sticky-back canvas giveaway!
Let's have a giveaway!

This giveaway is for 1 pack of my 8.5 x 11 Claudine Hellmuth Studio Sticky-back canvas. Just leave a comment on this blog post and you'll be entered to win! I'll choose a winner using the number generator on Monday June 15th at 5pm!

And for a little inspiration, here's a T-shirt that I embellished using Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paints and Sticky-Back canvas.
(T-shirt not included in giveaway)


Here's how I made it! I bought a T-shirt from Target - my favorite place to shop! And embellished using my Claudine Hellmuth Studio acrylic paints Sticky-Back canvas. After I painted the Sticky-Back canvas I cut it into shapes and sewed them to the T-shirt with my sewing machine. You can sew it - it doesn't gum up the needle! And it holds up in the washer. Just turn it inside out and put it in a mesh bag to protect it in the machine, then lay flat to dry! You can iron lightly once dry to smooth out anything that need to be flattened again. I washed this shirt with my regular laundry, jeans etc and it was fine!

More inspiration of what you can create with Claudine Hellmuth Studio products here!

Leave a comment below and be entered to win 1 free pack of Sticky-Back canvas so you can create your own projects!

A winner has been selected using the random number generator at
Click here to see if you are the winner!
thank you everyone for playing! We'll have more giveaways soon!!

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Impossible that I am, me,oh please me.
Wow, what a great idea. I can't wait to try it. Thanks
That's so cool! When you mentioned sticky back canvas, I had NOT imagined it as a "applique"....I'm not sure what I imagined it as.

You can paint on it like normal canvas, and then attach to a shirt as an embellishment? The possibilities to really personalize something is endless with this product. :)
Love the sticky-back canvas. Thanks!
That shirt is as cute as can be! Will it stick without sewing for those of us that are stitch-challenged?

I can't wait to try it out!
oooh thanks for the great giveaway Claudine:):) I'd be so excited to win! xoxox...jenn
gotta sew it on if you want to be able to wash it. The sticky is sticky but not THAT sticky. But if I can manage a sewing machine ANYONE can!!!
i would love to try sticky back canvas can't find it anywhere here in Canada yet .... so pick me please :)
oh, how fun! I want to make 4th of July t-shirts for my girls, and it never even crossed my mind to use the sticky-back canvas! brilliant!
Oh fun! Love the Sticky-Back canvas - especially for making tags. I think you should throw in the T-shirt, too!
Ooh, I've been wanting to try this, Claudine!

That t-shirt is too cute, Claudine! Love it! I'd love to win some of that sticky back canvas!!! Thank you for the chance! Hugs!
it would be the answer to my question: how can I "embellish" canvas aprons for crafting on messy days (or cooking, for that matter!) and still have it be WASHABLE. perfect solution. love this idea! PRINCESS MAGPIE must have. (aka, Davielle)
Wow, I'd love to do some collage on the sticky back canvas.
Thanke, Helen
What a fun chance to play! Thanks, Claudine!
Ooh, I love a giveaway, especially when it's something I really want AND especially when the draw is on my birthday! :-)
I would love love love some of this. It's on my wish list. If I win, I promise to post photos of my projects! (I'm REALLY REALLY wanting a set of your paints, too!)
Oh, I wanna play!!! Watching you create art is so inspirational---Thank you.
Oooo....I've been wanting to try this! Thanks, Claudine!
I'd love to win - I'm sure I could find something to do with it in my artwork!
I love using sticky back canvas! So much fun!
That is sooooo cute!
What a totally fun tee! I would love to try this! Great photo of you and Paul-you both look so darn young!!
chris p
Love, the sticky back canvas. I would love a package of it to try some more of your inspirational ideas. Love the T-shirt and want to make one for my friend's birthday. Thanks for the give away.
What a cute t-shirt and great idea! I'd love to try it out :)
What fun, hope I win! thanks!!!!
I'm so impressed with this product. If I don't win I shall have to purchase.
I would love to try this! I haven't been able to find any locally!
This looks like so much fun to work with! Please enter me in your giveaway.

