tattered inspiration & a giveaway!
Tim Holtz is having a super fun blog hop and giveaway with his lovely Tattered Florals Die! I've got a tutorial for you and then look for the GIVEAWAY at the end of this post!


For my project using the Tattered Florals Die, I created a Sticky Back canvas brooch that you can pin to a necklace, to your scarf or jacket!

Tim Holtz Sizzix Tattered Florals die  
Claudine Hellmuth Studio Stick Back Canvas in Natural 8.5x11"
Claudine Hellmuth Studio Painterly Pink paint
Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi Medium
Ink Blending tool with foam
Pin Back
Sand paper
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Start with a piece of  8.5x11" Natural Sticky Back Canvas and print a handwriting image onto it using your inkjet printer

Peel off the backing paper from the Sticky Back Canvas

Fold it in half so both sides stick together

Cut using the Tattered Florals die on your die cutting machine

Sand the edges of your Sticky Back Canvas Flowers to distress them by rubbing the edges on sandpaper

Squeeze out a small amount of paint onto your Craft Sheet

Using the ink blending tool, dip the foam into the paint and then brush lightly over the edges of the flower.

Scrunch up the flowers to give them dimension. Then set the flower pieces aside. Now we are going to make the center of the flower!

Cut a 2" square piece of Sticky Back Canvas and a 1" x 11" long strip. Make a small cut in the top of the strip of Sticky Back Canvas

Tear the strip of Sticky Back Canvas in half lengthwise

Peel off the paper backing from the square of Sticky Back canvas and leave the adhesive side facing up

Take the long strip of Sticky Back canvas and remove the paper backing, stick one end to the adhesive side of the canvas square.

Start rolling up your flower by twisting one 1/2 turn and then sticking the strip of canvas into the adhesive side of the canvas square in a circular motion.
Keep twisting and sticking and it will look like this!

Trim off the excess canvas around the flower

Lightly tap on a little bit of Painterly Pink paint using the link blending tool

Apply Multi medium to the center of the largest flower

Layer up all the flowers, adding Multi Medium in between each layer.

Add a button using Multi Medium to the center of your flower

Add a pin back to the back of the flower. I glued mine on with more Multi Medium!

Pin your flower to an old necklace and wear! Or pin it to a scarf, a hat or a jacket!

A big Thanks to Tim Holtz, for being so generous and sending me a Tattered Florals die to GIVEAWAY to one of you! 

UPDATE WE HAVE A WINNER! winner has been picked! Congrats to Suzanne!!  We'll have another giveaway very soon! thanks for playing! 

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Great tutorial...don't believe I don't already own this die..Christine in Darcy...x
omg.....i love this flower.....want to make them right now!!!!!.... i have 4 daughter and it would make a great gift for them.....
Claudine! This is absolutely gorgeous!! :) I'm feeling so inspired with ideas for printed text on sticky back canvas now!!
Wow! I love your floral broach Claudine. It is so feminine. I have never printed onto your sticky canvas before; I have always used image transfer, so am looking forward to giving this a go. Thanks for the inspiration. Theresa x
aww cute flower! I'm probably the only one who doesn't have this die! :P thanks for the giveaway!
Beautiful necklace!
Thanks for taking the time to share an in-depth tutorial. I know it takes a lot of time and I truly appreciate it.
And I wouldn't mind winning that die!

- Tifany
Another AWESOME project Claudine. I was given some die cuts that a friend used that Tattered Floral die....I LOVE IT and thanks for this chance to win it.
I'm so doing that.... Right now ! Great idea.
Great tutorial, I love anything and everything that Tim Holtz does. Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway. :-)
As always you do great tutorials. I don't have that die and would love to win, thanks for the chance.
Awesome tutorial!
Out to get me some stickyback canvas now. ;-)
And what a treat with the giveaway! Thanks a lot to you and to Tim.

