pet post
Time for another post about the kitties! Here are some recent pics!

Stanley cat loves the Ikea bags

Stan loves these giant Ikea bags. when I get them out to use them for laundry or groceries he hops right in. Makes a great crinkle sound.

Stanley cat says this is a great pillow

Stan says this legal pad makes a great pillow!

Mabel cat in her stroller

Mabel in her stroller on her way to the vet. We put her carrier in the stroller and then zip the stroller shut so she can't get out. This way if she wants she can stay in her carrier or she can peek out to have a look around. This is a special pet stroller not a baby stroller even though it looks like one! I use it to take to her to vet which is only about 4 blocks away. She loves looking out, but when I take Stan he will have none of it and stays in the carrier.

mabel cat lounging on my desk

Mabel cat also loves lounging on my desk!


back home!
I got home last night from a fabulous trip to Maine teaching a workshop at Artascope Studios! What a beautiful location to have a workshop and amazing and wonderful workshop hosts too! Thank you Catherine, Suzanne and Marina! It was a treat to teach at your beautiful studio! Also thank you to everyone who came out to take my class!

Here's the super cute house that the studios are in. It's a converted Victorian that has a jewelry studio, glass making studio and painting studios as well as the cutest store!

My products @ artascope store in ME

Here's the little display of my product line in the Artascope store.

Portland Headlight lighthouse

On my first day of teaching at lunch break we took a very short drive to the nearby lighthouse which is Porthead lighthouse the same one that Hopper painted.

Here's Hopper's version!

I can tell this book will make me cry

When we were talking books over breakfast, Renee from my workshop mentioned this one. Then I found it at the teeny bookstore at the Portland airport. What are the chances?! I figured it was fate and I should read it so I got it. I bought it knowing it was about a dog, thinking it would make me sad, but not having any clue what was in store for me!! After the first 5 pages I cried all over the place at gate 8 waiting for my flight. I almost returned it composing a few times in my head, what I would say to the guy at the gift store. But then decided to keep it and finish it at home. It makes me think of Toby.

Now I am home recovering, catching up on work and tomorrow is the U2 concert! This is shaping up to be an exciting week!

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maine here i come!
I am all packed and ready to head out the door tomorrow morning to teach my weekend workshop at Artascope Studios in S. Portland Maine! I am deciding last minute if I have any more room in my bags to bring along some extra artwork.

I'll be back Sunday night, follow me in my adventure: follow me on Twitter to get the latest updates!

And before I go, here are my last workshop dates for 2009:

Alexandria VA - October 24th
A one day Magazine Alterology Workshop in Alexandria VA Just added to my calendar!! Workshop will be at the Artistic Artifacts studio. Learn exciting techniques to create amazing images and background papers with used magazines and various household products! we'll be creating Polaroid-transfer looking images with household materials and old magazines. We'll alter magazine pages to create backgrounds for collages, make incredible images to collage with and more! Class details and sign up information are on the Artistic Artifacts Web site. Almost full! Limited spaces left!

Daytona Beach FL - November 14th
On November 14th I'll be teaching a one day Beeswax collage at the Art League of Daytona Beach. Contact the Art League at (386) 258-3856 to register.

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easy to make Halloween village
Here's a spooky Halloween village that I created and I am going to show you how to make it too! The best part about this little project is that it will cost you next to nothing to make, I am betting you already have many of these items around your house!

Suggested supply list:

STEP ONE: Put the house template (download here) on top of a sheet of old music paper and trace around it with a pencil and then cut it out. Don't forget you can adjust the template to make tall and skinny houses or any type of house you would like!

STEP TWO: Draw in where you would like the windows and doors to go.

STEP THREE: Paint in the house. Paint around all the doors and windows leaving them unpainted. Here I am using Charcoal Black from the Claudine Hellmuth Studio Line.

STEP FOUR: Here I added details. I used Claudine Hellmuth Studio Sticky Back Canvas painted with Landscape Green to make the curtains, and the
Ranger Inkssentials White Pen.

STEP FIVE: Fold all your edges and then glue the tab to the other side of the house with Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi Medium.

STEP SIX: Pinch the sides to shape the house.

