line drawing
If you had bare walls in your home, what would you do them? Well Charlie Kratzer decided to take $10 worth of Sharpies and go to town creating an amazing basement mural.

Here’s a little preview:

And then go to this link for a complete 360 view.  it is absolutely amazing!

It just goes to show you don’t need expensive materials to create something beautiful!

I love the look of simple line drawing with touches of limited color.  I have been playing around with it in my illustrations now and then. Here's an illustration inspired by Charlie Kratzer's beautiful use of line in his basement drawing.


This illustration features our very hefty cat Mabel!


illustration friday: toy
Here's my entry for this weeks illustration friday theme of "toy"

When I saw the word for this week was toy, right away I thought of my dollhouse project. While most think of dollhouses as toys I am using one as a vehicle for my illustrations. And now I am addicted! I get to play with dollhouses and create illustrations. It's my fantasy combo!

Stanley cat inspects dollhouse

It all started with a simple little dollhouse... here's our late Stanley cat checking out the dollhouse when I first got it put together. I could always count on little Stan to be my helper with any project!
(RIP Stanley - we miss you!)


First,  I create a little figure out of paint, paper etc and add a little line drawing on top....


Then I stage the shot and take the final photo, touch up in Photoshop (here I added the pattern to the bag in PS)

I have been so busy lately working on assignments that I haven't gotten to play with the dollhouse project as much as I would like. But I am itching to get back to it soon!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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catalog inspiration
Whenever I get the Anthropologie catalog in the mail I rush to open it and dive in! I tear out the pages of the things that might give me inspiration later.

Here’s a page from my tear pile ... I love how they have taken an old book and used it to create a whole scene.

I imagine an entire mantle of books all with trees. Maybe add glitter to the branches and battery tea lights to create a holiday display! So many ideas from just one catalog! Don’t even get me started on all the ideas I get when I go into the store!


NYC here i come!
Tomorrow I am on my way to NYC to teach two days of workshops at The Inkpad. I'll be taking the DC2NY bus up there and it's my first time taking the bus. Hopefully they don't mind my giant heavy suitcase weighed down with art supplies. It will be nice not to have to worry about airport security!


I am looking forward to a fun and busy weekend in the city! See you next week!

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illustration friday: stir
Here's a piece from my portfolio that fits well for this weeks  illustration friday theme of  "stir"

baking cupcakes by claudine hellmuth

My favorite part pf baking cupcakes. stirring and then licking the leftover batter from the bowl!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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flavor for mixed media - book giveaway!
When Mary Beth Shaw asked me if I would be in her new book Flavor for Mixed Media I said yes right away! Although I also let her know that I don't cook so I would have a hard time coming up with a recipe unless it was cereal or microwave popcorn! I love Mary Beth's work and couldn't wait to see what she would create for a book project.

Flavor for Mixed Media doesn't disappoint. Tons of techniques, how to demonstrations, interviews with a wide array of artists and recipes too! You will want this book!

below here's my section in her book and she did a lovely write up on my work! Thanks Mary Beth!

Thank you to @mbshaw for including me in her new book "flavor for mixed media" !


Now you can have a chance to win a copy! Mary Beth has generously offered to give away one copy of her book to a person who comments on this blog post. Winner will be selected at random using number genetrator. So leave a comment below and make sure to include a way to contact you if you are posting anonymously. I will select a winner on Friday March 11 at 5pm EST.

THEN it gets better! I'm having a giveaway of a pack of Claudine Hellmuth Studio Sticky Back Canvas on Mary Beth's blog. So make sure to stop by there to leave a comment!

**** WE HAVE A WINNER!!****

The random number generation selected number 48 which is Janice! Congrats Janice! thank you to everyone for playing!


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saturday evening post
I was excited to get the chance to create another Illustration for  The Saturday Evening Post. My last one was about Charles Osgood and this article was about a couple that decided to spend a year living frugally. 

It was a fun concept to illustrate! Here's a peek at the article and one of the four illustrations I created for the article.


favorite artsy movies
I always love peeking at other people’s Netflix lists so I thought I would share with you some of my favorite movies about artists/art!

here's a quick list in no particular order:

Basquiat – this film by Julian Schnabel, when I was in art college we got to watch it with Schnabel and then have a Q&A session with him afterwards. He looks nothing like Gary Oldman who plays him in the film And one of my friends got in a very heated discussion with Schnabel about "big art" vs "small art" Schnabel was very pro large format art. While my friend thought that small format art was still very valid. 

A Man Named Pearl - touching documentary about a man who becomes a self taught topiary artist.

Frida - I didn’t expect to like this one as much as I did. But loved it!

Pollock – wish they had more scenes of him painting and less of him getting drunk. Still a good movie.

How to Draw a Bunny – odd film but interesting!

Chuck Close: A Portrait in Progress – I am a big fan of Chuck Close. How he overcame his handicap to continue to create amazing large scale paintings is inspiring!

Who the %&*# is Jackson Pollack – a great movie about the bias of the art world

My Kid Could Paint That – story about a prodigy artist and her pushy parents. Question is... is it the Dad painting or her?

Herb & Dorothy – story of a couple (he was a postman) who amassed an amazing art collection worth millions and then gifted it to the National Gallery of Art.

Beautiful Losers – documentary about graffiti artists. Very interesting!

Alice Neel – documentary about portrait artist, Alice Neel. Her sons chime in a lot and you can tell they weren't happy with their unconventional upbringing!

In the Realms of the Unreal - Story of outsider artist Henry Darger who lived a reclusive life and died alone in a Catholic mission in 1973

Helvetica – a great documentary about typography and how it is used in society. 

Exit Through the Gift Shop - documentary about street artist Banksy. Rumor is he is also Mr Brainwash. you must watch! 

I am sure I have left some out. These are just the ones off the top of my head. If you have any suggestions please post a comment!


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