daily drawing - day one starts Monday!
I am starting a new blog series on Monday...... a drawing (almost every) weekday.

This was actually one of my New Years' Resolutions. Never mind that it's now almost AUGUST!! I kept meaning to draw every day, just a little drawing. But life and real work would always get in the way.

Then a couple weeks ago I got my new ipad and I discovered how much I LOVE drawing on it using a Wacom Bamboo Stylus and the Adobe Ideas program for ipad (only $5!). LOVE LOVE!!

So here I am vowing publicly to do a simple line drawing Monday - Friday (I may be allowed to skip a day here and there though :)

I hope you'll be cheering me on! See you Monday!!
i'm teaching at scrapfest!
I am super excited to announce I am teaching at Scrapfest this September 16-18th hosted by Archivers Art Stores!
We're going to be making this super cute canvas artwork using the Claudine Hellmuth Studio line of paints, mediums, stamps and sticky back canvas. Class is only $24! WOW!! And the best part is there is no supply list! Just show up with scissors and you are ready to go!

Join Claudine Hellmuth (one of Ranger's signature designers and one of the industry's top mixed-media artists) as she takes you into her whimsical world of artistic design and colorful creations! You'll create a beautiful 6" x 6" canvas while learning a variety of exciting techniques. Learn how to stamp a two-tone image using Claudine Hellmuth stamps and paints, along with much more. Don't miss this chance to explore your inner artist (everyone has one!)!

Click here for more information on class times and to register.
Hope to see you there!

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all about black gesso
Here's a quick little demo video from the CHA Show filmed by Lydia

In this video I'll show you how you can use new Claudine Hellmuth Studio Black Gesso as a chalkboard paint and a quick technique on antiquing foil tape! If you are reading this blog post from a feed, click here to watch the video.

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join me on Whibey Island in October!
Just a quick update on my workshops and classes for the rest of 2011. I can't believe how this year is flying away!

I only have ONE three-day class left on my schedule. just ONE!! This is my last 3 day workshop event for well over a year, you don't want to miss it!

Whidbey Island WA is so lovely in the fall and The Pacific Northwest School is
an amazing space to hold a workshop. Big tables, large workspace lots of light - what more could we ask for!  

Here's the class description:

The three-day workshop format is a "Collage Discovery Intensive" inspired Claudine's two books, Collage Discovery Workshop and Collage Discovery Workshop Beyond the Unexpected

We'll start the weekend with a focus on color mixing and expanding our color palettes. We'll move onto to a concentration on composition and design principles. Then we'll learn a combination of painterly collage techniques, which will enhance the surfaces of your collage artworks. We'll play with image transfer methods and other experimental methods of working.

 Our work together will be paced to allowfor personal artistic discovery as well as studio time for working on our collage artworks. The atmosphere will be one of support and encouragement. The most important ingredients you can bring to this workshop, is an open mind and a willingness to share and explore. 

Workshop is available to artists of all skill levels - beginning to advanced.


visit the web site: 
or call Pacific Northwest Art School at 1-866-678-3396.

This class is already 1/2 full so don't wait to reserve your space!



"What I learned in Claudine's workshop was priceless......The workshop has sent me in a true direction for once in regards to my own art and how I create it. It was my first true workshop of this nature and I had a BLAST!" - Jo Ankney

"I used to think of collage as glueing down images in a pleasing composition. Claudine's Collage Discovery Workshop class changed all that. What great techniques!! Backgrounds, transfers, beeswax, WOW! That was the BEST class! .......The Adventures in Color was incredible for me too. I learned to mix paints and create a whole new source of inspiration to work from. Not that I've never mixed paints but I never went through the process the way you taught us. I didn't know to use black to shade down the color and white to tint up. That lesson alone will probably save me lots of $$ by not having to buy so many different colors of paint! Thank you for your generosity and making learning FUN. You were a pleasure to be around. You are an excellent teacher and I will be forever grateful to you for the direction my art has taken." - Sandy Friel

Have questions? Email me at


free artist/business tele summit
I wanted to give you a quick heads-up about a FREE online artist/business event starting tomorrow, July 19th and running through the 28th. It's being presented by by my good friend Lesley Riley and 10 other artist experts, (including me!!)

