giveaway day!
Let's have another giveaway! The publisher of Ann Baldwin's new book sent me a copy to review and one to giveaway to my blog readers. Thank you Quarry Books! This is a wonderful book about layered collage with loads of techniques. I have been a fan of Ann's work since 1998 and it is a treat to get an insider's view into how she creates her rich and beautiful collages.

To enter the giveaway just post a comment below and I'll do the drawing on Friday at lunchtime (around Noon EST)

A winner has been selected by the random number generator at View the winner here! Thank you everyone for playing! More giveaways soon!!

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WOW - Looks like a FABULOUS book!
Yay! I love giveaways :)
I love her work, too!! Thanks for the opportunity!!
chris p
Hi, Claudine! Thanks for the giveaway! Kiss Toby for us! :-)
I just bought a canvas this week to work on. I kinda have an idea what i have in mind but i have no idea how to get there. Maybe this book could get me kick started. thanks, ms.cheryl
Sounds like a wonderful book...
WOOHOO! I LOVE adding art books to my (now overrun) bookshelves! YAY! Count me in!

Paula Clare
What a treat! I hope it's me-I'd love to learn some new techniques!
Looks like a fabulous book, thanks for the chance to win! :)
Would like to add this to my collection of reference books. Hope you pick me.
maybe this is meant to be - need something after the lousy session in the studio I had Monday! Enter me and thanks for sharing with your readers!!
This looks a great has everything.
Sounds like a book I could use.
Looks like an awesome book! Thanks for the chance to win!
What a lovely giveaway!

Please enter my name for a chance to win.

Thanks for the offering! Looks like a good one :)
Yeah...a giveaway...Pick me, Pick me!
It looks like an awesome book.
Oooh, would love to win this! Me Me Me!!!
wow...i cna't wait to read this looks like my work...rebecca
WOW, what a fantsatic give-away. I've been hearing/reading about this book and it sounds like one I 'NEED' to add to my ever expanding collection. Please toss my name in the hat. Thanks for all the inspiration you give us.

waving hand wildly-Pick me!Pick me! Awesome, gotta love a give away. Thank you so much Claudine!
I am starting to dabble in mixed-media (I did my first painting and cut paper/button collage this weekend--inspired by some warm weather, finally.) I also just reserved one of your books at my local library--I love the library!! Thanks for the chance to win! Your work inspires me.
Oh wow, I would LOVE this book!!!
Oh, Claudine, the book looks great. I'd love to have it, so add me to the list!!
OK I really would love to win a new art book .... thanks for the opportunity.
I would love to win that book. It looks awesome!!!
I'd love to win! wish me luck!
So nice of you, Thank You! :)
looks like a fun book. count me in!!
Wow, I can't believe I hadn't heard of this book sooner. Awesomeness!
Reading blogs is an expensive hobby. If I don't win this one, I'll have to buy it.
looks very cool! thanks for setting up the give away, hope all is well with you!
I don't think that I can live without this book... pick me! LOL!

Thanks for the giveaway.
ooh, ooh, i'm in, i'm in! thanks for posting another great giveaway!
Hi Claudine! Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks so much!
oooh! This is a must-have! Thanks for offering it!
I JUST added this to my Amazon wish list yesterday! How awesome it would be to win it! Thanks for the giveaway Claudine!
Looks like a great book! Please put my name in the hat- thanks Claudine!
I will have to go looking for that book, layered collage isn't something I have really tried a lot of.
I would love to add this to my collection...add me!
this is such a new world for me - so inspiring and creative. It is taking me places I never, ever thought I would go. Thanks for being a part of the process.
take care
I would love to win this book, always so much to learn. Thank you. Hugs to Toby :)
Well if you're a fan it must be good! :) What a great giveaway!
Oh that looks like a fabo book! Just looking at the cover is making me wishing I knew more!

Ha, my hubby just called as he's driving out to eastern KY and I'm telling him about this book. He said, "Oh there is everything you like. Press send, then write down the book name and author." He's a good guy buying me everything I could possible want or need in the next three life times.

