happy birthday to me and a giveaway for you!
Today is my 34th birthday! I thought we'd mix it up a bit and I'd be the one giving the presents! Let's have a giveaway!

I am going to giveaway two sets of
cards from my Sweet N Sassy line with The Greeting Place. Just post a comment below and i'll pick two winners at random on Friday evening around 6pm EST!


We have two Winners! AngelCat and BurningRubber. If you won -- email me your address and I'll get your prize off to you next week! thanks everyone for playing!


What a great giveaway!


Happy Birthday to you Claudine!!
Love seeing grandmother driving the red VW. She always dreamed of learning to drive but never did.

Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday! I'd love to win a set of your cards!

And I prayed for Stanley yesterday. I was washing dishes and you guys popped into my head. I will continue to pray for good results with the medication.
happy birthday!!!!! have a great day!!!
xoxox tanya
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a super day!
Lovely. :)
**happy birthday**
Happy birthday!

I would love to win these - whoever I would send one of these cards to would have to be very, very special, though! They are works of art!
Oh pick me, pick me! We have a little orangey cat as well. He is our only male cat; we have two females that are older. Oliver has been our sickly one since we rescued him. He has a murmur as well, but healthy enough w/o meds. I really hope the beta blockers work for Stanley!
Happy Birthday Claudine!! Hope your kitty does well with his meds. Hugs, LindaSonia
Happy birthday to you and prayers for Stanley!! So glad you were able to get him diagnosed and on meds!!
Fingers crossed - l I looove your work! Happy birthday week!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Claudine!
Happy birthday, Claudine! Hope you have a wonderful day!
Have a wonderful Birthday! My older sister's birthday is the day before Christmas and she was always afraid to be forgotten, but that never happened because she is very creative (a bit wacky too) and would throw big parties for herself.

So, I love that you're doing the give away in order to receive and not be forgotten during this time of year.

WOW how thoughtful! Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday! I wish you a happy day and some relaxation these holidays.
That's a really thoughtful thing for you to do for your birthday, but make sure you do something fun for yourself too. Thanks.
Happy Birthday to you !!

Hope you have a wonderful day and a great year ahead.

Thanks for your inspirational ideas ( and the push to blog from Smartist this year - I've finally jumped in ! )

Best wishes,
HUZZAH! Brilliant idea!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and to us!

j a n e
you are just to darn sweet. Hope you have an absolutely fabulous Birthday.
I wish you a very nice birthday And I wish for you this year health, love, happiness and joy

Faithful to your blog I bought your 2 books for my Christmas 2008 ...
I love what you do
Thank you so much to share with us

And I hope, and cross very strong my fingers to be the lucky one who receive your Christmas giveaway

I wish you to spend beautiful christmas

A faithful reader

Louloupi ;-)

P.S.: Excuse my bad english ....I'm French.....
Happy Birthday Claudine,

And a giveaway? Awesome.
Happy Birthday!
I hope you have a wonderful day..
Hoping Stan is feeling better. Happy Birthday to you!!

i like your thinking! have a happy one!
Hi Claudine!

I hope you have a lovely birthday, and a very happy year ahead...I'm saying lots of prayers for Stanley, and I really believe those new medicines are going to help him.

Again, best wishes and big hugs, Peggi
Get OUT! It's my birthday too! I'm a tad over 34 though....about 17 years. Anyway, have a great day and thanks for the opportunity to win.
Happy birthday to you!!!

Hope the kitty gets better real quick!
Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!!!

Happy Birthday. I love your work. How nice of YOU to give the presents on your birthday !

Happy happy birthday! Hope you have a lovely day. And a sweet!
happy birthday and so close to xmas!
Hally Birthday, again...;-)) Hope you have a wonderful day !
Greetings from Germany
Happy birthday... hope you have a wonderful day!

