illustration friday: burning
Happy Friday! Here's my illustration friday entry for this week! I used this weeks' theme of "burning" as a chance to experiment with another piece for my dollhouse project!


Have a great weekend everyone!

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Very cute! I like the style 1950.
Love it!! Very funny!
Cute! We did have similar ideas! Love the dollhouse.... especially the red gingham wall paper!
This one is brilliant!!!!
oh my heavens Claudine!!! this is the coolest piece....I love your doll house and how you use it with your art....

that oven is full of goodies!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!
girl, WHAT did you make the flames from? I love it, very adorable, and made me laugh & smile, always a valuable thing!! xoxo, Kimberly
I haven't come across your work in a while, Claudine - I love this one! Great depth, great glow!
Wow Claudine! You got the perfect expression for the situation. Great take on the topic and that fire is so I mean hot! :o)
This is so cool!
@Kimberly - i used photoshop for the flames. glad you like them!! it was fun making this piece!!
this is an extremely cool piece!
I love it!
Wonderful. I was just going to ask how you did the "glow" from the flames on the wall....but I'm guessing that was photoshop too?? Love it!
@WW - yes all that is photoshop. love PS. and I can even clean/fix up my not so great photography with it!
You are so talented, I love this.
Love this! What a great take on the prompt
Another great kitchen disaster! Love it - so fun and the flames are perfect.

Thanks for stopping by my site too ;-)
Isn't Adobe's Photoshop a nice program? ;)
I unfortunately don't know how to work with it, but my hubby uses it all the time for image editing and image collages.
Anyway, the picture is really cute and it reminds me of my childhood...the Good Old 50's... LOL
Hopefully cooking your meals this weekend won't end up in flames.
Magnificent!! I love it!
fun illustration, love her expresson
I love the red checkered walls and the little pan and pot are precious! Makes me wanna play with a dollhouse. I've always loved that itty bitty stuff :)
so fun and wonderully executed :)
Oh wow! You have a great style! Your work is so interesting to look at. Your work also reminds me of a mess I landed myself in.
VERY nice! Love her expression!
OUTSTANDING! I love it...great illustration.
very funny these oven-gloves, I like your style a lot!
This one is my absolute FAVORITE! Illustration: Burning -
What a great idea for a series. I enjoyed looking through all of the posts for your Dollhouse Project!
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