Hero Arts card + brooch tutorial
Let's kick off December with a tutorial and a couple of giveaways!

And since it's the 2nd of December - we have
a TWO giveaways planned! One here on my blog and on the Hero Arts blog so make sure to visit both to enter to win. You can find our more about the contest at the end of this post!

Here's a little card + brooch that I whipped up! See the flower on the card? It's also a brooch!

The card has a cute little brooch on it that can also be detached and the recipient can wear it after they receive the card! A card + gift in one! What could be better?!

Here are the supplies you'll need: Hero Arts Flower Blossom Border set (CL223), Hero Arts Smooth Gemstones (CH153), Hero Arts Holiday Mixed Notecards (PS539), Claudine Hellmuth Studio Sticky Back Canvas, Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paints in: Painterly Pink, Landscape Green and Modern Red, Claudine Hellmuth Studio paint brush set, Ranger Inkessentials Non-stick Craft sheet, Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi Medium, a pin back, Ranger Archival Ink in black, Perfect Pearls, Perfect Medium Pen, and the Cuttle bug!

OK! Let's get started!

First, paint a sheet of Sticky Back Canvas using Painterly Pink, Landscape Green and Modern Red. Set aside to dry. Or speed drying using a heat tool.

Stamp image from Hero Arts Flower Blossom Border set (CL223) using Ranger Archival Ink in Black on each color stripe you made on the Sticky Back Canvas.

Flip your sheet of Sticky Back Canvas over, remove the paper backing revealing the sticky backing. Cut a piece of decorative fabric and place it onto the sticky side of the Sticky Back. Smooth to make sure there is good contact!

Now that the fabric is on the back, go ahead and cut out the flowers from Sticky Back Canvas

Glue all the layers together using Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi Medium in Matte. here I also glued on a small circle of the dotted fabric in the center.

You can curl the ends of your flower to give it dimension, just roll it over a paint brush handle and it will hold the shape!Glue on the pin back to the back of your flower using Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi Medium in Matte. make a big blob, squish the pin back into the medium, then smooth it out using your paint brush.

Here's a closeup of the pin back glued on with the Multi Medium. Once this dries it will dry clear and it will be on there forever! Make sure to let it dry all the way. it will only have a secure hold once fully dry.

Stamp an image from the Hero Arts sheet a couple of times onto a green card from the
Hero Arts Holiday Mixed Notecards (PS539) Add stems using a black pen. Then set aside, we'll come back to this card later!

Paint another section of Sticky Back Canvas using Modern Red. Allow to dry.

Once dry, run the Sticky Back Canvas through a Cuttlebug using one of the embossing folders

Outline some of the embossed areas using the Ranger Perfect Pen in clear

Dust lightly with Perfect Pearls to add a metallic shine! Ohh pretty!!

Trim and stick to the card you stamped earlier

hold your pin up to your card and make marks where the pin will go. Punch these with an 1/8 punch then thread your pin through your card and you are done!
Pair with a red envelope and send to a friend! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

OK! Let's get to the contest!!! It's easy to enter! Just post a comment below and you'll be entered to win this prize from Hero Arts!

A winner will be selected at random using the random number generator at on Friday December 5th at 9pm EST!

But wait! There's MORE!!
On the Hero Arts Blog you can win a pack of my Sticky Back canvas. Click here to visit the Hero Arts Blog to enter!
Happy December!

Check your local crafts/scrapbook or arts supply store for availability. Claudine Hellmuth Studio Products are for sale online at these locations: Somerset Shoppe, ScrapLovers, Joggles Online, Schmooze with Suze, Scrapbook.comFor more videos and information about the Claudine Hellmuth Studio product line, visit my web site!

We have a winner!!! Chosen using the number generator was number 189, Which is Ev! EV email me your address and we will send you the Hero Arts Prize!

Thanks for playing everyone! I will have more giveaways next week!! See you then!

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Very nice card and tutorial, Claudine. A question, it looks like there is some stitching along the curved, embossed border. Is that stitching or is it drawn with a pen?

As usual your tutorials are very easy to follow and understand.

