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If you've been following me on Twitter or Facebook, I had mentioned that my Dad was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. He starts his treatment on Monday.

I had been wracking my brain what to send along as a care package for him. I looked online and nothing seemed fitting for his personality.

Then I got an idea! My Dad is a gazillion miler on more than a handful or airlines. Having worked in Hong Kong, Sydney, Brussels, and a billion more places all very far away.

I thought hmmmm "an 8 hour Chemo session in a La-Z-Boy would be similar to a transatlantic flight!"

So I whipped up a little tongue-in-cheek parody logo and Chemo Airlines was born!

I went to Target and got all the things one would find in a First Class amenity kit and a few more. Lotion, handwipes, tooth brush + tooth paste, slippers, eye mask, complimentary nuts, mouthwash, bag to put everything in ... then a DVD player and DVD for the "inflight movie"

I created labels for each item and covered up the original packaging with new Chemo Airlines labels. Here's a photo so you can see:


go here to see the photo in Flickr with notes on the items identifying them.

If you look on the right, you can also see a hat that I ironed on the logo using inkjet printable iron on sheets which I cut using a 1" circle punch.

I also included a luggage tag for the bag that says "I'm Flying Chemo Airlines"

To top it all off I altered a safety card that I found online and adjusted:


Although this care package won't make the treatment any easier at least we can have a little laugh and some fun. We're learning from our friend Sean, cancer doesn't like it when you have a laugh!

Here's to you Dad! Love you!!!

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that's so great, Claudine; love the creativity. so thoughtful and sweet. wishing the best for your dad.

Wow Claudine! So sorry that your Dad has to go through this, but I just know that his heart is going to swell with love when he sees this. You are so thoughtful and I'm sure he is super proud of you! Great gift!
Claudine, what a great idea. Your
Dad will really get a kick out of this. Please let us know his reaction!! And an update on his progress.
Thinking about you and your family. My mom just finished her last round of chemo two weeks ago. This is her fourth cancer. She has survived two lung cancers already. Wish I'd thought of your clever care package.
This is so thoughtful and creative, Claudine! I'm sure your dad will love it and the nurses and other patients will get a kick out of it, too! :) I'll be praying for your dad!
That is ABSOLUTELY fantastic!!! SO creative & I am sure he will LOVE it!
Hello Claudine.... You had a very good idea to make that survey kit for your dad.... My mom just finished her treatment last week and now, i can thanks god, she's alright.... the doctor are really happy and now we need to celebrate it, she's clean of that Mr. Cancer. thanks and I will be thinking about your family :)
wow...what a fantastic idea/concept and your execution is of luck to your dad...and you are a great daughter.
Hi Claudine, I love this idea! I have a grandniece who is now 12 yrs old who was diagnosed with a rare form of pediatric lung cancer several years ago. She's been a valiant fighter throughout it all. It always breaks my heart to read of her chemo treatments. Don't know whether you can access her caringbridge site or not, but here's the link telling her story:
I wish that I could have had this 3 years ago when my mother was going through her treatment for lung cancer. She had chemo, radiation and then surgery and as of this day she is cancer free. I will keep your dad in my prayers as I know how hard this is. I held my mothers hand through the whole process and you are so very right that cancer does not like us to laugh. Blessings to you and your entire family!!!
Your dad is a lucky man to have such a thoughtful daughter. I wish I had thought of this a few years ago when I had 2 family members going through chemo. Of course they were not international business people so the reference may not have worked as well.

I hope everyone with a family member or friend that is going through chemo uses this idea.
Hi Claudine! This is such a great idea and I'm sure you're Dad is going to find great comfort in using it and knowing all the love that went into putting it together. I'll say some prayers for you & your Dad. God bless you both. Hugs, Julie <3 XOXOX
What a fabulous idea,he will love it sending positve vibes to you and your dad, stay strong
best idea ever! I tried to make every one of my dad's chemo sessions into a party atmosphere. It not only helped him, but others that were there as well! Sometimes I'd bring a big cake and serve it to everyone receiving chemo that day......most of whom were alone. Laughter poured out of my dad's cubicle though!
Brilliant! I love the way your creativeness carries over even in the most difficult everyday and heartfelt situations. I believe the true artist lives and breathes art not just sells it.
fondly, Nancy
Hi Claudine, what a beautiful and loving response to an awful situation. I love the light touch and the humor.