Patricia D.
Pats D MWL at FB
Looks like a great book. Put me in the drawing please. I love your work, by the way. Thanks for offering this!!! Hugs, Sue K
I would love to be the lucky winner of this great book.
Please let me win; I love mixed media!
This looks like such a great book! Thanks for doing another giveaway. :)
If the book is half as fabulous as the cover, it's going to be amazing. Thanks for the chance to win.
I have heard a lot of good things about this book. Thanks for sharing this with us. Something I might want to get sometime soon. Nancy
What a yummy book!!!....thanks for the great offer!

Thanks for giving us a chance to win.
Would love to have this book! Love your products, too!
I'd love to win this cool new book. Thanks for your generosity.
Hey, Claudine! Hope Toby's doing better...thanks for doing this giveaway!
How generous of you and Quarry Books (love their titles - have many on my shelves already!).

I would be thrilled to win! keeping my fingers crossed....
Loving it! The book looks packed full of fabulous information! I hope I win!!

Kim P.
this looks like a book I must add to my already growing collection. :D
I'd so love to have this book!
Very cool! Would love to add this one to my library!
Okay, I "borrowed" the book for my review here:

So I'd love to enter to actually win my own copy!
Great giveaway! I'm trying to learn some collage, so it'll be wonderful win this book. Thank you for the chance!
Wonderful offer, thank you, Claudine. Love your blog and your work. Rebecca
Creative Paint for Mixed Media Artists sounds like a fun book to "splash" into! Thank you for the chance to win it!
I love her work work and would love her wuld have a good home with me!
Oooooo, that book looks delicious! I love techniques and that one looks like it contains oodles of them. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!
Hi Claudine,

Thanks to you and Quarry for giving a book away. I am just beginning to dip my toes into this new collage medium and I am having fun with it. I sure hope this might be the one I win.

Love books!! Thanks for the chance to win a good one.
I'd LOVE to win this one!!
Ooooooooooh this would be so cool to WIN! Thanks for the opportunity Claudine :)
Thanks for the offer! Please add my name to the list. The book looks wonderful!
Thanks for another giveaway! I've been following your tweets. I like hearing updates about Toby.
Woo hoo! Fun book!
Count me in...looks like a great book!!!
I'm a big Ann Baldwin fan too so I hope I win! Thanks Claudine and my thoughts are with you and Toby. Take care, Sara White
This looks like it would be a great addition to anyones library! Thanks for the chance to win :)
I like to be in, looks like a great book!
i have been a fan of ann's for many years.
being a fairly new participant in mixed media I could think of nothing better than a book of techniques to help inspire me crossed fingers and toes but good luck and enjoy the book to whom ever is the lucky winner. Thanks for the opportunity to play and win claudine
did you say layers? And collage? Ohhh - this sounds like a must have book!!!
I love Ann Baldwin's work - count me in
Hi Claudine,
really enjoyed the picks of Toby! How cute is he? :)
Oh Claudine! Thank you for being so generous!
Looks like a fantastic book! I'd love to get my hands on it.
What a great giveaway - this book looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
would love to check this out!
please enter me as well
I am such a book fiend and this is one I don't have! Oh, how I would love to win so count me in, please! What a great way to use my Claudine Hellmuth Studio paints! Woot!! lol
Peace & Love,
Thanks for the chance to win this!!
I'm so glad Ann is still around. I haven't heard anything about her in a long time. I'd love to own her book, please add me to the hat.
thanks for the chance for a freebie--who doesn't love that?
Nice looking book : ) Hope you pick me : )
Hope Toby is doing ok. Thanks for the links yesterday to the folks making great items with the sticky-back canvas.Neat and creative items. Thanks for the giveaway.
Missy from the bayou
I would love this book, Claudine! I hope your Toby snuggling is going well.
That looks like a book I'd like to have. Please add me to the list of folks that are competing for it.