Thanks for your generosity,
Thanks so much for a giveaway! I'd love a chance to play with the sticky back canvas!
Ohh I've been messing around with inks and paints and making paper beads so I would LOVE to try our the stick back canvas and make the beads you demoed a few entries back. *crosses fingers and toes*
Love the t-shirt and the idea of using it to embellish with your sticky back canvas. All kinds of ideas are coming to mind.
Love the T-shirt, Claudine! I'd love to be entered in the drawing. Thank you.

I have been dying to play with this , it looks soooo cool. Thanks so much, ms.cheryl
I love your t shirt, and the things you can do with your sticky back canvas!
GREAT JOB on the Tshirt!
I would love to play with some sticky back canvas!
Happy Birthday, Paul! You have a great little wife there - but I'm sure you already know that! Thanks for the giveaway, Claudine. ;)
I have been looking for this locally, but havent found it yet. Looks so fun!
Oh, how I want this! I have looked for it ... but it isn't in stores around here! I am so wanting to try all the fun projects I see everyone doing with it ... and I really, REALLY want to try your paints too. Everyone who has used them LOVE them!
What an awesome products - endless possibilities. Would love to try working with this.
looks like fun!!!!
- cam
Would love to try this...saw it first in your online seminar supplies. Wish our local Michaels carried your line!
i have yet to find this locally, so this would be an awesome prize! good luck all!
I can't wait to try this with my die cutting system!
I love my sticky back canvas! Could always use some more :) Good luck everybody!
That looks like a cool new fangled art and crafting it...include me in the giveaway...thanks!!!
Totally fascinated by canvas right now. . . .
I love me some Sticky Back Canvas!!! Thanks for a cool giveaway!
Kirsten V.
The t-shirt is way cool! (geez I'm Never thought I could use it in that manner!
I'm looking forward to trying the Sticky Back canvas as well as your other products.
I'd love to win and experiment with this!
I love the tshirt design and I'd love to try the sticky back canvas!! *fingers crossed*
I'd love to win that! I haven't been able to find any in Germany. :(
I would love to win, thanks for the opp! I would like to use it on a fabric wallet I am making!!
I love your sticky back canvas & would love to win some to create with.
Thanks & cheers for now. Sandie xx
I have been looking for this! I can't find it here. I want to apply kids paintings to various surfaces and I think this would do it!
I would love to win some! :) Don't think anyone brings your art supplies here in Cyprus.
Awesome! Thank you for being so generous to the lucky winner!
Wow I really like the t-shirt so cool. Your blog is such a inspiration
well, giveaways are always fun...thanks for the chance...
You know I love this shirt. How exciting. You should post some pics from Ranger U.
I L.O.V.E. your Sticky-Back canvas. Just took a class in Hyannis at Colorful Creations using this great stuff. BTW, Target also is my fave store!
Janice Stickles
I would love to win your sticky back canvas! Something new and exciting to play with! Thanks for offering this! Hugs, Sue K
wow... you have read my mind. My son's favorite shirt has a small hole in the front... I wondered how I would fix it... I never even heard of sticky back canvas before, but it sounds amazing. Thanks for the chance to win it.

Love the top, very cute!!
I am always inspired by your creativity. Hoping to win!
Hi Claudine,
I love this shirt and the whole idea! I love your ideas, you are always so innovative!!

Cindy in Chicago
Oooooo would just love some sticky back canvas!! Tshirt is awesome!!
There is SO much you can do with this. Please enter me and thanks for the opportunity to win!
That T-shirt is just the cutest! I would love to win the sticky back canvas!
I have been wanting to try this!! Thanks for the chance to win!!
I've been wanting to give this canvas a try. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win some and the t-shirt inspiration, too!
Crossing my fingers!
I saw a beautiful box that Suze Weinberg brought to a class I attended in Kansas. The top was covered with your sticky back canvas. It was part of the Mona Lisa. Since I saw that, I have been fascinated with your canvas and wanting to try it. No one around here carries it ... so PLEASE, PLEASE .. PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP ... pick me!! Love your distinctive work! I follow your blogs, youtube videos and recently purchased two of your DVDs. Love the way you instruct! Easy to understand and watch!
HI, I would love to try this technique for my teenage daughter. She would probably love it. She's into peace signs and we could try it with them. Thanks so much.
I really enjoy working with canvas in many of my projects...and I love the idea of your sticky-back canvas. Great idea!
Oh, the possiblities with the canvas!
I would love to win a pack of your sticky back canvas!

