the art girls guide to paris
I have been to Paris 3 times so far in my life, but I have never been with my friend Carmi.

When she goes to Paris she sees it in an entirely new way. Undiscovered jewelry stores, antique markets and little treasures that I never in a million years would have found on my own.

Well now you can have Carmi's guide to Paris and take her along with you on your next trip!

She self published a book on Blurb called The Art Girls Guide to Paris. If you are into art or anything arty you will want to check this book out!

A description of the book in Carmi's words:

"This is the guide book to Paris I wish someone had written for me ten years ago when I first started going to Paris. I have managed to learn more and more about Paris each time I visit. Like any grand city, it could take a life time. For those of you who have followed my travels to Paris on my blog I hope you will be happy to hear that I have pulled all my research and tips into this guidebook!

This book began as a quick email. The email turned into a memo. Then the memo turned into a blog series. All because ten to twelve times a year I get a message which always begins with "Hi Carmi, I know you go to Paris every year, do you have any recommendations for us?"

I think of going to Paris as a workshop. It is my opportunity to see new colours, new embellishments, new designs. This is what inspires me.

Friends and strangers write to me after my trips. They want to know where I stay, where I go, what I eat and most importantly where do I get all the great things I show off on my blog? I hope this book answers many of those questions!

I start this guide with an example of my typical eight day schedule, followed by a lot more detail of the places I visit."


Beware though! I read it, loved it, put it down, looked at Paul and said "when can we go to Paris?"

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i love my book and was lucky enought to go to paris this spring with carmi!! she is the best tour guide!!!
I love it! Just what I needed when I went to Paris for my first time too - I want a copy. So funny I also just recently (last month) self published using snapfish - you can see my books on the right of my blog too.
Thanks for sharing this!! A follower but first time commenter, hi Claudine
Hi Claudine

Thanks for stopping by my blog from Club Little House. The giveaway closed some time ago but I was reluctant to post on CLH because it seems to have been overtaken by spam and strange commenters.

I was going to Paris this summer for a few days but we got too busy in Amsterdam. I have been promised a separate trip to Paris so am keeping my fingers crossed.

You have a lovely blog - I will be popping back in again/
For many years I have dreamed of going to Paris. I even have an Eiffel Tower photo taped on my monitor to remind me to find the time to go. The idea of you going every year and writing a guide book on your artistic journey is a complete fantasy to me. I need to get that book so that I am one step closer to making the Dream come true!
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