Hope the migraines are under control these days.
What a great idea! I can't wait to try some of these techniques (embossing canvas... wow!)
So cute! I love this idea!! thanks, lisa k in tx
Really creative idea - love that it is a card and a gift. Happy December, Claudine!
Great idea and tutorial.
I have followed your blog for a while but this is the first time I have commented. I can't wait to try some of your products - I am thinking of a lot of great ways I could use the sticky back canvas.

Always be creative when in art, life or love. Jodi Reeves
I absolutely love the brooch Idea - how cool to make it apart of a card...
Definitely count me in on the give away - and thanks for sharing the ideas!
What a nice way to begin a morning! We got a double goodie this morning. A great tutorial and a new blog site. I am new at blogging, well blog reading actually. I have to really work at creating time to read blogs, so I set the alarm clock a little earlier today. I am glad I did. Thanks!

Renee Griffin
Wonderful tutorial!!! Thank you. It is always great to learn about new ways to work with day-to-day crafting materials and create fabulous works of art with them.

Thanks for the giveaway - this stamp set is gorgeous!!!
Thank you so much for the tutorial!
So cute! I loved making these brooches at CHA - Now I know a new way to use them! I really love the idea of using perfect medium on the embossed fabric.
wow would love to try the sticky back canvas.
I like the idea of wearing part of the card.
I really do like the idea of making a cute brooch that is quick and easy! Since it seems that I don't have as much time anymore these days like I used to! I love the stamps they are wicked cool! I would love to add them to my collection!

Keep Inspiring us all Miss Claudine because you are wonderful!

Sharon Neth
That is so cute!! I am going to have to try the sticky back canvas soon! :)
Cool project! I love that sticky back canvas! That multi medium is pretty cool too - I will have to find some of that.
love your work, and this is soooo cute, thanks!!!!! I hope you are enjoying life in DC, how exciting!
OMG, I love this and really want to try using the canvas and the paints. What fun. First time here, but gotcha bookmarked.
what a great idea for a quick and easy gift! thanks for sharing.
I like the 2 for 1 idea. I've ordered your sticky back canvas. I can't wait to try it! Thanks!
Thanks for the great tutorial. You made the project seem very do-able.
This is just beautiful! Love the creative idea of a gift in a card. Love all the techniques and details you added to your card. So creative and inspiring. Thanks for a chance at this sweet candy.
WOW what a great prize!

and thanks for the step by step instructions.

This is SO stinking cute! I love the little pin! What a great gift idea!!!
What a clear and detailed tutorial! I think I could do this...Thanks for the great info and inspiration. I'll think we'll see a lot of folks walking around in these cute brooches.
Fabulous Claudine. Love the brooch idea :-)
I always enjoy your tutorials. I can't wait to try some sticky back canvas. It will be great for so many uses.
I just found your blog via Tim Holtz's! Love the bright colors & cheery nature of your art & am looking forward to keeping up with all of your great projects
What a cool idea. Just found your blog through Hero Arts. Thanks for the giveaway!
I've seen your broaches in person at the winter CHA show. They are awesome!! Terrific tutorial Claudine! Perhaps make your furbabies a jacket and of course add your own personal touch. Don't think Toby would like flowers though..... haha Veronica
I really love how you help me see the many ways I can use my stamps and craft items. Love the canvas!
what a great idea!! love it Claudine, you are a genius.
You have definitely got my interest.
Thanks for the step by step instructions.
I have to have this. Fantastic idea-it looks like so much fun. Any tips on where we can purchase it, especially online?
Very clever idea, Claudine. Thanks for doing the step-by-step :-)
Thanks for taking the time to show us this great tutorial. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving down in FL and your drive was uneventful. Thanks for the opportunity to win.
Such a cute gift idea!! Thanks Claudine!
Oh my goodness, what wonderful ideas! "Such scope for the imagination", as Anne of Green Gables would say!! Wonderful tutorial, and I'm so glad Lisa pointed us in your direction. Thank you!
What an awesome card and the pin is so cute. I have to get some of your canvas to play with.
I love this idea! Perfect for Mother's Day, a Birthday, Miss You, etc. So many cool ideas for brooches! Love it! Thanks for the detailed tutorial!!
I want to win!! This stuff is adorable!
This is a fabulous tutorial! I'm going to make one from a pointsettia stamp today! I think it'll be a perfect Christmas card/present for my kids school teachers! Thank you!!!