pick me! pick me!
Oh random generator sticky back canvas gods, please pick ME!!
Total cuteness! What a great idea!
Put my name in the drawing. I am inspired to make some T's. Maybe even do some for my boys! How fun would that be?!
Cool idea! I never would have thought you could wash it. Bye - I'm off to Target!
t-shirt is fabulous, what a great job! maybe you could do this as a class at angela's -- that would be awesome :)
what a fun project!
I've have been wanting to try the sticky back canvas ever since you introduced it!

Here's to hoping I WIN
Very cute...I just ordered some paint that I have been dying to try....with my birthday money......I have some sticky back canvas but have yet to use it...I need to get busy....
you rock and the cavas is an earthquake! Love it use it all the time! thank you for what you do.
WOWZA!!! What a cool give-away!! I have been itching to try your sticky back canvas, so add me to the mix. Keeping my fingers crossed that you select me!!!
The Tee is adorable! I'd love to win some canvas to play with.
pick me pick me.. i cant get the canvas here in Canada yet and Ive been dieing to get my hands on some since taking 2 of your SIS classes
Thanks for the giveaway..I would love to try the sticky canvas..can't get it in Canada!!!
Oh, I'd love to win! I want to try it out!
This looks like a lot of fun ! I would like to try using it on a handbag/totebag. Thanks for the giveaway !
Perfect.. I am running out of mine. Wish me good luck
Would love to play with some of that canvas! Thanks for the giveaway.

Debra M
Wow...would love to try this..thanks for the chance!!
I love making t-shirts w/my son. We've just been using 3d fabric paint. I'd love to work with this sticky back canvas. Thanks for the chance.
Oh how I wish that sticky back canvas could come play at my house.
A girl can dream.
Such a cute t-shirt...If I win that is what I will be attempting to do with my new sticky back canvas! Love the blog!
Absolutely looks like something I need in my studio!
This comment has been removed by the author.
ohhhh..I've been dying to try some sticky back canvas.

Here's hoping I get lucky.
I love your sticky back canvas. I do. I do! Marlynn
I never win any of these, but I keep thinking maybe just maybe one day........just discovered you products and have started looking into where I can find them up here in BC Canada
That shirt is so stinkin' cute! I'd love to have you feed my Studio "stuff" addiction! Thanks for sharing your Mojo!
Wow! sticky back canvas rocks!
i wanna get my hands on one and play with it.

thanks Ms Hellmuth.
I love your products. The paint is amazing. I took you online class at SISTV and I loved it!
I love using the sticky back canvas. I like that it goes through the printer for vintage artwork to be printed on. Thanks for the opportunity to win.
I love that stuff!
I just LOVE that t-shirt, will have to give it a try! Your products are the BEST!!!!
Would love love love to try this!!
What a fun shirt! I might have to thread up the old sewing machine if I am the lucky winner!
I have been really wanting to try the sticky backed canvas....the t-shirt you created was great! Thanks for the opportunity!
~Stacie Aison
Please enter my name!! Laurie
I never thoght of using it on a shirt, great idea. I like my sticky back canvas and would love to win a package, thank you. Peggy
Now that is a great idea for the canvas. Love it,
Smiles, Andra
never would of thought of putting canvas on a t-shirt but it is adorable - going to have to try this soon!

Did you heat-set the paint before your first wash?
cute shirt !
How cute is that. I would have never thought of doing that
OH!! I love this stuff!
I can't even tell you how excited I am about this product!!! I am so excited for my local store to carry it!!!! I hope they ordered a lot!! :)
Have used the sticky back canvas and really like it. I could use more of it.
debbi g
I love this t-shirt. I can't wait to get to Target!
This is sooo cute!!!! Can't wait to try this project. Thanks for the inspiration!!
That is adorable! I have got to give it a try!
Love your work. Can't wait to get started.
LOVE your work from the beeswax collages to the sticky back canvas Tshirt! So cute! I am soo wanting to try the sticky back canvas! They don't sell it around here so, I'm hoping to win!!! Blessings to you and have a wonderful day!
Oh how cool! I'd love to be entered!
I would so love a chance to play with this-hoping you pick me!
My local stamp store will be doing a class on your canvas soon....guess I'll be signing up !
Love your paint too... :o )
Love the sticky back already! Love the tee shirt! What a cool idea; gonna give it a try!
-- Karen in VA
Thanks for all you do.

