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Our search for a new apartment in DC is on! We're starting early to give ourselves time to hopefully find the perfect place. We love our little apartment here on U St. but need to find a place a little cheaper so the search begins! And while we are looking for a less expensive place, I think it's an opportunity to also find a place that is the perfect nest for us.

Inspired by Jamie Ridler (if you don't subscribe to her podcasts you should!) I started a little dream board to help get clarity about what I would love our new place to be like. I used the mosaic maker to create this one.

new apartment dream board

from left to right on the top row:
1) A cute row house or other fun building
2) has parking
3) a small garden
4) inside details have character
5) a clawfoot tub!
6) hardwood floors + studio space for me!
7) pets allowed
8) pets allowed again!
9) washer + dryer in unit + A/C!

A place that feels safe and cozy, with Paul and pets, within 6 blocks of a metro at a price we can afford. Asking too much? Universe help us make it happen!


Make it happen, Universe!!!
Hope you find just the right place out there for you & the kitties
Good luck on your search! You've got some great things on your list. Love the collage/board.

I've been jonesing for a new place to call home. However, we haven't been able to find anything within our budget with as much space.
We would love to find a new place, too. We've grown out of ours, but know that moving to a bigger place will be prohibitively expensive. So now it's all about painting, rearranging, & making do with our space!
It's gonna happen. Everything else has worked out, right?
Hi, I know you want to live in DC but I have another suggestion. Check out Greenbelt, MD - there is a metro stop- GHI housing - less expensive than DC but green - Greenbelt Community center has artist studios - don't know if there are any available right now - beautiful lake to walk around etc.
Anyway I'm biased b/c I live in Greenbelt - but another option for you to buy a home for probably less than what you are paying to rent in DC.
Claudine, I swear by Dream Boards and make them all the time as needs arise. We got our house this way too! I LOVE that you did this and how you did this!

I learned how to do them from Shakti Gawain's book Creative Visualisation, years ago: It's an exciting way to live!

Our whole craft group is dedicated to making affirmative art and the entire concept of creative visualisation influences my own stuff too.

Can't wait to see this or something better for you, as the Universe provides!

Great idea & I know you guys will find the perfect place! I've got good vibes going out for you!
Wishing you loads of good luck as you search. You'll find the perfect thing, I'm sure, and, best of all, you'll know it when you see it, thanks to your thoughtful (and fun) visualization.
Love your dream board . . . seems like a tall order if you are looking to spend LESS money on rent, but I hope the universe makes it happen (or maybe someone reading your blog will know of the perfect place).
actually i am quite hopeful! rents have gone down a little bit in DC so we should be able to find a place and save a couple hundred or find a better place at the same price. fingers crossed!!
i'm sure the perfect place is out there just waiting for you...good luck with the search...hugs kath xxxx
Dream boards are excellent ways to keep your desires in the forefront of your thoughts. The mosaic maker is a good way of doing it. I have a little digital frame that sits on my desk, loaded with pictures of my goals, desires and important things in my life, like family. As it scrolls through the photos, I am reminded about what I really want out of life. I hope you find the perfect apartment that suits all of your needs and desires. They are excellent goals!
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