By the way my kitty BC says hi to all of your critters.
The book looks just yummy. Thank you for the opportunity to win!!
well, i never actually win these, but i thought i'd give it another shot. i like ann baldwin's work.
You can never have too many technique books...count me in!!
It's so dreary here in NJ today, but maybe it will be my luck day and I'll win this book. Thanks for the opportunity.
I would love to win this! Thanks for the opportunity1
Looks like a great book! but i've been meaning to leave you a note anyway ... think about you often and wish the best for you and your baby
Thanks Claudine.

hi claudine!
oh how generous of you! please count me in on the fun. :)
Hi, What a great giveaway! I am trying to learn all these new fun ways to create. Hope I win. Thanks so much.
yippeeeee...another great giveaway...count me in
Nova Scotia
Looks like a great book!!! I'd love to have the opportunity to win this!!
Looks like a fabulous book! Please enter me in the giveaway. Thanks!
I also love her work, and would love to have this lovely book. Please add me to the drawing!
Thanks for all you share! I can always find some mojo on your site!
Looks like a beautiful and interesting book. Thanks, Claudine!
I am in like always...and LOVE books. Thanks for doing this.
Friday is my lucky day. Gave birth to my daughter 13 years ago on from this day. Hope it's my day to win a giveaway!
looks yummy from here...would LOVE to have this book.
Looks like a great book! I would love to win :)
Oh my gosh! I would love this book. I am going to take a class with Ann at Art & Soul this year. So exciting!
Looks great and has encaustic info. Hooray!
ohhh what a lovely book..thanks for the giveaway!!
Wow... looks like a wonderful book with some new ideas! Can't wait!!
The cover really makes you want to see what's inside. It looks like such fun!
OOOOH! AAAAH! Look good! Thanks for offering it!
Ooooh, this book looks like it is full of new things to learn and loads of inspiration!
Thanks so much for the giveaway! I would love to win it!
Hope I'm in time to be included!
Ohh, sign me up. I took a class with Ann in 2007 she's a hoot!
Oh I've been doing some playing about with paints and this book just looks like the perfect resource. Thanks for giving us a try at winning it. Kim
How exciting! I'm just learning to do collage painting, so this would be a great addition to my library!

Thanks for all your inspiration!
Thanks for the giveaway Claudine. I am new to collage in all forms, so this is a great find and recommendation.
Give Toby a hug and kiss on the forehead! thinking of you!
This sounds like a great book.
ooo..I will have to check Ann's work out. I am just starting to really get into the mixed media, and I cannot get enough!
Thanks for the giveaway. Please enter me in. Thanks!
Always trying to learn more!
Jennifer B.
I would love to own the book, I have her DVD and its great. Hug Toby for me. Peggy
I've created a couple mixed media collages and plan on creating more! The book would be wonderful inspiration (not to much give me some much needed tips!)

I took a class from Ann and her techniques are very cool and inspirational.
Although I hesitate to judge a book by its cover, this one looks great!
It must be good if you like it, Claudine. Thanks for the chance to own it.
I saw it in Barnes & Noble and told myself I would have to wait. Trying to cut back on my book and magazine addiction but if I won it, it wouldn't count. Thanks!
I just LOOOOVE your works and products. And a giveaway? How awesome!!!!
Oooh - I've held it in my hand and drooled over it at Barnes & Noble - it looks fabulous - full of great information to take art another step further!
I love to enter giveaways. I haven't won anything yet doing this but I am pretty lucky with other contests! :)
Hope the dog is doing well. He's so cute!
Looks like a great inspirational book.
I love Ann's work too, I have one of her dvds and have almost worn it out watching it.
Claudine - you always offer the most wonderful goodies - and totally aside from your wonderful work. Gee, I hope I am the lucky one this time around.
I sure would lovo to add that yummy book to my collage book collections....
This book looks fantastic! I'm longing to learn more collaging techniques. Thanks so much Claudine for offering this opportunity!
Judging by the cover of this book, there will be treasures within its pages! It sure would be fun to win it and find out what's inside!
I would love this book. The class I took from Ann at Art & Soul in Hampton, VA in 2007 is my favorite ever. She is an amazing teacher.
Thanks for the giveaway! please add my name.
Thanks for the chance to win this beauty. Looks like a great opportunity to learn something new.
I love giveaways. And I would love to have this book. I viewed a few pages on Amazon. So Please Please let it be me.

