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I'm still recovering from my exciting day at HSN on Tuesday! This was my second time presenting at HSN and I had three new kits in addition to the kits I launched in February. 

I felt much more at home on this trip as I knew where everything was: the makeup room, the storage room, where to get my tables to set up and where the hotel is etc. 

Here's a screen shot of me when I was on air with Shivan Sarna with my Pop Art Sticker kit! This one was selling fast. I had only been on air for a couple minutes and already over 500 were sold! That was very thrilling! 

I also had my first caller in this segment. Which was fun too. Hi Evelyn! I'll always remember you as my first call-in!  I still have more work to do until I get my presentation down pat. The producer reminded me I need to look at the front facing cameras more. There is so much going on with talking to the host, the 4 cameras in front and the producer talking into the ear piece -- it really is a challenge to do everything at the right time and manage to form complete sentences! So I'll be working on looking at the cameras more next time and we'll can see if I do better.

 here's the video of the Pop Art Stickers from HSN:

This trip I also got to hang out with my friend Brenda Pinnick, she was there launching her new line. Anna Griffin was the Today's Special which means she had to go on every hour for nearly 24 hours. I don't know how she was still standing by the end of the day! In the green room I got to chit chat with the wonderful people at Epiphany Crafts. My absolute favorite part about working with HSN and going down there for these trips are the people I meet in the greenroom. There is a great feeling of camaraderie - we're all in it together working on lack of sleep and lots of caffeine! 

 Here's a video of the Whimsical Woodworks kit: 

In this video you can see the tree that I made to hang all the wood pieces from as a display. I bought the branches from Home Goods and then I had to cut them down in my parent's garage to get them to fit into the vase. I accidentally sprinkled glitter all over my parent's garage in the process but I got most of it up again. Then my Mom and I spent all day coloring and hanging the pieces on there. It was worth the effort, it looked great on camera! 

For some reason they didn't put my card kit video on youtube. But you can watch it on HSN just click the link under the product image on the left! 

And here's my own preview video of the card kit: 

There is so much I love about this new adventure with HSN. The team that I work with to manufacture the product are the nicest, creative and fun group of people, they keep me going through all the long nights and weekend designing the kits. I love creating the kits and the product development. I'm getting the opportunity to use my illustrations and drawings in a new way and I am drawing so much more now to create the kits and that is so much fun! Working on the package design with the amazing templates that Pulsar provides, is a total thrill and something that I never thought I would get to do - my favorite so far - the Pop Art Sticker kit Suitcase! I love getting to work on the table displays when I'm getting ready for my segments - it brings out the inner window dresser in me. And learning to present on live television is stretching me in new ways. 

This whole adventure has been a leap of faith and I thank everyone for your sweet facebook messages and tweets cheering me on! It's a challenge to put yourself out there where people will comment on what you say, how you look and what your artwork/products are like. And I so appreciate your support!


You (& your products) are wonderful! I wish I could buy it all.
I was so excited for you! I wish I could have bought all your kits, and the packaging was so creative. I must say that just seeing all your fun and cheery scrapbook pages has inspired me to get scrapbooking again!
I"m still oohing and aching over your sweet products. Haven't been able to work with them but did go through everything one at a time to check it out and I did leave a positive review on HSN as you asked after I tweeted you. The packaging is still making me swoon and your rub-ons….the quality is terrific. I'm a big rub-on fanatic and user. Can't wait to use yours.
Thank you all! I so appreciate your reviews and messages! Xxox
Hi Claudine. I pre-ordered these stickers, sight unseen and got them last week. I LOVE THEM plus the little suitcase is so cute. A great value. I did watch you on HSN and thought you did a great job. Can't wait to see what you'll be selling next. Congrats.

I thought you were very good on HSN. The hosts just don't leave a whole lot of time for most of the guests (not even Anna Griffin) to demonstrate products or show the project samples, and I thought you coped with those limitations very well.
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