Kim P.
I LOVE the card and the pin attached. Too cute! I would love to win!
Great Tutorial -- so happy to see a flower brooch that you don't need a die cutting machine for!!! I've ordered your paints and they are to arrive on Thursday -- I'm so excited!

I hope to take a class with you at Angela's soon.
Thank you for the tutorial. What an awesome idea to use sticky back canvas to make a brooch.

I love that the recipient gets a card and a gift all in one.

Thanks for a great tutorial! I stopped by because of today's Hero Arts blog, and I love that you were the guest artist there today since I really enjoy your work. The sticky back canvas was a great idea and so was the brooch that you made from it!

What a wonderful tutorial. Some things I never would have thought of Very cool.
i really appreciate the detailed directions. i just love this idea. i am going to make a bunch for my mom to give her Red Hat lady friends. thanks!!
What a great new product! It is going to be a huge hit!
Anna D
I can do this project!!!! You made it seem so easy, but the recipient won't think it was :) How cool! thansk for the giveaway, too.
Great card. Thanks for sharing another way to use the sticky back canvas. I adore your new line of products. Have a great day.
~~ Mary Lib in Florida
The broach/card gift is a GREAT idea! Hmm...what about a variation with a poinsettia style flower for Christmas? Cool!
Since your first book, Claudine, you have always been GREAT at explaining how to do things even for the novice.

I used work I did in one of your workshops in the header of my blog, so even a beginner can do good stuff following Claudine's examples and inspiration!
This is adorable!
What a great idea!

P.S. I love the ornaments you did for Studio Calico too!
Love the Broch....Wonderful idea!!
I Love your paints and canvas and the Brushes are the BEST!!!
Thanks for a chance t0o win some FUN!
You make it all look so easy. Thank you for the tuturial and giveway.

Sharon F
Oakland, CA
that sticky backed canvas is very enticing! Very clever...
missy from the bayou
Great idea and tutorial.
Thanks for the giveaway!
I love your projects. I just took your 3 day workshop on Scrap in Style TV. What fun! Thanks for all the great ideas.
Fantastic idea! Thanks for the tutorial. Also, love your sticky-back canvas concept... heading over to Hero Arts now.
Karen I can't wait to get out of this cast to try this and thanks for the chance to win take care
What a great idea. Thank you for the tutorial. I've never seen this product. Love new things to work with. Thank you for offering the wonderful Hero Arts products here and your canvas on HA.
would love to win such a cute set of stuff, thanks for the chance.
what a wonderful idea! soooo cute!
great give away!

gr tanya
Wonderful tutorial. I like that there is a little gift included with the card. Cute. Jill S
Cool tutorial. Love it.
What a FABULOUS idea - adding the brooch to the front of the card!
THANKS for this idea!!!
What a great project!

Thanks for a chance to win :)
Love the dual purpose of this project!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Thanks for sharing Claudine.
I am so glad to see two of my favorite "must reads" teaming up for this presentation. Thanks for sharing!
so cute! what a great prize, too! :)
Great giveaway!!! Would LOVE to win!!
I love the tip about using Perfect Pearls to highlight the embossed areas. That's a new one for me!
oh my what fun! i need some of that
What a great idea! Thanks for sharing with us! I am going to have to mak a few different ones to keep on hand...of course I won't be able to stop at just one lol
Thanks for the tutorial and this fun giveaway!
wow, what an awesome gift idea, that brooch is too cute and i love how it's incorporated into the card!

