England trip!
A long planned post about Stitches and my trip to England is finally here! I had been meaning to post as soon as I got back but wound up with a last minute illustration job for the Saturday Evening Post that I needed to get on almost as soon as my plane touched the ground. Then jet lag kicked in and now finally I am blogging!

I had an amazing trip to England and even got to see one of my cousins for a super dinner in Birmingham. Hi James!!

I started off flying into Manchester then the hilarious and amazing Dyan whisked me away with her daughter Emmi to Harrogate so I could set up to teach in Dyan's store Art from the Heart. We had a blast at her store! And I loved getting to spend time with Ben, Emmi and Jay as well.

Setting up for class at Art From the Heart.

Me and Dyan at her store!

I stayed at a sweet B&B in Harrogate called The Alexa House. I can't wait to come back. It was so cozy! Immediately upon arriving I had a hot chocolate and shortbread cookies in my room. I love English hotels and B&Bs because all have tea kettles in the rooms so I can make hot chocolate.

I taught Thursday and Friday and then Friday evening we darted off to Birmingham to meet up with the Ranger gang at the Bulls Head in Meriden.

The Bulls Head has a fun kooky atmosphere and as you can see here low beams in the rooms give it lots of character. I was sure it was haunted so I slept with my light on - I watch too much Haunted Travels on the Travel Channel.

Then it was a whirlwind of teaching and demoing at the Stitches show!

Tim, Suze and me ready to teach at Stitches!

Here I am demoing at the Personal Impressions booth.

We had a fun dinner at a Chinese place called Wing Wa and they told the staff it was my birthday (which it wasn't) and so they brought out this crazy flaming swan ice sculpture. It has become a Ranger tradition at Wing Wa.... every year it is another person's "Birthday".

And on Monday evening we were off to London to get ready for QVC UK. I was on for a short segment right after Suze. Tim was on every hour for almost a full 24 hours. I don't know how he was still standing at the end!

On the set of QVC UK with host Dawn Bibby

Getting ready for air time on QVC UK!

It was a great trip and fun to be back in England again! Thanks to Tim & Mario and Suze's blog and Dyan's blog for the photos!!

PS I must have one of these Henry Hoover vacuum cleaners. I was told they also make them for US electricity. It's officially on my wish list.

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Claudine it looked like you had an absolute blast! And I enjoyed following your tweets when you went across the pond! Hugs from Texas!
It was lovely to meet you at Stitches Claudine and glad you enjoyed your trip :D
There are a few vacuum cleaners in that range including a pink one :D

Julie xx
sounds like a wonderful yet exhausting time!
awwwww missing you sweet cheeks xx
You know I love your art but I adore your fashion sense just as much- especially your scarves! You always look so beautiful and put together. I'm lucky if I get out of my pajamas most days :)
Hi Claudine it was great seeing you on QVC uk. I love your paints brings back my painting days at Art School. Next time your over please have a longer time to show us your ideas.
Come again England needs you!
Hey, you can also get Henry Hoovers in Pink know as 'Hetty'
Hi Claudine!

I love your products!

Please come back to QVC for a full-length show! It's such a shame that you were on for such a short time. We'd love to see more of you and your ideas and products!
Hi Claudine - it was great to meet you in Birmingham - here is a couple of links to some pics we took of you at the show. We were the Irish girls trying to convince you to pay us a visit!!!

I am sitting here waiting on the delivery man with your products for our shop so cant wait for them to get here!

Cathy x
Hi Claudine, great to see your photos I really enjoyed the demo you did for myself and my boss at the trade show at the NEC was Awesome! I am waiting for some of your Sticky- Back Canvas and other new things to arrive so I can start playing! great to see all your photo's and so pleased you had a great time! hugs Samantha the girl with the pom pom scarf :0)
Looks like you have great time! I have to check if you have a workshop in Florida soon ;)
Thank you for sharing the adventures of your trip. We sure missed you here on the blog. Good to hear from you.
Hi Claudine

So glad that you enjoyed your stay at Alexa House, hope to see you next time your in the UK.

Dave & Sandra
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