Quilting Gallery
I hope you celebrate with fun!
Happy Birthday Claudine! I wish you the happiest gift in finding that Stanley can beat this this year. All the best you are all in my thoughts and prayers.
Happy, Happy Birthday!
How awesome are you to give out goodies on your birthday! How it's fabulous!
Happy Birthday, girl!
Thanks for having a giveaway! :D
Happy Birthday Sweet Claudine! And, as the mom of two heart kitties, my advice would be to be vigilent about Mr. Stanley's meds - they are his lifeline now.
Eat cake!
happy, happy, happy birthday.
Hope it's your best day yet.
happy happy! :)
Hope you have a wonderful birthday and that the beta-blockers get your kitty back in the pink of health.
Happy Birthday, Claudine!!!
Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays and Blessings to all of you in the New Year!
Ooh, happy birthday. You are so generous to think of us on your birthday. Thank you for this wonderful offer.
Have a great your cards.........
Happy Birthday, Claudine! :) Hope you have a great day! I love your cards, I picked up a bunch at Marshall's. :)
Happy Birthday, kiddo.... my best to you on your 34th birthday. Thank you for the giveaway. Remember, positive thoughts for Stanley. The Vienna facitity is incredible. I had one experience with them. They are truely caring for the animals they treat. Happy, Happy! Marlynn
happy birthday to thee..
you are four and thir-tee
your moving to washington..
has been the best gift to me!
Happy Happy Birthday, Claudine! Hope you have a special day...
Happy Birthday! And may none of your birthday gifts be wrapped in Christmas paper!
Just found your sticky back canvas at Scrap and Bead store in Orlando. Had to buy some for me and my sister. Happiest birthday, Claudine. Here's hoping that Stanley continues to do well!
What a nice gift to all of us - to offer up a giveaway on your birthday.
{{{{{HUGS}}}}} to you & Stanley (Mable and Toby also).
Happy, happy birthday!
Happy Birthday Claudine! How sweet of you to be giving stuff away for your birthday :-D
I hope you have a wonderful and successful year!
Awww! Happy Birthday Claudine! You've come a long way baby!
Happy Birthday to you Claudine!
Joyeux anniversaire Claudine!

Happy Birthday! I'm a Sag, too!

Last week, I read an article that said women feel most sexy at age 34 :)
Happiest of Birthdays -- and may your wishes come true ... (I just sent my sister one of your e-cards for her b-day -- she's 2 x 34 - 1)

Welcome back to DC... I'm off to the Corcoran to see the Avedon Exhibit in a bit ...
Happy birthday!
Oh I love your cards! It would be an honor to have some:) And here's hoping that Stan can get and feel better soon :(
I would love your cards! Wonderful giveaway and Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Claudine! So are you finally 22? Best wishes on Stanley's recovery. All my pooches are pulling for him!
Happy Birthday, Claudine!
Wow! How nice of you to give on your birthday, thanks Claudine! I hope you have an awesome day filled with many good things.

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Claudine
Happy Birthday to You!!!

Whimsy (the Sheltie) & Gigi (the B&W Cat)are sending "Best wishes for a speedy recovery" to Stan!

Hope your day is Create-tastic! : )
Yay! What fun! Happy Birthday! It's my husband's birthday today, too.
Oh my gosh!! I just love your work! HAPPY HAPPY B-DAY! If only I could have as much talent as you do in your pinky finger I'd be a happy girl!! :)
Happy Birthday Claudine.
May your creativity and success continue for all your days.
I just found your blog today! It so rocks! It's nice to stumble upon another mixed media artist and fellow cat lover. I love your work, thanks for sharing it!
Happy Birthday!!! Hoping your day is full of happiness. Thanks for the opportunity to win some Goodness!!
Happy Birthday to you :-)))))) Kate
Happy Birthday!
Forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Happy Birthday!! Yay, 34! Tell me how 34 is... I am turning 34 next year!
happy birthday to you! i hope today treats you well!
Happy, happy birthday to you. Hope it's a great day.
Oh how fabulous! Christmas is going to come early for this winner. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Happy birthday!!
Feliz aniversário!!
Hope your birthday is absolutely wonderful! :) Sara
Cool beans!
Happy birthday to the most beautiful cute girl in the world! :)
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day, and a happy and healthy year.
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful celebration. We are snowed in today so I am spending the day playing with your sticky back canvas and studio paints, so excited!!
Happy Birthday Claudine!!! Hope you have a wonderful day. I'm a December baby also! The 15th, but umm...I'm older than you! OMG, 21 years Thinking of Stanley too, give him some nice pets, and hugs and kisses for me!

Happy Birthday, Claudine!
And my cat, Savvy, says "meow" to Stanley.
Happy days,
Happy Birthday tooo yoooouu!
Happy Birthday! I would love to win one of these sets for my own birthday, which is coming up next week!
Dear Claudine,

Happy Bithday! Many Happy returns.
Please give Stanley a hug for me. Sending positive, healthy wishes your way for the sweet boy.

