still packing!
Paul's safely in DC and his first day of work is tomorrow. Sending good vibes his way!

I'm here holding down the fort and cleaning and packing up all the rest of the goodies. I have SO many books. Like crazy amounts of books. I have even started pairing down the ones that I thought were keepers. There is no way we can (or that I even want to!)move all this stuff so some more things just have to go. Getting down to the last 3 days of packing is a big motivator to get rid of more!

I think I'll have to buy one of those Amazon Kindle things so I don't end up with many more books for the next move. That way they are all digital and the real keepers are the art books anyway!

I am going to have a really early night so I can be up early and back at packing. Nighty night!


Hope everything goes smoothly.
Good luck, Claudine! I hope the move goes very smoothly and that you're unpacking proves that you've pared down just enough! Go for the Kindle. . .I just got one and I may never go back. They're great.

So, I just opened my brand new copy of "A Writer's Paris" only to find that you did some of the illustrations! I makes the book that much more enjoyable! What a happy surprise.
HI Claudine. I am so happy for you to be moving to D.C. It's such a beautiful place. I was born there but am currently living in California.
Hope you get everything moved ok. I know it's a huge undertaking. I am sure your studio was the biggest to do.
I wish I lived closer I could have taken a lot off your hands :) :)
Good luck with the move! :)
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