this is my first time on your blog, but certainly won't be the last!
what a cute gift idea! love the concept of stamping on canvas. thanks for the chance to win! :)
OMG!!! I love it. Great idea!!!
I can't wait to play with the adhesive-backed canvas sheets! I've been using canvas sheets in my crafting/scrapbooking and I love the texture.
Oh...this is a terrific idea. Always looking for ideas for when a card isn't quite enough..and a gift is too much. Everyone has people like that on their list.
This is a great idea for those folks who you'd like to just give a little something extra to. THanks!
wow wow wow! what a great product. can't wait to see it in stores! and isn't hero arts the best?!?!
What a cute little card. I love the idea of the detachable pin. Such a sweet gift with a card idea. The colors you used are so bright and cheery. Your canvas looks like it is very easy to work with and I love the way you've lined the back with coordinating material. (I was wondering how the pin was going to work with the sticky back). I saw you on the Hero Arts blog and stopped by to say I really liked the mini canvas on canvas in the picture of you and Lisa. Too Cool!
What a great idea, I have a friend who would just love to get this brooch as a gift!!
LOOOOOVE the pin (and the card, too, heh-heh). Going to have to try that application, for sure!
Hi Claudine,

I just found out about you yesterday and fell in love with your Poppets. I immediately ordered your collage book and also pre-ordered your scrapbooking book. So excited to get them and get my creativity re-invigorated. I enjoy creating collages and incorporating them into my scrapbooking projects. I think your projects are delightful and I've gleaned so many new ideas just by visiting your website. More power to you!
Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. I like it very much!
OMGosh! Stamping, fabric play, AND embossing with my Cuttlebug in one project...I've died and gone to Heaven! Everything is so cheery & fresh, right down to the last little polka dot.
Thanks for the great TUT & sweet giveaway!
Well done Claudine, the pins would be great as stocking stuffers attached to tags or even seed packets. the picture with the scraf reminds me of the Red Velvet Art scraf tutorial that Rachel had last November and how well they would go together. Happy happies. Joyce.
Love it! Thanks for a great always! And I just added several new items to my Christmas list because of this. LOL
This would be fun to try! I love anything with stamps & fabric!
Pleez put my name in for the draw.
thanks ~Sharon
so pretty! I adore the brooch I did at CHA with the sticky canvas! I just need to find where to buy it now :)
Was so cool to hear about the sticky back canvas. Enjoyed your tutorial.
Incredible. I LOVE the brooch idea especially.

I really do wish you'd write a children's book. Or a book for crafting kids. I'd love to be able to introduce my daughter to your whimsical style and have her be inspired by it.
Very clever. I love the brooch pin and how you integrated it into a card. I also really like the hero arts clear stamp set you used. Fabulous. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. CHeers, Bev LoPinto
What a great project - your step-by-step instructions make it look so easy - looking forward to trying it out.
This is a really great idea! I adore the colours.
Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. I Love your work and am happy that you are having a giveaway from one of my other favorite blogs, Hero arts. Oh, this going to be fun.
Thank you for all of these wonderful ideas! Just in time for holiday gifts.
great product, great texture. More fun! Thanks a lot for the blog candy.
I love this! Instead of getting a card that is displayed for a few weeks or tossed in a drawer, there is a gift for them too.
That's so adorable!! I love it!!
bunnybx at gmail . com
What a great tutorial! I love this idea.
Claudine - thanks for showing how to make the brooch card, what a fascinating idea, it just brings lots of possibilities to mind. Sandy F.
that is cooo cute and the tutorial was great! love the sticky back canvas and looks great for some fun stamping!!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the tutorial!!!
It was soooo easy to follow and the end product was STUNNING!!!!

Thanks so much for sharing!

Kimba from NYC
What a cute card, I can't wait to make one. I purchased your paints and sticky back canvas and love them both. I was impressed with the quality of the paint, love it. Thanks for sharing, I love your blog and read it daily. Peggy in cold Ohio
Love your canvas flowers! Your tutorial is wonderful. I'm going to buy some of this sticky back canvas. Can't wait to give it a try. Thanks again!

Great tutorial.very easy to understand. Thanks for the chance to win!
Love the tutorial. Your things are so simple yet so elegant, I love it. I can't wait to get into my stash. I haven't tried your canvas yet but it seems so versatile. Love it!
Thanks for sharing such great step by step instructions! Very cute project.
Love love love! Sticky canvas is so amazing- I'm itching to get my hands on some! Thanks for the fab tutorial.
This sticky back canvas is is so versatile! I didn't realize you could emboss it with the cuttlebug. Awesome!