Great inspiration! I'm anxious to try this
Thank you for this giveaway !

Claire COREN
I would love to win a pack of your canvas because I can't find it anywhere in Nashville. Love your stuff! xoxo
Here's my shot at being the lucky winner. I love the studio paints so I would love to experiment with the sticky back. Have a great weeekend.
~~ Mary Lib
I recently bought that same t-shirt at Target myself!
What a fun project!

I've been thinking I want to get my hands on some of your paints soon to check them out!
i so want to try the sticky back canvas so i hope, hope, hope i win!

the t-shirt is adorable!!
1st time I have visited your site....WOW! I have to order some of your stamps, and watch your videos. I purchased the sticky-back canvas sheets and I want to learn all of the different ways I can use it. Thanks for the inspiration. Kelli
I just saw a video that Jennifer Maguire made using your products and loved it! What a fun giveaway, thank you!
Kathy Camasso
Thanks for the chance to win some of your sticky back canvas ... I'd love to try making those cool beads.
just love it !!!!!!!!!!!!! please choose me !!!!!!!!!!
oh, I would just love to play with this!!
Jennie Nelson
I LOVE the T shirt - and have wanted to try this out so bad - but it has not been in the budget yet - Here's to hoping I win! Di
I love all the projects with your sticky back canvas! It amazes me all the things you can do with it. I would love to win! Thanks for your generosity!

Very neat shirt! I would love a chance to win your sticky back canvas....I have yet to try that!

Take Care - Robin
Yeah! Stickyback canvas!! Love it!
How generous, I would love to win!
I would love to play with this stickyback canvas!
Thanks for your generosity!
Hey Claudine! I finally finished my homeart piece today and I just love it! Thanks so much for the class - looking forward to your next one. Since I used up all my sticky back canvas on this piece, I need more so I'd love to win this giveaway! Thanks for sharing. :)
Seriously - a giveaway is always such a kind thing to do. Thank you for offering the chance to win such a fun product Iappreciate your comment on being able to sew with the sticky back canvas without it gumming up. I might not have even tried to sew with it otherwise...hope I win , I've been wanting to try it out for a while now! (Fingers crossed!)
Oh, oh, pick me! I have been wanting to try this canvas! :)
what a great give away - thanks for offering it - so exciting~!~
Ellie (
I don't think that's available in the Philippines! I'm a great admirer of your work! thank you for sharing!
hi claudine,

i've been really wanting to try this. i had to make do for "home is where the art is" because i couldn't find it anywhere. great class, btw.

take care,
Wow would love to be in with a chance to win some sticky backed canvas, haven't been able to get any in the UK.

This would be perfect for bookbinding :)

Thanks Claudine, best wishes

Billie :)
I would love to try this awesome product!
Oooh, now that looks like something fun to try out! The creative wheels are turning already!
Pick me, please, please. I'm raising my hand!
Love all the ideas with the sticky back canvas. I haven't tried it yet, but it's on my list.
Susan G
This product looks so cool to play with!!!
Thanks for the chance.
I have wanted to try the sticky back canvas for awhile now... it looks like such a great product with infinite possibilities!
Julie Mc
I could have sworn I already left a comment, Claudine, but I must be losing my marbles. :) You know I love your Sticky-Back Canvas as well as all your paints and multi-medium!!
Cool project with a cool product!
just found your blog from the fiskars web site....very cool house project...thanks for the chance to win ...Kristen S
I am sooo into doing this, very cool shirt! I would love to see more, and try my own!
Love the t-shirt. I'd love to try your canvas.
Awesome project! I've wanted to try the sticky back canvas; now I want to try it even more!
I used your sticky back canvas for one of my workshops for Quilt Fest. People loved it. Very cute T-shirt!
i just saw some videos on this and it looks awesome! does Michaels carry these?
hi i just some some videos on this product and it looks awesome! does Michaels carry these?
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