, because tomorrow will be busy!Have a happy turkey day!
it's cold!

It got really cold here, supposed to be in the low 40's tonight. Brrr! I can hardly stand it. Toby loves this weather though, he's super frisky when I take him out on walks.

Got started on a pile of work today, I have a bunch of commissions to do in time for the holidays so getting started on those. Then I realized I needed more printer ink and some other things so I went into the vortex that is Super Target. It's hard to come out of there with only the items that you went in for. I ended up finding this really cute polka dotted masking tape in the "dollar spot" and then a mini mouse for my new laptop. I have the hardest time using the little built-in mouse on the laptop, I must have bad hand eye coordination or something.

Going to try to have an early night tonight. Tomorrow is cleaning day to get ready for all the Thanksgiving guests!


happy monday

Getting a lot of packing and shipping of orders done today, then off to the Post Office and maybe if I'm a lucky girl, Paul and I will go and see the new Harry Potter Movie.

I see on the HGTV web site they have listed my second Carol Duvall Show episode but it doesn't have an air date yet. It's show # CDS 1916 so keep an eye out for me!

I added a new Happy Birthday Card to my ecard page, and I am now working on a Thank You card that I think will be really funny, well at least I hope it will.
holiday cards

Worked on a new snail mail holiday card for my cafepress store. Then I ordered a bunch so I can use them to send out. No I am not a good girl, I don't make my cards by hand, I wish I could but there's never enough time!

I see the new season of Project Runway starts December 7th. I am excited! I loved that show so much, so glad they are bringing it back.

Got my first real laptop and now I need a cute case for it. Anyone know of any that look nice? I don't like the "business man" versions that seem to be everywhere, maybe something pink, or with polka dots?

My web site was mentioned on Liquid Treat today! That was exciting!! OK back to work for me.
back to real life
Working on some more sketches today that I hope to update in the PoppetTM sketch gallery by this time next week. I'll let you know when they are up there. Here's one of a sassy shoe shopping gal that I finished.

Tonight I went to my class that I am taking Donne Bitner, it was great! Worked on some layering and texture and had a lot of fun. Trying not to worry how this all "fits into my artwork" and just enjoy it for the fun of it.

The U2 concert was amazing of course, we wished it could have gone on forever. I think this one was even better than the last one. Except I have a note for the woman who sat behind us. Whomever you are that was sitting in Section 316 Row M Seat 5, why did come to the concert if you hate U2 so much? You were annoying but I am glad I managed to ignore you for the most part. I hope you have fun spreading your anger at other places. Tis the season!
Just had my coaching session and it was GREAT! Sheri always amazes me, with what she notices about me and working habits/thought processes, I think we touched on some great stuff today and feeling refreshed.

Paul and I are getting ready to leave to drive to Tampa for U2. I've been listening to U2 on iTunes while I get ready. We are so excited! I dug out my T shirt from the last concert, just have to walk Toby and we're off!
toby needs a stroller
I am seriously thinking about getting Toby a stroller.

Those of you who know me, have heard me mention it before but now I'm really getting serious. Since the weather is nicer we could plop him in and take him for long walks with us. His little pekingese doggie legs will only get him so far...

What do you think? I like the SUV stroller with cup holders myself!

This time tomorrow night Paul and I will be at the U2 concert! Yippeee!


italy anyone?

We've just confirmed the dates, and I'll be going to Italy in April 2007 to teach another workshop there. I am excited! I posted it up on my web site if you want to take a look! It's a whole year and a half away but, never too early to plan! And I am super excited because as part of our workshop we'll be going to the Nikki de Saint Phalle tarot gardens. I have wanted to see them for so long!

While I was updated my site with the Italy workshop, I posted a new Birthday card on my
postcard page, so the other cards would be less lonely.
yoga time
I tried out a different yoga DVD and somehow I felt like I was "cheating" on my old yoga DVD. I laughed at myself after I noticed I was being critical of the new DVD thinking "that's not the way the OTHER lady does it - harumph"

Had a great evening with my friend Carmi who was down from Toronto, it was so nice to see her. Paul and I took her to our favorite Japanese restaurant, Amura - and we had tempura cheescake -yum. Carmi had some great ideas how I could re-arrange my studio space (always a tricky task since it's at the very front of our house), now I can't wait to try them out.

Tomorrow is the Festival of the Masters at Downtown Disney, yay!
christmas before thanksgiving?

It's Christmas before Thanksgiving here at my house - well, at least as far as commissions go it is. I finished up this PoppetTM
commission of these two adorable doggies! So cute! Now I want to make one just like it with Toby in it.

I was right -- I did dream of postcard HTML coding all night last night. Whew. Hopefully I won't tonight. But I did manage to finish this
Singing Elvis Holiday PoppetTM so now I have two holiday cards. I have to work on more because the postcard page looks so lonely with only 3 designs.

There really are not enough hours in the day, can't we make some more?
my head is spinning
I have been working on this postcard program all day. I haven't posted it officially to my web site, but here's a preview if you want to try it out. Right now all I have is a "get well" card and a holiday card. More cards to come soon though! I have a good idea for a Thanksgiving card, so I hope to get that done by this weekend.

OK off to bed for me, I have a feeling I'll be dreaming of HTML and PHP code all night!

I have been playing around with animating some of my PoppetTM designs as Flash animations. I wasn't very good at Flash back in my web designing days, but now that I have the ideas and motivation I am giving it another try.

I put my first holiday "card" on my web site if you'd like a sneak peek, click here. Be gentle! It's my first Flash animation, I will get better, but I can tell this is going to be really fun!

Now to figure out a postcard program so I can upload them to my site to be able to send as email postcards. It's tricky, because I can't use my regular postcard program. But I'll let you know when I get it figured out!

On a really happy note, Paul and I just won U2 tickets off ebay for the concert in Tampa next week! We are bursting with excitement!

I made it back home last night. yay! it feels so good to be home and I don't have to leave again until February.

I had a great time teaching for Christine at the Artist's Nook in Ft. Collins, CO. Also got to hang out with a few of the ladies from the True Colors journal exchange, Sarah Fishburn, Monica Riffe and Lisa Hoffman. All incredible artists and it was such a treat to get to chit chat and relax with them.

Now it's time to catch up on everything that piled up while I was away -- eeek! scary!
my bags are packed

Well my bags are packed and I am ready to head off to Ft. Collins, CO to teach 4 workshops! I'll be gone until Monday night. I am excited to go because I know I'll have a good time, but it is always so hard for me to leave. I am a homebody, what can I say?

If you have some time check out this super cool
ebay auction. It's to raise money for my friend Bernie Berlin, and her effort to rescue as many unwanted animals as she can. A variety of artists created original artwork (yours truly included -- artwork above) then the pages were put together as a book. Now it's for sale on ebay to help raise $$ for all the critters that Bernie helps. I can't think of a better cause!

Hug your pets! Have a great weekend, see you on Tuesday!


poppetTM cards
Got a new book in today called Artful Cards that has 3 PoppetTM greeting cards that I created in it. Cute book with lots of great artwork by a variety of different artists.

Halloween went great! It was fun seeing all the kids that came to our house. I felt sorry for the kids who didn't have any friends to trick-or-treat with. There were one or two all on their own, all dressed up in costume, with their un-costumed mom waiting at the end of the driveway. Seemed kind of sad.

I did manage to get Toby to wear his costume for all of 3 minutes. Here's a photo of him paired with the Ewok from Star Wars that he is supposed to look like. You can judge how well you think I did. I tried!

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