Hugs from Norway
Beautiful, I would love this die as they make the most amazing brooches and embellishments.
I love your work too.
Great tutorial! Now I know what I can do with this die. Thanks so much!
Claudine, Thanks for sharing your amazing talents!
Thanks for the tut, Claudine. I absolutely LOVE your sticky back canvas. Can't wait to make myself one of these!
Love the tutorial! So pretty :)
phenis2031 at yahoo dot com
Thanks for sharing this, Claudine. I've never used this -- I think I'll have to check that canvas out -- they look terrific. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity to both you and Tim!
So pretty, this is a must try, great tutorial ( I might have to make this one today ) !Absolutely love how you did the flower center!!

I've got everything I need tog give this a try.Think I will also give it a shot with Tim's Floral Garland die.I have the Tattered Floral die-so need to include me in the give away.
Thanks for the tutorial. I am very new to all this especially the dies. It would be great to have one and add another dimension to my artwork.
Too cute!! I love the sticky back canvas with the script on it!!
love this tutorial, Claudine! I never thought to use sticky back this way. Thanks for the inspiration.
Beautiful example of how to use this die.. Would love to win it..

Oh wow this is lovely. Your tutorial makes it seems so much easier. Thanks for the help and Tim Holtz!
been saving the sticky back canvas for God only knows, maybe it was to make these cute pins. Thanks for the tutorial.
Love your signature touch here, Claudine! the pink paint and the spiral center with that little white button? Charming! It makes me happy just to look at it!
Hi that´s a great pin! I also created one out of paper and I guess that I will create some more thanks to your inspiration!!
Best regards,
I absolutely love your flower and I can't wait to make one! It's beautiful!
Thanks for the demo on the canvas flowers. I like how you did the centers.
amazing tutorial!!
thank you so much!!!
Great tutorial! I too can't believe I don't have this die already - would love to win it!
Thanks for the chance!
Oh my, I love this technique!! I have one sheet of sticky back canvas left in my stash, can't wait to try this out!
The sticky back canvas is so cool. I have not had a chance to try that out! Love the flower!!!
I love this pin. Thank you
for the inspiration.
Great tutorial & easy to follow as usual. As always, a great design. Donna Jean.
This is an awesome giveaway! I was so sad I didn't have the die to play along. I so hope I win! Such a generous giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!
What a pretty pin, thanks for the tutorial. I don't have this die, would love to try it.
forgot my email raqmason at aol dot com
I love your fabulous flower!
I love this flower. Thank you for the step by step instructions. Now I've got to make some of these.
really like the tutorial and how easy it is to make the flower
Thanks for the great tutorial. I love that pin. guess I will have to put the canvas and the die on my needs list. Thanks for a chance to win.
This is so beautiful, thank you for the chance to win the die
farrellg41 at hotmail dot com
Love this adorable pin!! Would love to win this die so I am able to take on this project!! Thanks for sharing your fabulous talent-
Love your flower creation! It screams at me to go make one! But I need to win the die in order to do that!!

Love your flower pin - so springy! Love using your
sticky back canvas,too.
Thanks for the chance
to win the tattered floral die!
Love this project - I've been using sticky back canvas for mini book covers - this is a whole different way to use it that I'm definitely going to play with.

Tattered, vintage look with a little bit of feminine pink - love it!
cute pin- love the center and the pink- and the canvas of course!
Just LOVE this, so cuuute. Thanks for the tutorial, very good and a lot of inspiration.
Just LOVE this, so cuuute. Thanks for the tutorial, very good and a lot of inspiration.
Thank you for your great tut. Of course I'ld love to give Tim's wonderful die a loving home!
I love your tutorial!! Thanks for sharing with us!!
I would love to win these dies!! Thanks for the chance...the flowers are beautiful!!
Gorgeous! If the spring rains don't bring flowers, Tim and his gang of crafters will!!!

