illustration friday: music
Here's my submission for this weeks illustration friday theme of "music"

illo_friday_music lessons

A little too much to get done today to create something new for the topic but I have this piece that I created earlier that fits the theme. This is a photo of myself when I was little.When I created this I was thinking about my grade school violin lessons. I am terrible with music and practically tone deaf so it was a nightmare for me and all who listened to me play. To make matters worse, at my recital I got my bow knotted in my violin and I had to stand there while everyone else finished playing.

Have a great weekend everyone!


This is lovely! I had a similar story with a cello as a child - which I now wish I had persevered with.
lol I was thinking that it looks like you! Then I read your story. So cute! The illustration too :O)
What a beautiful photo! Love it!
Absolutely lovely!
awesome illo! as always your work is truly inspirational and amazing!
ahaha.. that day had to be a nightmare for you!! Anayway the illustration is wonderful.. maybe that lack of ear for music is due to the fact that all your talent kept concentrated on drawing and graphic ability and sensitivity ;) your work is great.
I love the design and palette on this one!
This is so delightful and captures the emotions of you as a musician learning, I love it!!
as always, an elegant combination of line, color & photography!
I do love your illustration and adore the story! Reading your twitter about it being so warm right now - Played tennis last night with a man who works for the coast guard and he they were told FEBRUARY will be brutally cold for us here in the DC area. Oh boy, enjoy this wonderful warm day while we can! LOL
What a beautiful face!
super, as always!
hoping the holiday brings some good news and happy times with family. thinking of you, Claudine! xoC
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