off to florida!
Today I am on my way down to Florida to spend some much needed time with my Dad after his big heart surgery! 

He's doing amazingly well considering he went through open heart surgery for a valve replacement, a bypass, then after surgery nearly died with a collapsed lung and ended up in the ICU for many days! 

He's one tough guy and I am looking forward to seeing him, driving him around to his Dr appointments (he's not allowed to drive yet - too many pain killers!)  and spending some good family time with my parents! 

Here's a picture of my Dad from when he was 34. I love this photo of him check out that retro tie and glasses!!

On Monday I'll also be driving from Orlando to Tampa to prepare for my HSN launch on Tuesday and then back to Orlando again for some family time before heading back to DC!
We are going through a lot of the same but with my Grandmother (who is 96) and just made it through a 4 hour surgery yesterday ;)
I wish your Father well and hope you have a nice visit with him!
Hi Claudine,
I will think of you as you approach the sunny south. Sending greetings to you and your parents, and a big get well wish to your father. What a champ! What a kid in that photo! Be well xoxo jocelyn
Ahh I can just see thru your talent that you are a sweetie & as a heart patient myself, Please know you & your family will be in my prayers.

Sincerely Linda
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