Love those Tattered Florals and they're missing from my diecut collection...
So so cute!
I love how you combined the regular flat flowers with a twisted flower bud!
Wow--this flower is awesome. I can't wait to try this technique! Thanks for your inspiration. Bette
Hi Claudine, I love your tattered flower broach. The colours are just perfect for spring.
So neat to see how something so pretty can be made from something simple. Great job! Love the die!
Wow I had no idea you could put sticky back canvas through the printer. It looks stunning die cut into a flower and distressed. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful project!
thanks for the tutorial! an awesome flower! laura j
Yet another beautiful twist!
Fondly, Tami
Such a cool idea! Thanks for the tutorial, quick & easy, just the way I like it!
Karen M.
What a great idea with the sticky back canvas, and I love how you pinned it to the necklace. Shari (cricutrookie)
cricutrookie at aol dot com
What a beautiful flower! I love how you printed from an ink jet printer onto the canvas as opposed to stamping! It's been a long time since I used that technique. I love it!
LOVING your Creative take on the Challenge!! Your FLower is BEAUTIFUL!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)
What a beautiful piece of jewelry! Great tutorial! Thank you!
Love the flower...very much a nice touch for Spring!
Love your art Claudine! Super tutorial.
ok, I've been trying to convince myself for the last few weeks that I don't NEED that tattered floral die, but all of these projects that I've been seeing have convinced me otherwise. If I win it, I'd be THRILLED! LOVE your project!
Love your flower and the sticky back canvas. Very cool.
Oh! I adore the new idea to rip the canvas! Don"t know why it never came to my mind but I really love it! Thanks so much for the inspiration!
Love the tutorial Claudine and the flower is amazing. Would love to win this die.
Love how you used the sticky back canvas on this project, it's absolutely beautiful.
Love the use of the canvas and the die has sooo many possibilities! Thanks for sharing
Oh my goodness Claudine! This is gorgeous! I have never tried any of these techniques before so I really appreciate the tutorial! Thanks for the chance to win this glorious die - I have been coveting it for quite a while :)
Gorgeous flower pin. Thanks so much for the tutorial.
What an awesome addition this will make to a cute summer outfit. Love your work. Thanks for the great use for the canvas and a chance to win this die which I don't own.
This looks like a fabulous project for Mother's Day. Thanks for the tutorial.

rosscdmr at aol dot com

I have been playing it safe in my designs,but now I'm ready to break my shell and free what's in my head. I want to use the flowers from this die to design something big and different. Time to play!!
What a beautiful project. I'd love to win this die for my collection. Oh the fun I would have with it. Thanks for the tutorial and giveaway.
what a very pretty take on the tattered floral.
Hi Claudine! This is a lovely project. Thanks for the tutorial. I appreciate the clear photos and instructions.
Beautiful pink flowers Claudine. Love them. Thanks for the chance.
I already have the die, but I wanted to comment and say that not only is the brooch beautiful, but you've given me so many new ideas for flower centers! Your clever idea has sparked several of my own. Thank you!
I already have the die and love it, but wanted to comment. Your flower is darling - love all the uses for Sticky Back Canvas.
What a fabulous project and thank you for the great tutorial!!

What a great way to get more out of a die. Love it with the pearls. How about a few on a hat or bag? Where do I get sticky back canvas? I've never seen that before. That's why I love the blogs. Not only do you get a cool project/lesson, but now I know there is something out there I need to get and play around with. Can't wait.
Awesome tutorial, great flower, wonderful die! Would love to win it!
Thanks for the chance!
awesome idea and such a pretty piece, love the centres on those flowers, I would love to own this dies, thanks for the chance to win, Christine
It's beautiful, I love it. Can't wait to start making these and putting them everywhere....hats, sandals, bags, backpack, wall mirrors and lamp shades... the list is endless. Thanks Caludine!

Love how this flower came out~ never thought of using my dies to cut material. I would love to win this die.
Hi Claudine,Oh Sew B utiful! Wow .I was unfamilar with several of the items you used.I am now enightened.Loved the sticky and the canvas, the little tool to scrub the edges with.Well Done.

The tattered flower is very beautiful. I love the technique you used to make the center. I would proudly wear this.
Great tutorial.........thank you; the flower is gorgeous. I don't need the die I already have it, but wanted to let you know that I'm actually going to try to make this one!
Super tutorial and love the double sided stamped canvas. BJ
Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talent with this great tutorial.
Linda E
Wow that is absolutely beautiful and so creative. I can hardly wait to do this. Thanks
Claudine, I have followed you for years and this little pink flower is so you.....I wanna be like you so I wanna make some of the pinkies for me too. Love the handwriting idea on it, it makes it so personal. It would be lovely to handwrite an Easter greeting to go with a card or small Easter basket of candy.
Wonderful! The pastel color reminds me that Spring is just around the corner!
WOW!! So classy! The technique for winding the narrow strip to make a flower is so simple yet looks so complicated. Hmm. Going to make a run for some sticky back canvas. Just need the die. Hope to win it. Liz
WOW, the pin is beautiful, thank you for showing us howto make one. My e-mail is Thank you Lucille
Lovely jewelry application for Tim Holtz product. Thank you for sharing your time & talents with us.