Congratulations on your new line of products. I remember when you were on Carol Duvall and Craft Lab many moons ago. I am so happy to see your success. Well deserved!!
Hi Claudine, I learned so much from your how-to. Thanks for sharing your time and talent with us. I could rally use the art supplies to create gifts. I have not seen any of this in stores near me. Especially the medium. Thanks for showing how to use the medium. I had puchased Pearl Ex and thought it was perfect perls and don't know how to use it. I think it is the same. ? :)
What a great way to have a card embellishment that can be worn later~SO COOL!
I want ALL your new products!
what a neat idea, sticky back canvas! Thanks for such a great tutorial! Love the brooch idea, how creative!
I really loved your card and brooch. I am really wanting to try your sticky back canvas. Nancy
I posted over on Hero, so I am posting here - man, it would be wonderful to win BOTH! Ha!
Thanks for your new line of Ranger products .... they are simply fantastic!
thank you so much for the great ideas!! this blog will definately be a new favorite! I love that sticky back canvas!
Love that sticky back canvas!
Great tutorial!
Wow!!! Gorgeous card and brooch!! The sticky back canvas looks so cool. I'll have to check it out!
Thanksm Claudine, for the tutorial & the giveaway!
Happy days,
Love your latest tutorial. Although now I want one of those embossers and my supplies are taking over the house.
Please sign me up for your giveaway.
thanks and have a great day!
Cool! Thank you for all the inspiration I get from your site. Love your ideas and examples.
Great the idea of using a piece of art in different ways. Yeah...
Love the pin! Thanks for the tutorial!! Winning this prize would be a fabulous birthday present for me!!
Very cool. Love the pin.
Oh, awesome new product; can't WAIT to get my hands on some of it! TFS the tutorial & I LOVE the idea of using the Cuttlebug embossing folders on it - PICK ME!!!
Cute idea. I love that it's a card and gift in one.
Very cool project. Thanks for sharing. LindaSonia
Hi Claudine, great idea for a gift and infinitely customisable too!

Thanks for the tutorial!
I really like your card and flower pin - especially the colors :). Sticky-back canvas is really awesome.
WOW! What a fabulous and thorough tutorial, I love it! I'll be linking.
I love the tutorial. It is so helpful to know how you actually created the project. And the beautiful!
YAY! I loveeeeeeeee winning things :)
Great tutorial. I'm looking forward to seeing the sticky backed canvas in a store near me soon! Love the Hero Arts "LONG" sets and the clear gemstones.
Fabulous ideas. I live in New Zealand and can't wait till someone imports your supplies.
What an awesome blog and such fun things to do with a new fun medium of canvas.
Hi Claudine...that is a great pin and card...very clever idea...

and how cool to do a giveaway too!!!
count me in...

This card is so cute! I have some of your products coming my way from Studio Calico, can't wait to play with them!

Isn't HERO just the greatest! And combined with your new products--the results are fabulous!!

Thanks for an opportunity to win!

Wow loving the sticky black plastic,can't wait until we can get it here in the UK! Great card and design for the Hero blog too.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sticky back canvas. I just posted a wall hanging I did using it yesterday:

And last week I did a card with it, also on my blog.

I will be buying MORE. BTW, I met you at liked my business card print job.

Congrats on your product launches. I've learned more about you since we met and I'm so impressed with your accomplishments!

what a great tute! i love the idea, now to find the materials and make some. Thanks so so much for sharing!

becky d.
Thanks for a great tutorial showing us the possibilities of SBC! I love your flower pin!
I love the neat ways you use the sticky back canvas! Thanks for the inspiring tutorial :D
Oh that is so cute. I love that idea, basically two gifts in one. Thanks for the giveaway!!!
Wow loving the sticky black plastic,can't wait until we can get it here in the UK! Great card and design for the Hero blog too.
Ooooh! How lovely! I'll have to try some of that sticky back canvas! Thanks for the tutorial Claudine!

Julie Bergmann
so many cool ideas! I love your new products!
Thanks you for the tutorial and inventing such an interesting product. I can't wait to try it out :)
I will be looking for these products! Thank you for the step by step directions. sUSAn
Fantastic project! Thanks for the instructions and the chance to win!
thank you for sharing such a great tutorial, I'll be sure to try it soon.

