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A couple months ago I created an illustration for the Saturday Evening Post. It arrived today! Here's my illustration of Charles Osgood's poem about Father's Day. The poem is about how he was honored as The Father of the Year while his wife is really doing all the work. I am sure many mothers can relate and I had a good laugh reading it!

This piece was created with his photo and photos of his wife and their children. I thought since it was such a personal piece that I would send the original artwork to him so he could have it.

I wrapped the artwork up in polka dotted paper and wrote a gushy note to Charles Osgood (and I am a HUGE fan and LOVE The Sunday Morning Show) then shipped the artwork to my art director at The Saturday Evening Post. Then they forwarded it onto him.

Hopefully he got it and fingers crossed he liked how it turned out! It was such a fun piece to create and a career goal to be in The Saturday Evening Post!

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How awesome! Congrats on the exposure!
Congrats! That is such a great accomplishment to be in the SEP! And I love that you used Osgood's photos and sent him the original. Great story. :)
wonderful and congrats!
How cool is that?! I him too, something about his voice, i think. I watch the clock on Sunday mornings so I don't miss a bit of the show!
I'd bet he is completely smitten by it!!
Loved, Loved, Loved your class in St. Lou-ey!! Enjoyed meeting you. (Give the new doggy a big hug and pat on the head for me!)
happy day!
congratulations!! Huge to be in the Saturday Evening Post!

Just a perfect piece!! Congratulations !!
Wow! What a great piece-I'm sure he is treasuring it! Congratulations on making your career goal! That is so exciting. You are an inspiration!
That is such a fantastic piece, congrats on having the Saturday Evening Post share your art with America!!! So very exciting!!

What a GREAT piece, Claudine! So so happy and proud for you to be in the SEP!!! And I really hope that he loves it, it's amazing and so thoughtful and generous of you to send it to him! :)
We got our copy of the article and the illustration looks great - congrats!
That's really exciting and so impressive--the Saturday Evening Post! I do have a question, though it's it a coincidence that your pets all have people names? Congratulations on adopting Maggie as well as on your clever illustration!
Congratulations! Your artwork looks great.
collagea whirl - I really just love people names for our pets, the more old fashioned names the better!! I think it's funny!
Congrats! How cool is this! I actually work in the Saturday Evening Post building in Indy, but I don't work for them.
congratulations! I love the illustration!
It's awesome and I'm sure he'll love it...way to go sweetie...Hugs
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