Love your style! Thx for the tutorial
Love your tattered flower. It would look wonderful on any lapel.
Completely in love with how you made the flower! I love everything about it.

Hugs from Florida,
WOW Claudine - I love what you've done here! I've been eyeing that tattered flower die for a few days now and I would love to win it!! Thanks for the chance!
I LOVE how you used the canvas! And I never even knew you could use the blending foam with paint. Very cool.
I'm not a pink kind of girl but I really love your brooch - so soft and feminine.
really love this ! and so surpised to see it as a pin what a cool idea
Lovely creation Claudine!!!! TFS how you made it!
Paper Hugs,
claudine, great tutorial, nice to see you and tim always work together so well.

Ava g
such a lovely tutorial Claudine. The sticky backed canvas is quite a diverse product....thank you for sharing :)
Great tutorial...LOVE the Tattered Floral die! Very nice giveaway... Tim and yourself always inspire us with such fantastic ideas and innovated ways to use and re-use the products you put out there for us. ThAnK YoU! (
Great dies. Thank you for the chance to win a set.
Great dies. Thank you for a chance to win a set.
I love your canvas sheets and that flower is amazing.
My email
Cute flower pin. Will have to try making one. Thanks for the chance to win the die.
Love, love this flower. Great tutorial. You make it so easy.
Ohhhh noooo....a other great tutorial....LOVE when you share these. I do admire your creativity so much !! These flowers tirned out just so pretty !
Thank you for sharing and for the give-away...
Hugs from SPAIN
What an awesome project! Thanks for sharing the tutorial with all of us! I don't own any of Tim's dies yet...sigh. Will they work with a Cuttlebug?
jwkoenig at charter dot net
Oh the possibilities with this die!!! After seeing your fabulous creation, my mind is just racing! Luckily, I already have some sticky-back canvas, and with the help of your detailed tutorial, my Easter hat will be complete....once I get my hands on the die, that is! Thank you for sharing your endless creativity!

freida38801 at yahoo dot com
Beautiful job and looks like fun to make! Thanks
Thanks so much Claudine, how I absolutely love your flower tutorial. The outcome is so sweet and with a vintage look. Hmm... I have that sticky back canvas, the exact paint and the medium. Please let me win this die!!! (:
What a lovely project - so creative and so versatile!! I'm looking forward to trying this technique soon - thanks for the tutorial!
I love your tattered floral brooch - I'm making myself one as soon as I get my hands on Tim's die. Love how you designers stretch our crafting muscles!
beyond gorgeous and a FABULOUS tutorial. Thank you
What a beautiful project...TFS. And as always, you have given us a great tutorial. I don't have that die and would LOVE to use it, thank you for the chance to win it.

Beth Anne in PA
Hi Claudine,
I don't have ANY of the dies or the die cutting machines. I love seeing what can be done with the dies but afraid to jump in I guess. I haven't seen enough examples of how you use the dies and machines in my Indiana area. Your tutorial though looks really easy and fun. How fun it would be to wear that rose! Pretty! Wouldn't the flowers put together also be great as a package tie decoration! Thank you for sharing. Sojna
Claudine, Great tutorial, have to get some of your sticky back canvas.
I'm still whining, as I don't have this die & I want it; it's not available, where I live; love your tutorial & as always, your blog!
Beautiful pin Claudine! I would love to win the tattered florals die! Thanks for the opportunity. And Thanks Tim!
Thank you for the awesome tutorial!! I LOVE your stick back canvas, and I use your multi medium all the time! This piece is so pretty and versitile!!
I already have the Tim's die, so no need to enter me! I am not greedy enough to want to own 2!!
looks fantastic, but fairly easy and fun to do. Thank you.
I love the soft pink paint that was used on your flower - it is so pretty.
I see so many wonderful possibilities for this technique. TFS!
I don't have that die sure could put it to great use if I had !!!! lol
I have never used sticky backed canvas but it's impressive how it distresses and that you can print on it. Hoping I might get lucky and win this die. The ideas this competition has generated are amazing
Your flowers are beautiful. I would love to win and try these. Thanks.
Thanks so much for the tutorial! Love the handwriting on the flowers.
This tutorial was fantastic, so effective, I love what you did. :)
Love the flower! Thanks for sharing:)

