new Sticky Back Canvas video
A big thanks to who made an amazing video using the Claudine Hellmuth Studio Sticky Back Canvas. Watch them make super cute Sticky Back covered binders and see how they react to using Sticky Back for the first time - surprisingly sticky, yet not too sticky! Really great video ladies! - sticky-back canvas in the studio from Illustrating Stories on Vimeo.

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How cool is that! I love the video and now I'm even more glad that I ordered TWO packages of the Stickyback Canvas. Woot!

Now, if my package will just hurry and arrive I'll really be in heaven. lol

smile. be free. have fun.
Peace & Love,
♥ Barb ♥
Thanks so much for sharing our video. We had a great time with the sticky-back canvas!!!
Seriously. I am sooooo ordering a bunch more! =)

Loved using your goodies (so glad you've made them and have contributed so much to their making -- they are GREAT)! Also, thanks for the linkage!

Have a great weekend, Claudine!
WOW! The canvas looks great! I can't wait to try some. What a cute video, too!
I would have never thought of that idea. Absolutely awesome. Thanks to the gals who did the video and thanks Claudine for developing the SBC and posting the video. Like they said, your rock!
Oops, typo - YOU ROCK!
Awesome video demonstrating such a creative way to use your sticky back canvas. I am going to have to order some. Thanks Claudine for sharing!


did they print on your sticky back canvas with ink jet or laser?
I have used it in my inkjet printer and I imagine they did too. I don't think it would work well in a laser since it's not coated.

Great video and product!

I'm writing and illustrating several books and will be making them on a Made To Order basis available in the near future on my upcoming website. This product is very appealing but just wondering if there is something similar where once the product is adhered, it becomes permanent.

Any information most appreciative.

Happy Creating!

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