Best birthday wishes. Sending good karma to Stanley.

Happy Happy 34th! Hope you are having a lovely day! So sorry to hear the news about Stanley--I'll be sending healing thoughts his way. So sweet of you to be the one giving gifts on your special day.
Those are very cool! Nice give away!
Happy Happy Birthday!
Boy...I can almost remember back when I was 34! Enjoy!!
There's no way you're 34! I wish you a very happy birthday & a fabulously funky year! Jessica info(at)funkyfinds(dot)us
Happy Birthday Claudine!! Best wishes for your special day and sending positive vibes for Stanley.
Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day and get to eat lots of cupcakes.
Happy Birthday Sweetie! Best wishes for you and little Stanley too. Viki
Happy Birthday Claudine! Hope you have a fun filled and fabulous day!
Happy birthday Claudine! I'm 34, too. I hope both of us have a fabulous, joyous, and HEALTHY year (including our precious fur babies, too!!)


- chel
What a nice way to celebrate YOUR B-day, giving others a covetable giveaway! Happy 34th!
Happy Birthday Claudine! May God Bless you this year and all that follow! Merry Christmas too!
Happy Birthday!
It is so cool that you share a birthday with my sister!

(She got C.H. Studio supplies for her b-day gift from me, of course.)

I know it must be hard to enjoy your day when you are worrying about Stan. Try to enjoy some, though.

Kay (in Michigan)
Happy Birthday! I just Love those cards!
Happy birthday to you!! I hope it is a fabulous day!!
i'm wishing you a very happy birthday and many, many creative years ahead!! :)
Happy Birthday to you Claudine!! My Twins have today Birthay. Lock at my Blog!

Greetings from Switerland
Happy Happy Birthday to YouWhoooo, you sweet young thing you Claudine.
Oh how great!! HAppy Birthday!! Would
love to win this!!!You Rock!!
Have a wonderfully, fabulous, happy birthday Claudine. May all your dreams come true.
Happy birthday, love your work. How exciting that you have greeting cards.
Happy, Happy Birthday!!!
Happy, happy day o' your birth!!
hope it is wonderful!
Happy Birthday!
I wish you were teaching at Portland Art and Soul in 2009!
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday dear collage artist...
Happy birhtday to you!

And many more...birthdays and collages, too!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sending you warm wishes and birthday hugs! Thanks for a great giveaway!
Have a merry happy birthday, Claudine!!!!!
Happy Birthday and best wishes for a Happy Holiday season and a wonderful new year.
Happy Birthday Claudine! I can't believe you're seriously don't look a day over 29...Truly!

Birthday blessings to you today and for the coming year!
happy birthday to you!
happy birthday to you!
happy birthday dear claudine!
happy birthday to YOU!

hope your day was filled with love, laughter and CAKE! ciao!
what a fun birthday goodies bag :)

i hope you are enjoying your special day!!!
HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you had an amazing day!
Happy Birthday Claudine.
Please add my name to your giveaway drawing.
Happy Birthday, Claudine! I just ordered a few of your new paints and can't wait to try them out! :) I hope your day was the BEST!!!
Hoping for a wonderful birthday for you-celebrate today and every day through the coming year! Enjoy!!
How cool is this? It's a great day to stop in and see what creative things you're doing, cause you're giving away cool stuff! Happy Birthday to you - and good luck to me. Kerry
Happy Birthday Claudine!!!
happy birthday to you sweet girl. and i KNOW that you did something special and hopefully it involved CUPCAKES - like duh! best wishes for a fantastic year. and gifties from you, these cards are awesome! hugs, rachel
Happy Birthday to you Claudine and a giveaway!!!! Yay!!! Hope I win!
Happy Birthday!!! Here's to a great year ahead :)!
Happy Birthday Claudine! I hope to win -- as you know; I love your work! And, I'm about to use your sticky-back canvas for a valentine project -- I'll let you know how it goes! Sara White
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear Claudine, happy birthday to you.(song by the finest in the land Aminal Choir)
Joy joys and Merry Christmas. Joyce
Happy Birthday! I turned the big 3-4 this year too :-)
Happy Happy Happy Birthday CLAUDINE!!! 34 is still a youth. Wish you have a wonderful & joyous day. Continue to stay youthful and don't forget to smile. Also, Merry Christmas Claudine!!!
Happy Birthday! Just Di
Happy Birthday, Claudine, and many more! Thanks for the chance to win the set of cards. They are amazing!
Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day and a great year ahead.
Also a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Greetings across the miles.
Happy Birthday Claudine!!!!
Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a great day.
oh claudine! these are lovely!
Here's hoping you enjoy your special day! It always makes me happy to check your blog and see what you've been up to.
A very happy birthday to you. I love your work and find you very inspiring thanks for sharing your creativness with us all.