STEP SEVEN: Place the roof template on a piece of scrapbook paper, trace around and cut out

STEP EIGHT: Fold the roof piece down the center and then add details or trim if you like!

STEP NINE: Put the roof on your house and then place a BATTERY OPERATED tea light candle underneath. DO NOT use a regular tea light candle with flame because it will catch your mini house on fire! You can find Battery tea light candles at home stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, Dollar Store or at your local craft store.

YOU'RE DONE! Here's the little house along with a few others ready to bring spookiness to your home. It was difficult to capture just how glowing the houses are with the battery tea lights underneath. When you make yours, you will see how fun they are!

Check your local crafts/scrapbook or arts supply store for availability. Claudine Hellmuth Studio Products are for sale online at these locations: Somerset Shoppe, ScrapLovers, Joggles Online, Schmooze with Suze,, Simon Says Stamp, Studio Calico, Scrap in Style TV
. For more videos and information about the Claudine Hellmuth Studio product line, visit my web site!

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illustration friday: infinite
Here's my submission this this weeks illustration friday theme of "infinite".


Doesn't it seem like doing the laundry is an infinite task? As soon as you are done, there is more to do!

I worked on this piece today and the idea came to me partly because I am doing laundry in between making art, fortunately I am not ironing like this gal! Have a great weekend everyone!


new from my studio!
I just finished up this custom artwork which I created for a client who loves to bake pie (and her husband and daughter who love to eat it!). This was a big piece at 18x24. It was fun to work that large and I LOVED working on this theme!!


To complete the family portrait we included their son who passed away. We decided to feature him in a photo frame in the background so he can be represented with the family too. This was such a fun piece to work on and the client loved it too.

Here's what she said:
I adore the piece and can't wait to receive it! Thanks so much for your speedy work and phenomenal creativity. It was a pleasure to work with you. Thanks again!

To see more examples of my custom artworks click here!


the artful bag
Last Sunday at the Adams Morgan Day Festival I met Jenae Michelle who is an amazing purse artist. Check out some of her incredible artful bags here! In her booth I saw that a little sign that said she was teaching a bag making class called Art of the Bag and that it would start this Sunday!!

I raced home hopped on the internet and registered for the class! I can not wait. There are still some spaces if you are in the area and want to take it too!

I can barely sew a straight line but I am hoping to be able to whip together a bag of some sort using my sticky-back canvas. That's the plan anyway. I am really excited about taking this class because I will have time to play and explore in a medium that is so different from my own! Play Play play! I can't wait!
fall workshops + classes
I spent today packing up supplies to ship off to my workshop I am teaching at Artascope Studios in Maine in just a couple weeks! I'll be there Sept 25-27th, there's still a couple of spaces available if you are in the area!

Here's Mabel in one of my suitcases, she's so big makes this suitcase look small!!

I used to drag most of my supplies along in my luggage, but now with airlines charging so much for each bag - even the first one - $25 on US Air thank-you-very-much. It's way cheaper to ship even if it's a 50lb box!

The only bad part about shipping your supplies ahead is even though I make a list I always second guess myself at the last minute wondering if I brought enough of this or that etc. But the GREAT part is just wheeling to the airport with my carry-on bag! weeeee!!!!!

And speaking of workshops ... here are my last dates for 2009 below!!!

Alexandria VA - October 24th
A one day Magazine Alterology Workshop in Alexandria VA Just added to my calendar!! Workshop will be at the Artistic Artifacts studio. Learn exciting techniques to create amazing images and background papers with used magazines and various household products! we'll be creating Polaroid-transfer looking images with household materials and old magazines. We'll alter magazine pages to create backgrounds for collages, make incredible images to collage with and more! Class details and sign up information are on the Artistic Artifacts Web site. Spaces are limited so sign up soon!

Daytona Beach FL - November 14th
On November 14th I'll be teaching a one day Beeswax collage at the Art League of Daytona Beach. Contact the Art League at (386) 258-3856 to register.

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illustration friday: welcome
Here's my Illustration Friday entry for the theme of "welcome"


Nothing says "welcome" like a freshly baked apple pie!!

I developed this piece from practice sketches I created for a custom artwork order I am working on along the same theme! I have been hungry for pie all week while working on these pieces!

