how to make a recycled paper bird nest
I've got a fun spring tutorial for you today!  It's an easy to make nest out of recycled paper and Multi Medium. By using Multi Medium instead of white glue you can create this nest using less layers of paper! Makes for a very quick project! 

Here are a few little birdies from my Paper Bird Printable kit looking right at home sitting in the nest!You can also use your nest for Easter eggs too! Read on to see how I created mine!

Shred old book pages and brown paper bag in your shredder. Cover a bowl with plastic wrap. I didn’t have any plastic wrap so I used a plastic grocery bag and it worked great!

Apply Multi medium to your surface and glue on shredded papers

Continue until you’ve covered the bottom of the bowl and little bit of the sides. Once you have a smooth layer of shredded papers on, add a final coat of multi medium and sprinkle on another layer of shredded papers so that it give the outside a messy birds nest look.

Paint a few craft store wooden eggs to place inside! Here I painted eggs using Claudine Hellmuth Studio paints in Blank Canvas, Painterly Pink, Dash of Red, Yellow Pastel and Sky Blue mixed with Classic Teal

Old book pages and brown paper bags 

Small bowl 
Plastic wrap or plastic grocery bag 
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What a brilliant idea! Love the book pages peeping out of your nest & of course your birds are an incredible design. Thanks for sharing this with us!
Thank you so much Mel! So glad you like it!!
I'm over the moon for these precious little birdies...and then you set them in the sweetest little heart goes pitty pat! Such a clever idea, Claudine. I use Multi Medium all the time...I wish it came in 5 gallon buckets! LOL
Thanks Kathy!! I also would love 5 gallon jars of multi medium :)
Nice very Nice,,... Pin It
Paper crafters sent me over
and I signed up to follow your blog!
So adorable! Thank you for the how-to, Claudine!
This is an adorable project!
To see this blog we teach "how to make a recycled paper bird nest"

recycling paper
One word...brilliant!!
These birds and eggs look so adorable! Thank you for sharing this wonderful artwork. I really think that this would make a great school project for children. It does not only help them be creative and imaginative but will also teach them the importance of paper recycling. Thank you for this post.
Please teach me to make those paper birds i love them
I have a video how to make the bird kit! You can purchase the bird kit from my etsy shop at and here's a link to the how to video:
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