getting things done!
It's packing and organizing here almost 24/7 as we get ready for this move! Paul will leave Saturday and then I will follow the next Saturday. So that means we have to have everything in this house packed and ready to go in 9 days!!!

Today we moved a bunch of furniture that we can't take with us to my Mom and Dad's house. Did another run with stuff to Good Will. Then went and sold my car at CarMax. My car was 7+ years old and only had 32,600 miles on it. But we can't bring it with us to DC. Only one parking spot for us and no way are we paying for another one! Paul's car is a Honda which will last forever and it's only a couple years old. So I said goodbye to my 2001 Yellow Beetle. I was sad. I couldn't look at it as we left.

I have to say though, all this getting rid of stuff does get easier and easier. With the exception of my car, I look around the house and there's nothing that I feel that tied to. I am half tempted to get rid of everything and start over again. Would almost be cheaper than what we are paying to move it all!

I am starting to feel pretty tired tonight. Just have a couple custom orders to pack up to ship out and then off to bed. I need to wrap these up so I can start packing up my studio!


we moved from Michigan to Iowa last spring...I had NEVER moved before...I had no idea what an emotional and physical drain it would have on me! All the best with your move, and the more you can get rid of the better! Way less to unpack, and you can find more cute stuff!
Good luck with your move . BTW I love the packaging for the new Studio Line.
I know it's gonna do great.
I can't imagine how hard it will be for you to pack up your studio-I don't envy you that. I do hate you had to sell your car-and only 30,000-I would've bought that !!
Hey hun,

I was the queen of moving - Kiesha and I had moved 16 times before she actually got to her 5th Birthday! So condensing stuff had become an art and yes isn't it amazing how much we actually really don't need when it comes down to it! Hope all goes really well with the move - will be thinking of you

Traci x
Some of my best times were when the house was sold, the check safely tucked away and I didn't own a thing but a suitcase full of clothes.

Hi Claudine: I actually envy you... I so want to move, too!! Cleaning out is good for the soul, but I would have been sorry to see the Beetle go, too. Good luck!!!
hi Claudine,
it'll all work out fine!
after you get settled in DC, look into car-sharing programs - they're great for being your 2nd car (and some of them have Beetles)...
Good luck Claudine! I just went through it two months ago and moved way too much. Should have gotten rid of a lot more but my husband is a pack rat. You should have seen how many boxes were labeled "Studio". I live in Maryland and there is a great stamp store in Savage Mills (near Laurel) The Queen's Ink. I don't know if you still teach at stamp stores but I would love to take a class from you. Just take care, I know you suffer from migraines.
wow- congratulations on your new line of paints!!!!!!!! yay! love the canvas product & looking forward to trying it! getting closer to the move must feel surreal too. I saw this page on npr & thought of you in case you need a good rread for your flight:

good luck!!!!!
I moved from Minnesota to the DC metro area a year and a half ago and I can sympathize! If you need any advice about DC feel free to send me a note. Good luck with the move!!!
We bought a used Taurus to be the "transport the kid back and forth to high school" car. It did that job just fine, summer and winter, for several years.

Then the kid went off to college.

And the Taurus got older and things began to break.

We donated it to the car-fixing classes at the junior college, and I felt awful about leaving it there.

I know just what you mean.

Sending you good vibes that the move go as smoothly as possible!
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