The FREE event includes 10 industry experts and covers everything from:

  • What to put in your query letter that makes a publisher sit up and take notice
  • Many, many ways to make money with your art
  • How to write content that attracts hoards of blog readers
  • What it takes to teach at big events
  • The pros and cons of teaching online classes
  • How participating in online art communities can propel your career
  • Etsy shops and what lies beyond Etsy
  • The nitty-gritty of licensing your art
  • Why blogging is your most essential task
  • How to toot your own horn without sounding like a fool
  • The one thing every successful artist fears
  • How to run your business without it running you
  • What smart artists are doing today to market their work
  • The most important thing you need to do to make your art stand out
You may already know, Lesley Riley, she's an Artist Success Mentor and Coach, we've been friends for 10 years and she's amazing. I love her!!

SEEK starts tomorrow and space is limited so don’t delay (it's FREE!!) Get all the details and register here! My call with Lesley is July 27th and we cover all sorts of juicy business stuff perfect for artists! Don't miss it!
CHA Summer 2011 is here!
I'm getting ready to head out to the CHA Show in Chicago! I can't believe it's that time again! I'll be at the wholesale/trade part of the CHA show which runs July 18-21st if you'll be there stop by and say hi! 

Here's my demo schedule:

Monday July 18th

11:30am - 1:30pm Ranger Avenue - workshop with Ranger, I am teaching along with Tim Holtz and Jenni Bowlin

Tuesday July 19th
11am - 3pm demoing at the Ranger Industries booth

Wednesday July 20th
11am - 3pm demoing at the Ranger Industries booth
3:30 - 5:30pm demoing at the Stampers Anonymous booth

Thursday July 21st
11am - 3pm demoing at the Ranger Industries booth

Because the show is so busy, it's sometimes hard to find a spare minute to blog. But I'll be Twittering, posting photos and if I can get my phone to work, posting video too! Follow me on Twitter to get the latest updates!

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new additions to the Claudine Hellmuth Studio line
I'm so excited share some exciting new product additions to my Claudine Hellmuth Studio line that will be making their debut at CHA Summer 2011!

First up:

The same creamy, artist-quality Studio Acrylic Paints that you know and love are now available in convenient mini-kits of 5 colors each!  These would be perfect to bring along to classes and crops, or to accent images (you can make fabulous polka dots with the precision nib!), or just to sample colors that you may not have tried before.  There are three  color combos to choose from. Pictured above is the "Urban" kit which includes .5 oz bottles of Smidge of Blue, Classic Teal, Painterly Pink, Yellow Pastel and Traditional Tan.

Also available:

The "Contemporary" kit includes Purple Palette, Sky Blue, Altered Orange, Dash of Red and Charcoal Black.

And last but not least, the "Metropolitan" kit includes Dab of Yellow, Modern Red, Landscape Green, Sable Brown and Blank Canvas.

Black Gesso!  Now you can prime your papers, canvas, chipboard, fabric, wood and more with black opaque coverage while giving a little "tooth" to your surfaces so that they will accept paints and other mediums more easily.  It even remains flexible on fabric!  Available in a 4 fl. oz jar, and also in...

...the new Claudine Hellmuth Studio Mini Art Mediums kit!  Just like the Mini Acrylic Paint sets, the Mini Art Mediums are convenient and transportable, and they easily add versatility to your craft and painting projects.  The kit includes .5 oz bottles of Gesso, Black Gesso, Extra Time Slow-Dry Medium, Gloss Multi-Medium and Matte Multi-Medium!

For more information about the new products in the Claudine Hellmuth Studio line, check out the official press release or visit Ranger at CHA Summer, booth #731. I'll be demoing there every day from 11am-3pm so stop by to say hi!

