when it rains it pours!
Just when everything is going along smoothly, life likes to throw a speed bump (or two) your way to see if you're awake. It is safe to say I am definitely awake now!

We've had two developments this week that I am going to post about in hopes that someone reading this might have a connection or contact. It's all about six degrees of separation right!

Our renter in our home in Orlando is breaking her lease to move to another city. If you or anyone you know may be interested in renting it, please contact our Property Manager, Kim Cochrane And here is a link to the house listing +photos. it's a really cute house in MetroWest. All new appliances, new AC, security system, laminate floors. All lawn care included in the rent! Pets OK too!!

That we are now a statistic of the recession. My husband Paul, who works as a web editor at The Guardian in the DC office, was told the the entire DC bureau will be closing.

So I am putting this out there -- If you hear of any positions in "web content editing/production" (doesn't have to be in the news industry) please pass them along to us. Here's a link to Paul's Linkedin profile and resume and here's my email. We are willing to move again if we need to but would love to find something in the DC/VA/MD area. We only just got here a year ago!

And that's been our crazy week!! I believe that sometimes you just have throw the word out there and you never know who might read this who can help!

Claudine, my son is a project manager for a web firm in Philly. I have sent him your hubby's link. You never know. Philadelphia isn't that far away for you.
Sorry to hear about both of your situations ... hope your DH finds a new job soon, and that you find new & reliable tenants for your Florida house!

I became a statistic of the recession at the end of September, when I was laid off from my job with Sacramento County. I'm also looking for work (most likely clerical, admin, word processing, data entry, etc.). I'd LOVE to move back to the SF Bay Area, but can stay here in Sacramento too.
Maybe this is a sign you are supposed to return to Florida!
Here's hoping you and your dh get over this bump in the road quickly. I agree with the last commenter, having the tenant leave early may be a sign for you to move back to FL; you can do your art and business anywhere and really, so can your husband. Maybe expand what you are doing online and have your husband play a bigger role?? He may already, I'm just brainstorming.
Martha - thanks so much for the referral! Any leads are appreciated so much!

Lucy - we have on our list a return to Florida as our Plan C. The jobs in my husbands field are almost zero there. Whereas here in DC there are at least jobs you can apply for. LOL! So we would move back only as a last resort and use it as an opportunity to change directions!
Wishing you and Paul luck, Claudine!!! {{Hugs}}
Sorry to hear about the job loss. With all your connections, I bet something will pop up soon!

I've been a statistic of the economy since its start--seems freelance writers ( and advertisers ( are the first to go--as is extra money (my arts and e-book sales have also dropped). And trying to get a gig in or near town until things pick back up hasn't helped--it's a small community minded state with jobs going to "who you know" first.

A photograher friend of our has been hit really hard, too. People just aren't buying these days.

You learn to cut back on frills, sell off stuff you don't really need, and such. But God willing, we will all make it through before we are homeless.
Salon is hiring a News Editor based in DC. See the description at

They're also hiring an editor for Open Salon, but the job isn't officially posted yet -- see

Good luck!!!
everything happens for a reason. i do hope that your husband finds a new job soon in a city that you like. i wish you both the best of luck.
Oh I'm so sorry sweetie! Anything available with the Gaurdian in England???? I would move there in a heartbeat.

Thinking of you and Paul.

Everything happens for one reason, I'm sure you will be finding something much better very soon. I was in the same situation a short time ago. Good luck ;)
No rain, no rainbows ;) I'm sure you will find yours!
I could not let this post go by without telling you that I will send a prayer that everything takes a turn for the calmer this week. So sorry these clouds have come your way .. but all will be well. Believe it will.
oh my gosh i am so sorry. That is horrible.
Keep in mind that some jobs can be across the country with the person living one place the work another - the internet is a fantastic world. Apply for everything and have Paul send resumes to design firms that may need freelancers as they grow and contract wtih the work. I am working with a webfirm in NH and my company is based in the Bay Area. Thinking creatively will get you far. Sending out good thoughts...the next window is about to open!
Dear Claudine,
Please tell Paul to look on the websites for our local TV stations
here in Shreveport Bossier Louisiana....KTBS,KTAL...they have
been advertising on the Tv for various positions like Paul's.
Good Luck and God Bless.
Missy from the bayou
Yes, when one door closes another one opens. Warm wishes that this stressful time will pass soon for both of you. LinkedIn is a great source.
No jobs and not moving the Fl, but I AM sending you and your husband lots of positive energy!!!!
I'll check the boards at cyn for any tv network web jobs. Hang in!!! We are thinking good thoughts for you.
Cathie & Eddie
Oh geeze you guys. Hang in there. Sending positive thoughts and hopes you get through this fast!
So sorry to hear about your bad news this week. I hope everything will work out for the best quickly. In the meantime, focus on your blessings and what you do have.
oh boy, sorry to hear about this Claudine - and best of luck with the job hunt. I'll look in Boston!
I think the synchronicity of the Florida house event and the job loss event can't be completely overlooked...maybe you need to investigate "Plan C" a bit more ...and maybe move it to the B or A slot...maybe a "new direction" is the right thing for Paul...does he have a secret desire or passion that might lead down a new path -- in Florida? Sara White
Claudine, so sorry to hear about Paul's situation, I am sure that things will work out. Just to make you smile check out my current and last posts using your multi medium.. hopefully will make you smile :)
I feel like a statistic in the recession some days.

You may be a victim, Claudine, but you'll never be a STATISTIC, because you're truly ONE of a KIND.

I think that life has thrown you a curve ball, so pull out your glove, catch it, and throw the opposition OUT!

I used to work in DC, but I just don't have any contacts... I'll just have to put in a few positive thoughts.
Hi Claudine,

I wish I could help you out. My husband just got a job in Orlando and I am staying in Ft. Lauderdale in our house due to children in school and no way to sell our house here. He needs some place to stay but we could not afford our mortgage and rent on a house. He has to find an efficiency or rent a room. We were in the same boat as you (job wise) until this opportunity came along. Hang in there..........

Debbie :)
Hopefully Thanksgiving will bless you with good news...a renter and a job for your hubby! I am waiting for news about a possible layoff, so I understand how stressful it all can be. Good luck!!!
HUGE hugs claudine. i have been a statistic of the recession since may and my husband since october LAST year. it has been one TOUGH year to say the least. paul will find the right job and you will be back on track in no time, good luck! ♥rachel
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