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Last Saturday I took a class at a Miniature Show in Tysons taught by Patricia Wehmeier.  I was there with my friends Amy and Leslie and Leslie's sweet daughter (happy birthday Sylvan!)

It was so much fun! We made these teeny weeny desserts all day long and I had another excuse to experiment with my dollhouse project! We also learned some great tips!  Did you know that moisturizer will remove colored polymer clay stains from your hands? I didn't!



So here's my dollhouse character, Betty with just a small portion of the desserts we made: ice cream sundaes, cupcakes, chocolate bunnies, chocolate chip cookies, brownies etc. We also made the mini napkins, place mats and napkin rings.

I think when I get around to writing + photographing the story of Betty that she will be terrible at everything domestic except baking. That way I can make all these fun sweets for her! Who knows ... maybe she will open up a Sweet Shop!


Those are absolutely amazing, Claudine! I look forward to seeing more of Betty and her charmed life.
Oh Claudine! I love these! One of the doll/miniature shows i went to one year had several doll house 'shadow box rooms' that was nothing but an old fashioned Sweet Shoppe!!! EVERYTHING in it was so tiny and so complete....go for it! Love your Betty too! :) hugs <3
Claudine, Betty and her sweet treats are absolutely darling. Happy creating.
too adorable love your blog xoxo
What Fabulous fun!! I know that Sylvan had a fabulous time. She does make the most beautiful little cakes!! So terrific that you all were able to spend some time together!! I know that Leslie was thrilled that you called about the class!!
They look perfect in Betty's kitchen. Even the tray is the right shade of blue. What a fun day!
OMG! Love, love, love, love, love! How sweet...
how fun! today I dropped off some assemblage dolls for an upcoming miniature show and doll exhibit. the miniatures were AMAZING! So much detail and it looks so real!
have fun and it's the perfect match with your poppits.
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