halloween stop motion movie!
Here's a little stop motion movie that I created using my new Halloween printable kits! While I was working on the printable collection I couldn't help but think what fun it would be to make a stop motion movie with the elements! So I did!! 

And then after I made it, I was almost too shy to post it! Thanks to Michelle for the nudge and encouragement to be brave and share it! If you are reading this post from a feed, click here to watch the video.

All of the items in this movie are available as printable kits that you can download and make. Find out more in my etsy store here!


very cool Claudine, love the art direction and characters!
I was so drawn in Claudine, this is awesome and the music definitely adds that spooky-dramatic feel.
This is so fun, Claudine! I'm so glad you posted it! I love it!
How fun!!! Glad you shared and glad little Claudine found her friends. :) Love how the moon is moving through the spooky atmosphere!! xo Evie
It was way too fun not to share! Happy to nudge!!
that is too cute. I cannot believe you were too shy to post it. I am thrilled you did.
This is flippin awesome Claudine. The music adds to the suspense. A great idea too, to do a stop motion animation of your printable kit. I love all the buses going past. Excellent. Michelle x
So great! I do stop motion with my art classes in 4th and 5th grade- I will have to show this to them!
Thank you a ll so much for your sweet comments!!
That was cool, have to show this to my students. This is something new for me :-)
thanks so much for your nice comments!! I really appreciate it!!
I LOVE this, Claudine! Very clever. Happy Halloween!!!
That's amazing. It must have taken a long time. Can't wait to hear all about it on Wednesday.

New career?? lol
Claudine, this little show absolutely made my day. I can't imagine all the hours you've put into it, but I appreciate every detail. Thanks kindly for sharing this with us.
Oh this was so cool! What a fun use of your printables! How long did it take you? Thanks for sharing!
This was sooo cool! What a great use of your printables! How long did it take you?

Thanks so much for sharing!
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