Jan Rogers
Happy Birthday! Love your blog.
Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you had a wonderful Day and a Blessed Christmas...
Viv From San Francisco
Many Happy Returns of the Day! Sending healing wishes to Stanley too!
I hope you have a very Happy Birthday. Please include me in the drawing also. And, Merry Christimas too!
Happy Birthday Claudine!
Yay. I'd like to win. Your work is fab!
Happy Birthday Claudine. I hope that u are having a great day.

Happy Birthday to you! : )
Happy B-day to you and to your mummy who birthed you!
Happy Birthday Claudine!
From Vanessa (at Stampington)

P.S I am in love with all the new paints!!
Have a wonderful birthday!
Oh what fun! Happy Birthday! Thanks for the giveaway! I hope it is a good one!
Happy Birthday!!!
happy birthday to you!!!!
hope your day is just as special as you are!
Happy Birthday! I hope it is a great one!
I hope you had a really great day :)
Yummy goodies!
I hope you birthday gift is a well Stanley in 3 months. He is your fur child and he just has to be ok. I love your blog and enjoy hearing about your life and Stanley. Your paints and sticky back canvas are even better then I thought they would be. enjoy Peggy McDevitt
Happy Birthday Claudine. Give Stan a hug for me. I recently lost my furbaby Patrick (nearly 14) and I am missing him desperately. Wish I could hug him.... So another hug for Stan.
Cheers, Sue
Hippo birdie 2 ewes. An inspiration as always Claudine.
Happy Birthday!
Wow..a December birthday like me!! Happy Birthday to you...!!
They are gorgeous!
Hope you had a fabulous day :)

All the best for the holidays!
Happy Birthday. It is so generous of you to share on your special day. Thanks so much:)
Happy Birthday!! Thanks for the giveaway...I would love those cards, they are so cute!!!
What a sweet birthday gift to two lucky people! Hope your next year is even better than your last.
Happy Birthday Claudine

Love your new product for Ranger
Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Hope you are staying warm, it's cold and I mean cold for us here in CA.
Please include me in your give-away!!
Also happy happy to you!!
Happy Happy Birthday!!! Glad Stanley is doing better. I love following you on Twitter! Merry Christmas :)
I dont know many people who GIVE gifts on their birthday!! Yay thanks
Happy Birthday and I hope you treat yourself to some wonderful hot chocolate. You seem to blog about hot chocolate a lot so I figure it's a favorite!
What a good idea! Feliz Cumpleanos :)
I am a new reader here.
Thank you
I love your work! Pick me! Pick me!
I just [heart] your work and your card are just fab! Thanks for the opportunity to win them! :)

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday! I love the colors in your new line. They are so cheerful. I'm ready for some happy colors in my work area.

Thanks and Hugs to all you furry family,
birthdays and presents and fun, oh my! Happy 34th! Thanks for the giveaway.
I've just received some of you sticky canvas and paints from Studio Calico...looking forward to playin! Happy Birthday to you!Thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway.
Hi Claudine I discovered your blog today...Happy birthday:O).Love your new paint!!
Hope you had a great b'day....thanks so much for having the give-a-ways
Count me in!
Happy happy birthday Claudine!!!
Happy Birthday Claudine and Merry Christmas to you, Paul, Toby, Mabel and Stan!
Hi Claudine. Happy happy happy birthday to you!!!!!
Am I still in time to be part of the give-away? Here in Europe it is allready past midnight....
I hope so!!!
All my best wishes for the coming year to you!
XO< Marion
happy birthday!! I just wanted to say that I love your new book, got a copy today from F+W and it is awesome, didn't know you were in DC now! :)
happy birthday and happy holidays!
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