first day of CHA show!
Today was the first day of the CHA show and I demoed all day at the Ranger booth. I did take some pics to share with you!


Ranger booth display of product!


Giant flowers made with Sticky Back canvas and paints + wire. Thanks to Lori for helping me make the flowers in my frantic rush to get ready for CHA!!!


Technique boards showing fun things to do with the products!!

I promise lots of blog techniques and fun videos to come. As soon as I get this move to DC done!

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WOW!!!! love it!
I am very excited by your line of products. Cannot wait to play with the sticky back canvas. When will it be available to buy?
The booth looks awesome! I know you were freaked out about it, but it turned out great. Yay for you Claudine!
It looks great, I'm so proud of you.
Nice to see the products and samples Claudine. Can't wait to purchase the new stuff!!! I know you will be a smash at CHA!
Hi Claudine

Wow you rock! Was a little bit worried whether you'd stop making art, with your new job. Great to see you're not! Would have been a pity :-)

Happy Potato Greetings,
Sooooooo cool!!!! I too can't wait to use some of it. How does it feel to have your name "up in lights"? It looks great!
gorgeous, gorgeous, go girl !!!!!!!!
HI! I am so glad to met a Fashionista and an extremely talented one at CHA! I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT and I can't wait to play with it some more!! *hugs* Nan(nanbhack0
Hi Claudine,
It was great to meet you in person. Congratulations on your new product line. High quality products with a fun unique palette of colors, definitely something to be proud of. I enjoyed your make and take flowers featuring sticky back canvas and your new yummy paint line.
Warm regards,
soooo excited about this! Been looking forward to the release since you mentioned it in Alpena! Now, where can we buy it in Orlando!!
Your new product line looks amazing!!!! I teach at a rubber stamping & art store in Latham NY and I cannot wait to get my hands on your new paints and the sticky back canvas!!!!!!
WOw, I just love it all
Your new product line looks so cool! The palette is quite yummy........can't wait to see it on the store shelves. Since i'm in Canada it will probably take much longer to hit the shelves.


Love, Violette
Looks amazing! I wish I could have seen it in person! Congratulations, I know this collection will be a success! I hope to see it in a store near me very soon!
Congrats! It looks super!
Claudine, Can't wait til Ranger ships the product! We will have your entire line in our store!

You've got Skillz baby!
This is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! WHO KNEW you had THIS up you sleeve?!?!? Wow, you really are a Feisty Female :)
I'm so excited for you!!
Big congratulations Claudine!!
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