whirlwind weekend
Of course as usual the weekend sped by. Paul was in Cleveland for our Nephew's high school graduation and I held down the fort here. Working on the long list of things to do. I got pretty far and the load is starting to feel lighter!

I got 19 (yes NINETEEN!!) custom Sitting Pretty Poppets® all glued down, now I just have to cut them out and add trims and drawing etc. But the hardest part is behind me. Then I finished up both of my CHA Power Point presentations. One for my class and the other for a lecture I am giving.

On Friday our property manager let us know that a couple put in an application to rent our house! yay! great news! But the crazy part is we will have to be out of here sooner than we thought. Like in TWO weeks! Akk!

On Saturday, I called the DC Police to find out about this permit we need for our moving truck to park in front of our building. Apparently you need to physically post the signs yourself 72 hours before the movers arrive. I didn't even bother to ask what happens if you weren't in DC when you needed to post the signs.

This also poses a problem because the moving company told us they only give us 24 hours notice that our stuff is going to be delivered. All our stuff will be on a big truck with other people's stuff which is why they have a window of 3-13 days for delivery. yes, THIRTEEN DAYS!! This is "high season" for moving so it's a longer window.

Tomorrow I will call and see if they can work with us on the delivery notification. I also found out that the regular 53ft semi that they use is too big. They will have to decant our stuff onto a smaller city truck. Will be interesting to find out how much that would be.

So UHauling it is starting to look better and better for ease of dealing with these DC City permits. I'll have to see what the movers say when I call them tomorrow. Lots of logistics to work out!

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Hey Miss Claudine!

Just a quick note to let you know that I for one am SO appreciative about how hard you have been working lately. Talk about a whirlwind of activity and stress all at once!

I also know that the registrants of are THRILLED that they will reap some of the benefits when they get to see your original art show at our event in August!


xoxo - Chel
Hang in there, Claudine.....I'm thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way !!
You are one busy person! Moving is so stressful and everything else going on at the same time! Yikes! But good for you, your positivity is shining thru, good luck with it all,
I love that you used the word "decant" in reference to a semi. You are awesome. :) Good luck with your move! I will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you that the DC police will leave you alone on the big day.
Claudine, I know you are super-stressed with all that is going on in your life right now! I'm sending calming waves of light your way!
And don't forget in all the hustle and bustle to set your DVR or Tivo to record "Project Runway" THIS Wednesday!!!
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