CHA last day!
It was the last day of the show! I did another round of demos and only had time to see the show for about 40 minutes at my lunch break. There was so much that I missed but maybe I'll have more time at the winter show. (yeah right!) I heard that the next CHA Summer show will be Orlando!! That is too funny. At least I'll be able to come down and visit my parents and maybe my Mom and Dad can even come and see the show too. That would be fun!

Got a couple pix today to share with you!

Here's me and the amazing Crafty Chica! And I just read on her blog that she won the Innovations award for CHA Best New Product. Go Kathy!!!

And another with the incredible Ali Edwards! She was also demoing at the Ranger booth, so great to see her, even it was only for a little bit!

Carmi took some pix of me doing a demo with my new Sticky Back canvas, I'll upload those tomorrow once I get back to Orlando. Can't wait to get home to start packing for our move. Two weeks from today everything will be off the UHaul and we'll be living in our new place!

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love all the colors in the background! hope you had fun!
Hi Claudine,
I've been keeping up with your travel and moving prep via Twitter! I just read on here about your sticky back canvas! I can't wait to get my hands on some of it! What a fun medium to use! And your studio line looks FAB. Can't hit the shelves soon enough!

Praying your move to DC will be uneventful and painless! Blessings!
Good luck with your move. I did not get a lot of time to see the show either. Can't wait to try out your new line.
Ohhh, looks like you had so much fun at CHA! And you were meeting some of my favorite people! I'm looking forward to your line of products hitting the stores. Keep up the great creating vibes. Hope the move goes smoothly. Thanks for visiting my blog recently. Always a joy to hear from you.
Oh I just found out that we can't get your goodies until September! Oh man! This is like 1 month and 11 days away! *tries to wait patiently*
Claudine, loved meeting you in person and my sister still can't stop talking about you. She is so excited to commission you to do some artwork for her. You are just as sweet in person as I imagined and hopefully we'll meet again in Anaheim!
aww! Thanks for visiting my blog!! *hugs and happy moving!*
So great to get to hug you, totally bummed I missed Carmi!
I am going shower curtain shopping today, any advice?
I hope that all goes well with the moving prep and that you don't go loopy trying to get it all done!
It was such a pleasure to meet you at CHA, your products totally rock and I can't wait to show them to customers and demo the products to them as you did to me! Thanks for the inspiration I can't wait to see what you come up with next!
Booth looks fabulous!
Hi Claudine,
We just put in a blog posting about you and the CHA! Hope you have time to check it out. Looks like we are carrying your books up in Maine! Take Care, Artascope Studios....home of Art Night Out.
Sorry I missed you at the show!!!
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