Best wishes to you, your father, and your family.
OUTSTANDING - you may have started another online business there - it is a marvelous idea and I know your Dad will love all of it---
thanks for sharing it everyone~!~
Hi, Claudine! Fabulous, creative idea! Love it! Wishing you and your Dad all the best! :-)
Wow, that's a long chemo. I had chemo, but it was only for 2 hours (the session) I had chemo for 6 months, tho. My mom had chemo and they put it in a pump and she got to go home with this little bag attached to her, it was like a little waterbottle in a nylon bag with a strap that you sling across your shoulder. Then the next day she went and they "unplugged" it from her. I really hope your father does well. May I suggest a few other things having experienced chemo? Your mouth can get very sore, so maybe put some kind of hard candy in there. Also, your belly tends to be upset - if you can find ginger candies, they help tremendously. The DVD's will be fun, hope the movie is a funny one because laughter is after all the best medicine!! {{{hugs}}}
I agree with everyone - wonderful, creative, thoughtful gift! I hope your Dad gets a good hardy laugh about it and shows cancer who is boss!
Laughter is GREAT medicine! What a wonderful gift package. He simply MUST get a kick out of it. Wishing him and all of your family only the best. Kick that cancer out to the curb.
thanks everyone! he loved it!

he'll be having chemo 6 days on then 6 days off etc until October + radiation at the same time. Since they can't do surgery they are going to blast this cancer away!

so he'll be needing lots of things to pass the time + make it more comfortable!:
That is so sweet, and I love the way you made it funny. So glad your dad liked it - lots of good thoughts heading his way. He is going to beat this!
You are an angel Claudine! GENIUS and CLEVER idea! I hope lots of others are inspired by your idea and by you. I am.

YES, cancer does not like it when you laugh and when you are strong. These are the things that make cancer shrivel up and die. Stay strong! MANY HUGS!
To have a caring, talented, beautiful, creative, loving and funny daughter like you- must in itself be such a gift- and then you give him this token of your care -it´s worth a note in a big newspaper- for all of us who seems to forget to use all our art-products for these times when they are needed the most.

Thank You & God Bless your family.
Claudine, this is freakin' amazing! Kudos to you and best wishes to your entire family. Your post here really made my day :-)
you're a wonderful daughter and your dad is lucky to have you....prayers and blessings to you all.
That's such an amazing idea...... Best wishes to you and your Dad.

Sorry to hear about your Dad. Praying for him and your family too! Cancer has hit my family big time, Mom had breast cancer,and one sister with ovarian cancer, another with leukemia. A brother that had a kidney transplant when he was 29 and another brother had a brain anarisim [large family of 8 ] but thank God they all survied and doing was tough but we all got through it
This is fantastic, that's the attitude to beat this, well done and best wishes to you all.
This is fantastic and the attitude to beat this, well done and Best Wishes to you all.
I'm so sorry for your father and you. I hope he will be ok and all the process will be as good as it could. You've done a very sweet present, he will love it. I send you a very big hugh and a lot of strenght!
Thank you for all your inspiration (I'm enjoying a lot your class at BigPicture Scrapbooking)
Blimey Claudine, this is inspirational... I wish you Dad all the very best with the Chemo and hope it works.. biggest hugs xx
You are too much. I'm sure your Dad will love this and get a chuckle out of all you did to put this together. Best of luck to him and your entire family as you go through this together.
This is so thoughtful and lovely. Such a great idea! I'm sending prayers and love to your dad and your whole family.
Claudine... what a BRILLIANT IDEA! I know your Dad is going to be so grateful for the gifts and for the time and effort you put into making these special for him during this period of his life.

hope you are well!
That is so clever and definately shows the love that you have for your Dad. I'm sure it will give him a chuckle. My prayers are with all of you.
that's ingenius!!! ur dad will love it!

What a creative gesture, Claudine! I am sending your dad warm thoughts & well wishes...that his comfort AND funny-bone stays intact through it all.
Hello Claudine,

So sorry about your Dad, but I know he will pass this and will be healthy again very soon.

Big hug,

~ Gabriela ~
So sorry to hear about your Dad! I love the care package. That is hilarious! You and your family will be in my prayers.
What a sweetie you are to do this for your Dad! You are soooo creative. I am sure your gift will bring him so much happiness. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
This so cool! I'm sure your dad will love and appreciate your creativity. Wishing him well.
Sorry to hear about your dad - but this is a great idea for him and will help him tremendously I'm sure. Best of luck to him and your mom and of course, you and Paul.
What a wonderful and thoughtful glad he liked it. Went through cancer and chemo with my own dad so know what it's like and definately with you on the need for fun and laughter times...most important. Take cares and best wishes to your dad and family!
Wishing the best for your Dad and your whol family!
God Bless
Claudine...I heard from Carmi about your dad. Sorry to hear about this news. Here's giving you all my positive energy for his recovery. It certainly helps that you have such great sense of humour. I really like what you did for the care package. Take care. Thinking of you.
Positive thoughts are coming your and your dad's way.
Wow, your dad must be really proud of having a daughter like you. I can relate to this as my father died in lung cancer. But his cancer was diagnosed too late, do not loose hope with your dad!
oh my gosh you are soooo thoughtful. Sending good vibes and prayers your way. this is definitely going to bring a smile to his face. you are awesome.
best wishes to your dad and your family, claudine. you're so right - cancer doesn't like laughter!
Very clever idea! I am sure it will brighten his day. Sending lots of thoughts and prayers for your dad.
Oh, my sympathy and best wishes for a healthy recovery for your dad.

What a clever way to deal with your worry...nothing helps things get better than a little humor....well, not really better, but manageable maybe. I hope that all goes well for him.
what a great idea! i agree, we must continue to laugh even when there are challenges in life.
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