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I'm back from Arizona! I had a great time at the Creative Escape practice weekend. It was a treat to take all of the other instructors classes and get to test drive mine as well. Now we're all really excited for the real event in August!

After the practice event I went to Mystic Paper in Mesa AZ and taught a one day collage workshop there. Thank you Jennifer at Mystic Paper for hosting me and thank you to everyone to who came out to take the class!

I got home last night and a big mountain of work is waiting for me, but before I dove into the work pile, I took Maggie to the doggie park! Here's a photo of her with her new favorite toy - not a rock ... but a tennis ball!

Maggie @ the 17th  St. Doggie Park


and her famous doggie bra you spoke of a few post back!!! lol She looks really sweet!
I just love Maggie! She's my favorite online doggie!
I bet she was glad to have you home. Cute--her tongue matches her dog bra!

And yay for the tennis ball...will be easier on her teeth!

MAggie is just to adorable.
She is just a cutie! I love it. She looks so happy. I know when I take my dogs to the dog park they look like this too, well at least one of them does!
Warning! Don't publish any comments in Chinese that come from an unfamiliar source. My blog was hacked. I lost a bunch of pictures from previous posts.
I know you've been busy but I'd love to see your thoughts about "True Colors" on The Altered Page. You are the only artist missing from the recent comments and one of my favorites!
look how cute she is. i checked out a place to bark and was amazed at how wonderful it is. i am glad she has a new toy to play with...but i loved the way she was with her rocks.
Maggie is such a happy dog. Molly is happy also. She's with me 3 weeks and I'm head over heels in love.

In regards to A Place to Bark Fundraiser...please visit the making of the book at
I'm so proud of the way it's coming together.
Thank you for your time.
maggie looks so happy (who wouldn't if they had their very own cat to lick their ears!)
congrats & love,
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