Could really use this die for wedding canvas projects! Thanks for a chance to win.
What a great tutorial! So feminine and wearable!

Lucy x
OMG.. This flower is gorgeous..
I soo want some of this..
Love from Cathrin Harsvik
- Norway -
Beautiful and lil funky!!
I NEEEEEDDD this die!
Thk U for this tutorial!
What a stunning piece of jewelry.
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
Chaunte Boettcher
Am going to see Tim at the Mega Meet in May. Sooooo excited! Great pin. Going to see Tim Holtz at Mega Meet in May. So exciited to watch his demos. Love the flower.
Thank you for the super gorgeous and ultra simple tutorial! Utterly fabulous!!
Hi Claudine, you really come up with some cute craft ideas. Thank you for for all of your hard work. I love your kitty too!!
What a pretty project! I'm thinking a Mothers' Day card with this smack dab in the middle - a gift and card all in one. :)
OMG...these canvas flowera are so beautiful! LOVE the text print stamping and that soft pink color!
Hoping I win one of these dies because I am truly inspired!
Lovely...the pink with the black type really pops. I already have the die, so let someone else win! Thanks for the tutorial.
These tattered flowers are so beautiful and the canvas gives a great distressed texture! Love your feminine!
Thank you for such an awesome tutorial. I would love to win.
Gorgeous flower, would love to win the die
Absolutely love the grungy flower! Would be an honor to win. Thanks for the opportunity!
Great tutorial! Love it! Thanks for the chance!
Love the pin and great directions. Would love to win this die.
Awesome tutorial - so easy to follow. Thank you so much.
Sue in Oz
Thanks to you and Tim for this giveaway! I just recently bought a die cutting machine so this would help me grow my dies! :)
You do the very BEST tutorials! What a great give away...!!
What a beautiful flower! Great products!
Gorgeous tattered flower pin! Thanks for the tutorial & chance to win!
What a beautiful flower! I'm going to have to check out that paint...I think I might have some stick back canvas.
Now I can't wait to play! Thanks for the great give away chance.
Must have this die! Love the flower you created and hope I can win and make my own! Thank you for the chance.
I love the subtle feel of this flower.
What a great flower pin! Thanks so much for posting all the steps to make it Claudine! Love your inspiration! Thanks too for the chance to win!
I love this tutorial and definitely want to make this brooch. Having the flower die would be very helpful. Thank you for the chance to win!
Wow, what a lovely brooch, your tutorials are so clear & step by step, they're just wonderful. Thank you for sharing so many free tutorials, & I can't wait to make this, I have everything, & also the little birds nest. I just Love it here, & again thanks for the generous give~away.
Your tutorial is so motivating--I believe I can do this!! THX!
Love your tutorial. I am dying for this die (pun, intended). I finally caved and bought a sizzix now I need to stock up on dies.
I'm in love!! These are beautiful!
I just love this canvas flower!
I have your canvas sheets at home,now I just need the die.
I would love anything made by you Claudine! However, I love love this brooch! I live in MD so postage wouldn't be too bad!! :)

Oh, I am so using this idea...I am doing a class come May 12 at Queen's Ink that incorporates sticky back canvas is fun to play with...
Wonderful flower tutorial! Thanks for the chance to win his great die. I love your paints too

Hugs, Jill

Beautiful project! I would love to make this flowers!! :)Evie
Oh boy, this is beautiful as all your creations! I do love your take on this challenge, it's so very different!

Love your broach! So pretty, and so your style! I am addicted to your canvas and your paints! I picked up your new Eiffel Tower stencil last week, can't wait to get it inky!!
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