this week
This week has been all about Toby, snuggling him all I can and then working while he is resting. He got really sick on Monday but is doing a little better now after a visit to the vet and some fluids.

Each day that he is OK I am so thankful for. I wake up and check him laying next to me in our bed and say to myself. "We still have today." Then I try all day to focus on that and not think about what is next. I want to spend every spare minute with him, so I haven't had much time for blogging.

I do have some great links that I want to share with you, but will post those this weekend. I also have a giveaway too. Will do that soon too! Thank you so much everyone for your many comments, emails, twitters and facebook messages they are so appreciated!!!
I hope that Toby is doing better. What a sweet little face! I am sending hugs to you both. Our pets are such a big part of our lives and family. I know that this must be so hard for you, but know that there are a lot of us out here in cyberspace that are sending good wishes and hugs to both of you.

I am a fan of your work and have enjoyed seeing you on various crafting shows - you are so talented! Take care and give Toby a hug for me!
My hubby and I have been Mom and Dad to many furry babies and I am sure many more so we know what you are going through!! I have a little shitzu named Gizmo whom is 10 years old now and has a tumor in his mouth growning and we have been doing the same of taking it a day at a time and every day is a good day to be with him. I can't think of anything worse then what it feels like to watch our little furry souls have to go through this! I just remember all the times he has been there for me with out a second thought with all of his unconditional love! People have said that it is rediculous all the money we have spent on vet bills and that he is only a dog! That just makes me so mad and sad that they don't have that unconditional loving little soul in their lives and that they are really missing out!! I am praying for your little Toby and you to have as many days as possible to spend together and enjoy.
There is nothing easy about what you are going through. I am happy to know that you are getting this wonderful quality of time with Toby and sorry, at the same time, that it is so touch and go. What an emotional rollercoaster it must be. Toby is a lucky furbaby, to have you.
Toby, Paul and you are in my thoughts and prayers. It is so difficult. We lost our Jack Cat at Thanksgiving. Stephanie
He is a blessing to you and you to him!
Hang in there, sweetie, you and yours keep snugglin' and appreciating each day. I remember a number of years ago waking in the middle of the night to see my Cricket (kitty) looking at me and the moonlight was shining thru the window and all I could think of was, "Thank you, God, for this moment and for me having Cricket in my life." I wanted to remember that moment forever - and so far I have. . .since it was not long after he was gone. Love to all you, Paul, TOBY, Stanley, and Mabel. xoxo Marlynn
thank you everyone! Toby is on my lap again right now. he never used to like to cuddle this much so I am soaking it in.

Tracy - I am SO sorry your Gizmo is going through the same thing. it is so hard. we need a support group! I hear ou on the vet bills. believe me would would happily pay ANY amount of money to keep Toby with us for as long as we can. Money is no object when it comes to our pets. I'll happily go without new clothes or eat Ramen noodles if I have to!!!

sending love to Gizmo!!!
I can't imagine what you're going through. We just had a scare with our dog and it was torture. Thinking of you!
So happy for you living in the moment and enjoying snuggeling Toby on your lap~what a Love! All we have is NOW, and you are wise to make the most of it... not blogging or errands.

We are here for you when you are living in the moment that is sad, too. Sending you and your family lots of healing LOVE and PEACEFUL thoughts~ Erin
We are keeping you and you doggy family in our prayeres
So sorry to hear your Toby is ill Claudine. :-( Our pets are a huge part of our lives and when they are ill... we are ill. Hopefully he will get better soon. Take care.
toby and all of you have been in my thoughts. it's been hard coming to your blog for updates because i am a HUGE dog lover - we have 2 of our own. just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and i hope that you can find some comfort in giving toby all the love and support he needs right now. you and paul are such good puppy parents. HUGE hugs! ♥rachel
I was so sad to hear about toby. I read this and lo and behold if my dear beloved max didn't start getting sicker and sicker. it was so fast and so surreal. I am still feeling like such a zombie. I thought of you and what you are going through. my heart goes out to you and to toby. may you have many special moments in which to love him, hug him and talk to him. one thing I know for sure is that max knew how much I loved him. hugs to you claudine. ciao
Hugs to you and Toby!! My three doggies wish Toby and his parents the best.

xoxo Megan, Sophie, Chloe and Chaos
I tear up every time I try to post something. My heart and prayers are with you.
Thinking of you all, keeping you in my positive thoughts. Toby, I give you a virtual hug you little cutie!!
toby is just adorable and i hope he continues to get better. hugs to him from me and my min schnauzer presley!!!
truly hope you are enjoying your time with little Toby. My thoughts and prayers are with you all!
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