Very cool! thanks for sharing :)
Great tutorial Claudine. Love the idea, plus a big fan of Hero Arts. Thanks for sharing and the oportunity too.

D in FL :D
Thanks for the great tip on such a simple but fabulous gift card. Love working with your paints and mediums.
What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.
Great to see your new products in action Claudine. I didn't know you could put the canvas through the cuttlebug- what a great idea! I'd love to see it IRL.
What a great tutorial! You are such a lovely person as well as a talented artist. One of these days I am going to have you do a custom piece for me and my deputy husband and two golden retrievers. Doesn't that sound like fun? Happy holidays!
I love this technique! Thanks for showing this to us. More ways we can use our Hero Arts stamps. I love the different media.
Great stuff! I just learned about about you from the Studio Calico site. I love the canvas and paints!
Great card-wonderful tutorial!!
chris p
Love the tutorial - I can't wait to try.
Wonderful tutorial, I love the flower pin and think it looks really great on the scarf too...
thanks for an awesome gift idea and a chance to win the goodies to try it!
Love the project...great card
Claudine, great idea. I can imagine cute little earrings to match that brooch. Little dangley ones. Thanks for the tutorial and your new product!!
love the flower brooch, such a simple but effective idea - just need to source some of you sticky back canvas in Australia.
What a wonderful idea. I love working with paper and this looks like fun!
I love the brooch idea. Excellent tutorial.
Fantastic ideas and a great give-away!!!
WOW! This looks like so much fun! I'm just imagining all the possibilities now! :)
Very cute card and pin. I love the fabric backing the sticky back canvas. I have my first piece of canvas on its way to me from Somerset Studios. Not sure what I will do with it yet, so keep those ideas coming! Love your paint colors too. Can't wait to give them a try.
Hi Claudine!
Your ideas are always so inventive! I can see why you have your own line of're truly an innovator!

I LOVE the two-for-one idea of this project! Hope I win!
what a fun idea! and a fun giveaway to go with it, YEA!!

ooops! i put the wrong url in the comment box. sorry about.

i love the card and pin. what a great idea.
Sticky back canvas -- what fun stuff and I can think of so many ways I would like to try it. Thanks for showing us another great product.
WOW! Your new products are AMAZING!
Thanks for all the inspiration!
I'm very intrigued with the sticky back canvas. What a terrific collection of materials for a fun time! I love the paints and will be looking for them too!
Thanks for the fun tutorial. It's a great idea. Can't wait to try the sticky back canvas.
Nice job on the card. I can't wait to try stamping on canvas.
- Annette
HI Claudine, I came here to your blog from the Hero Arts blog. I like your new product and that brooch card looks good.
oooooh... I love, love, LOVE this!
What an awesome giveaway... Would love to win... What a beautiful brooch...
What a wonderful tutorial! I love the embossing of canvas. What a wonderful new technique to learn.
I love your tutorial and I love these stamps.
What a GREAT idea. I think I'm going to have to track down some of those sticky back canvas sheets and make some cards.
Love this idea! Thanks for the tutorial!
what a beautyfull collection of materialand what a wonderfull things you can make whith it!!!
thanks for given us a chance
Very pretty! Rebecca from Big Island
Cute card

Karen what a great idea when i get out of this cast i shall try it
so much creativity on this blog that the smile just won't go away!
Merry Christmas!
Angela Moore
I love your new sticky back canvas paper. I am addicted to sticker paper lately. Thanks for your mini lesson.
Yep, I should have known you'd come up with something as cool and as unique as sticky back canvas. You are the Queen of Canvas afterall. I love the idea. I think the canvas flower is probably much more durable than say a paper or fabric one and of course yours is totally adorable. Can't wait to find it in my local craft store and try it out. Thanks for the tutorial.
This is such a great kit, I'd love to be entered. Thanks!
Such a fun idea..can't wait to try it. Your SIS class was mine done & on the wall. Also won your collage box off the A Place To Bark auction..yippeee!!!! Bean to the White House NOW!!
Looks like so much fun! Thanks for the giveaway.
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