Happy Friday everyone!


ring a ding a ling!
My friend Lorraine is collecting unusual stories about rings... coincidences, lost and then found rings any personal story about a ring ... for a special book project. If you have a story that you'd like to tell about a ring in your life, please contact her, or post your stories in the comments and I will make sure she gets them! She will be thrilled. Her email is

To get started I'll tell you my "ring" story. Like most ring stories it's about my engagement!

It was September 2000 and we were on a little vacation in London, Paul had brought the engagement ring with him on the trip without my knowing about it. He kept saying things like "how about we go sit in the park on a bench over here" and I would respond "no let's keep sight seeing!" Paul was so frustrated trying to find the perfect spot to pop the question, I was making it difficult!

Finally back at the hotel he decides he's going get it over with and he gets down on one knee and pauses the TV. I was clueless and was thinking "hey I was watching that!" then he asks me to marry him and of course I said yes! It was a beautiful ring, a square cut diamond in the center of smaller diamonds. I don't wear it anymore because I am worried I'll get it full of paint. Which is very likely! I just wear my wedding band now which reminds me of an ornate napkin ring, but I can't blame anyone because I'm the one who picked that one out!

I know my Mom has a great ring story, something about a little boy down the street who took his mother's wedding ring and asked Mom to marry her when they were all of 4 or 5 years old and then the ring had to be given back. Mom maybe you can share that story with Lorraine or with us? I would love to hear it again!!


anniversary = stan-aversary!
It's September 8th and that means it's our wedding Anniversary! Paul and I have been married 8 years today!!

But it's also our Stan-a-versary!! Exactly 3 years ago on our 5th wedding anniversary, Paul and I drove up to Atlanta to get Stanley! Here he is just days after we brought him home, testing the patience of our other rescue kitty, Mabel! Love this photo!!


Stan came from an animal rescue called A Place to Bark which is run solely by Bernie Berlin (she's also one of my closest friends). Bernie's rescue is in Tennessee so she had him transported to Atlanta where he waited a day or two for us to arrive at my friend Andra's house!

He was such a little baby (he had to be bottle fed for a few weeks before we could adopt him) and has brought so much joy to our lives! He would not be alive if it weren't for Bernie. She truly amazes me -- every day she is saving wonderful pets like Stanley from certain death at animal control. She saves so many lives and all these wonderful creatures have found new homes because of her. She is so amazing!

Thank you Bernie for the wonderful gift of life you give to these animals, and we thank you for Stanley. He is such a joy!


illustration friday: strong
Here's my Illustration Friday entry for the theme of "strong"


For some unknown reason, the theme lead me to think of a strong wind that turns your umbrella inside out. This was the first idea that came to me! Maybe because fall weather is coming!

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!


custom magnetic paper dolls featuring YOU!
I have created a new addition to my line of custom artwork offerings .... custom magnetic paper dolls featuring YOU! A fun novelty gift for friends and family!

For $25 + shipping (order 4 or more @ just $20 each) you'll get a custom magnetic doll with your photo image + a set of outfits in a reusable gift tin. If you would like additional custom outfits or elements created I can do that at just $15 per item. For example - if your friend is getting married and you would like me to create her wedding dress - I can do that! Scroll through the images above to see examples of: Baby, Small Child, Child/Pre-teen and Adult/Teen. Click here to see a sample gallery of paper dolls!

PLEASE NOTE: These are a novelty gift for grownups and are NOT intended to be used as toys for small children.

Turnaround time on magnetic paper dolls is is quick and easy, place your order, send me your photos and I'll have them ready to ship in just a few days (my travel schedule allowing). Makes a great last minute gift! Click here for more info!


linky shout out time!
Lots of exciting linky shout outs and a big THANK YOU to everyone who used the Claudine Hellmuth Studio products on their blogs! Take a look at these great projects and ideas!


Watch 2 more video tutorials from Jennifer McGuire here!

I'll be teaching a mixed media collage workshop in S. Portland Maine Sept 25-27! And another class in Arlington VA on October 24th!

And just a reminder! If you make a project and post it to your blog using any of my Studio Line products, let me know and I'll list it when I do linky blog post! Also for the instructors out there: send me an email if you are teaching a class using my product line and I'll mention it too! For more information about the Claudine Hellmuth Studio product line click here!

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