holiday pets!
I can't resist re-posting this photo that I took of Mabel last year. She got all dressed up in a Santa outfit to remind you not to forget the critters this holiday season!


My good friend Bernie at A Place to Bark has lots of sweet furry babies that need your help! She's having an online art auction that runs right up until Christmas! A perfect chance to get a gift AND help the animals!

Here's some info from the A Place to Bark Web site:

It's called the Linked By Love Auction:
Artist Friends of A Place to Bark, Dedicated to Saving The Lives Of Animals in Need.

This auction continue till December 25th in hopes of raising the funds needed to finish our shelter and help us catch up on some Mega HUGE vet bills. New items to be listed daily!!!

Many of the art pieces are published and won't be offered anywhere else, but in our auctions. Really FABULOUS Art!! Please bookmark the link, check back often & help spread the word!!!! Christmas is coming, so now is the time to treat yourself or someone you love to a very special artful present and in turn help us continue on saving more animals in need.

Help spread the word!!! happy holidays!!!


Heh-heh...your kitty looks just about as happy as mine did when I gave her antlers (stuffed ones for kitties).

Love it!

Happy Holidays to you, your family, and furry children!
Adorable! =)
Our pets are ready for the holidays too... have a peek!

I have 5 cats. Doing something like this would have ended up with a visit to the emergency room. Bernie is the best-and a Place to Bark is one of favorite charities.
What a riot.
Kitty doesn't look at all pleased with the new holiday outfit! :)
Ho, ho, ho... thanks for the chuckle! Too cute.
this makes me laugh so hard... i love it!
Amazing you weren't shredded for this costume stunt! My dog acts like she's being horribly mistreated anytime I try "decorating" her!
My cat would go after my throat at night while I'm sleeping if I ever did this to him!
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