Fantastic!! this book book would be wonderful to win! count me in please and thanks!
Ooo--this looks like an awesome book! Thanks for the opportunity, Claudine! =)
oh please count me in for the giveaway! i love ann's work!
This looks like a fabulous book. I would love to be the lucky winner. But boy are there a LOT of entries!
I never win the giveaway but my fingers are crossed on this one!!!
yay giveaway! looks like a kewl book! I was playing around with your paint today and love the coverage! ciao!
I love your work, Claudine, so refreshing! The book cover is cool, I bet the book itself is great!
The book looks very interesting.
I would love to have a chance to win it. I enjoy your blog.

This book looks great! Thanks, Claudine!
Wow, #162 in your list for the giveaway, hope I win ... I'm a big fan of everything collage and love learning new techniques. The Toby pics are gorgeous too.
I just had a look at Ann's website ( and her work is amazing ... she's just at home with nature themes as with scientific or urban ones (I love the nature ones best because they're so evocative). Anyway, she has some great extras online, such as pictures of her studio (I always love a sticky beak!) and step-by-step photos of how she puts her work together. I really recommend everyone checks it out.
The book looks great-if I don't win it I will buy it. BTW, I just ordered some of your paints the other day and I can't wait to get them. The colors are gorgeous!! I love your art!!
Glad Toby is having a good day...he looks so happy :-) (Being the most well-loved dog on earth will do that to a fella, though!)
Wow! A giveaway. Neat book. I will check out her website. I could some inspiration and who couldn't love learing new techniques?

P.S. Glad to hear Toby is feeling better!
Hi! Went over to Amazon to check out her book... and now I must have it! I put in a preorder just in case I don't get picked!

Yey For Toby!
Wow it looks like it would work so well with your paints and sticky back canvas.

So sorry about Toby. Enjoy each day. They are precious!

Havent seen this book before, it looks simply delicious! I love nothing better than to get covered in paint :)
Wow What a fun giveaway! Thank you so much for the chance to enter!
That is a great give away!!! I would love a copy!!!!
Thanks for the chance at the book. Looks great!
This book looks wonderful!
Ooooo neat, I'd love to have that book. Thanks for the chance.
This looks fantastic! I'll add it to my amazon wish list. Thanks for the giveaway! Have a wonderful day!
Oh, this is a good one, for sure.. I would be so lucky to win.. thanks claudine!
Hi Claudine--enjoying your blog, but not so much reading about Toby. So happy that you're enjoying each day with him.

Lorie from your Sedona workshop
Thanks for the opportunity - I hope I win (smile).
I love when you have a contest because SO MANY people comment and I find new fantastic bloggers to follow! :)
I love Ann Baldwin -- almost as much as Claudine Hellmuth !!:-)
Please enter me in your give away!

Thanks! Looks like a great book!
Looks like a wonderful book! Please pick me! Thanks for having this giveaway!
Looks like a great book. Thank you for the chance to win. I purchased your new book and some of your paints recently and am really enjoying creating. Thanks for the inspiration and guidance.
Sandi D
Looks like a great book! Thanks for the chance to win! My prayers are with you and Toby. Your enjoying every day with him is inspiring. Thank you.

Thanks for the opportunity to win the book. I've wanted to take a class with Ann. The book is the next best thing.

BTW, my heart goes out to you and Toby. I'm glad you were able to get a good smiling day with him. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

D in FL :D
Thank you for the opportunity to win.
Hugs to yiu and Toby
Woot! Who doesn't love a giveaway? :)
Oh..this looks fabulous...I hope I am not too late..I suck at time conversion! LOL
Would LOVE to Win this Book!!!
Love seeing Toby's Little Sweet Face....I can't imagine what your Going through....big Hugs to you
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