sticky back canvas beaded necklace
Here's a quick video from the NAMTA show that we taped showing how to make a quick necklace from Claudine Hellmuth Studio Sticky Back Canvas.

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Hi, Claudine! Great video! :-)
Looks like fun! Can't wait to play!
absolutely great idea...and..have we tried dipping in UTEE yet?
U Go girl.
love the idea, ...mind working overtime here on all possibilities, and like Suze says utee too :) Thank you for the video
Jennie x
oh I so need to make one of these.
Anonymous - while I can't prevent people from marketing artwork in my style, I always hope that all those inspired by my artwork soon go on to create in their own voice and from their own hearts.

I have asked her add a link to my web site as her source of inspiration and she has agreed to do so.
What a great idea !! I have a few little questions ;-) I hope you can help me ;-) I never heard about the sticky back canvas before. I saw a video on illustrating stories few time ago in iwhc they were talking about you. As I'm a french speaker I don't well understood what is the product your created. Is this a paper that can be printed on ?? with a normal printer ? And also what is the mat you use on your video here?? is it a teflon non stick one ? is it the same one used for cooking ? It's impossible for me to find this sort of product here in Belgium, would you agree to tell me where you found it ?? Thank you soooo much ! Smooches from Li├Ęge a tiny town in Belgium :-)
Sandrine - hi there! The sticky-back canvas is a fabric canvas that you can paint, print, and create with! I looked on the Ranger web site store finder and there is a store in Belgium selling Ranger products, they might not have my line but you can first:

I have no idea if this store is near you! fingers crossed!!
PS the mat I work on is a teflon mat that Ranger makes, it's called the Non-Stick Craft Mat :)
Thank you sweet Claudine !
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