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the home shopping network
I'm back from a whirlwind 24 hour trip to visit the HSN offices in Tampa FL!

Me at HSN offices

As part of my visit I got to see the studios where they film the segments. They were getting set up for their Christmas in July specials when we peeked in. Lots of fashion and clothes lined up in the hallways ...  and all the ladies who work at HSN wear amazing shoes! I was inspired to buy shoes after that visit, shoe shopping is normally not high on my list of desirable activities, but now I'm inspired!

I can't reveal more about the visit/meetings at this time, but it was a great trip and I am hopeful for some exciting developments in the future! Fingers crossed!!


New baby in our house!

Last week a new bundle of joy came into our lives quite by surprise! A friend of ours had found a little kitten a few days earlier. He was starving and very thin and dodging cars on a busy city street. Not a good combo for a tiny kitten! She posted signs to find out if he was anyone's, all the neighbors told her he was a stray living next to a restaurant just two doors down.

I had seen her tweets about her efforts to catch him and offered to help. We both tried. He'd come closer and then dart away. Then on Thursday night she caught him, called me and brought him over! All while Paul was at tennis, he had no idea what was happening while he was out!

The little guy was so tiny! Once safe in our guest bathroom he seemed really excited about eating and getting lots of snuggles. At 8 am the next morning I had him at the vet, we got a health report: dehydration, ear mites, deworming, he needed a bath (he was so dirty!), the usual stuff for a little stray kitten thankfully no FIV etc. The vet surprised me by saying he was only 8 weeks old. I think he's going to be huge! He's big for only 8 weeks old!

Paul got to name him (since he had no say in our new kitten's arrival) and decided his name would be Brian! We made little Brian a room in the guest bathroom and he stayed under this cabinet for two days.


Pretty soon his confidence was up and he was feeling better after having lots of food. He ate so much the first few days! With slow introductions to Mabel and Maggie he was soon running around the house and having lots of fun.


stalking Mabel cat while she sleeps...

Brian cat playing in my dollhouse

Napping in the doorway of my doll house (he is in and out of this dollhouse all day long!)

A little kitten has stolen my chair

Looking cute in my office chair....

I got a little video of Mabel cat mothering Brian....

We have fallen in love with him and we are so excited that he is a part of our family! I can't believe it's only been a week, he fits in so seamlessly, it's as if he's always been here!


illustration friday: stay
Here's my submission for this weeks illustration friday theme of "stay"


not much time to create new work with lots of deadlines, but I managed a quick little line drawing with some spot color! We are still challenged with the "stay" command for our dog Maggie. She likes to stay when she feels like it!

Happy weekend everyone!


how to glue papers with gel medium
Here's a quickie tutorial on how to glue collage papers. The process is simple and with practice, you'll never have to worry about air bubbles again!

I often get asked how to glue papers with gel medium and not get bubbles. There is a little trick to it and I'll show you my technique! Using gel medium to glue your layouts or artwork is a great way to protect your work, you'll create a smooth, waterproof and archival surface which will stand the test of time.

First let's talk about what gel medium is. Gel medium is essentially acrylic paint without the pigment, so it dries clear. It is used to seal surfaces as a type of varnish, you can mix it with your acrylic paint to make the paint into glazes. And because it is archival and non-yellowing many people like to use it as their glue.I have used gel medium as my glue for 22 years and I can't even think about using anything else!

Many different companies make gel medium and some are thicker or thinner than others, some come in a matte finish, semi-gloss or gloss etc.

I got to create my own DREAM gel medium with Ranger that has all the elements needed to make it perfect for mixed media use! I'll be using my Multi-Medium in Matte from the Claudine Hellmuth Studio product line for this demo.

Here are the supplies you'll need:

FTC Disclosure: the links above are affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase, I will earn a small referral fee. I appreciate your clicks and support!

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