halloween texture canvas with stamps
Here's an amazing Halloween canvas tutorial created by the wonderful CeeCee  of CeeCee Creations using my new Halloween Stamps! 

CeeCee even filmed a little video to show you some of the fabulous techniques she used. She creates amazing texture in this little canvas (love how she made the moon!), you don't want want to miss this video!


Here's the stamp set CeeCee used to create this card. You can purchase it on and also
I love her artwork and it's so fun to see how just a little change in the palette from brights (what I would usually use) to muted colors changes the mood completely! Don't forget to check out CeeCee's blog, she's got lots of tips and techniques over there too :)

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Thank you for this post, Claudine. I had so much fun making it and I'm happy you like it.
Really enjoyed this post and I love CeeCee's canvas! It was so fun to watch it come together! i love the house and fence and raven, too!
Claudine, I love how CeeCee used your spooky stamp set!! It was fun seeing her process. xo Evie
This so moved me I spent several hours locating the modeling creme.What a cool technique and your houses are my new newest addiction.
Thank you for demonstrating your technique, Claudine. It is ever inspiring to see you so consistent and resourceful, just a well-rounded artist overall.

I enjoyed the video. I look forward to more.

Just realized this video is by someone else--nevermind! I still like the inspiration, nonetheless.
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