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Still packing up boxes here at the Hellmuth-Lester household. Paul is only here tomorrow and then he goes to DC on Saturday. The rest is up to me to get packed and ready. So everything I need him to do gets done tomorrow.

I finished up my last set of custom artwork orders today before the move, everything gets shipped tomorrow and then I can start packing up the studio. That will be a big undertaking! That is the last room that we haven't touched and it's up to me to wade through all the art supplies and figure out what gets donated, and what comes along with me. Decisions! Decisions!


moving is such a chore Claudine-hope yours goes smoothly. As for your studio-anything that you feel you don't need *wink*wink* (including your FABULOUS new line of stuff from Ranger :) ) - can always be boxed up and sent to KY to an adoring fan :) [like me :) ]

Here's to moving boxes and bubble wrap :)
thinking of you and knowing that you are doing your best with all your decisions. wonderful to see you last week. take care, sweet Claudine! almost there! xoC
Best of luck with having to go through all your stuff!!! I just purchased almost everything from your poppet scrapbooking line and I'm excited to use it!
Packing up a studio can be daunting. But, no worries! You can do it!

You're studio line looks great and I can't wait to use it.

Oh, and I accept donations too!
sorry about those spelling's early here. :)
Hi Claudine! I don't envy you packing to move! I'm so excited to try your new products; the paint colors look so luscious! If you do end up having supplies to donate I am executive director of a non-profit youth center where among other things we have art classes for the kids. We are a small agency serving 8-15 yr. olds. This year marks the Center's 35th anniversary! It operates completely from donations. We are a 501c3 and I could email or fax you any info/tax exempt form you might need. I know you may have somewhere local in mind to donate, but just thought I would put this out there in case. Good luck with your move! My email is in case you want more info. and I'll check back here as well. Thanks!
Claudine- I just wanted to tell you that I totally understand every ounce of stress you are feeling. Your posts sounds just like something I would write myself during one of our many moves. Hang in there...and I just read what your grandmother used to say: "don't worry little poppet everything is going to be OK." So there ya go...don't worry little poppet...everything WILL be okay.
Good luck packing it all up and releasing what you don't need any more....SMOOTH MOVE to ya!
Brandieve... what a sweet posting. I'm so touched that you would remember my mother's words to Claudine. When i see her tomorrow I'll definitely tell my little poppet everything will turn out OK.


If you are looking for some place local to donate, keep in mind most public school art teachers are always grateful for supplies. When I donate, I just go to the closest school admin building, tell them who I am and drop off stuff. They've been thrilled, especially with art budget cuts. Sorry to hear your stressed, but remember, just keep swimming. It will all be worth it in the end! -- Jen

that's exactly what I'm doing. Got a huge load of stuff to a teacher friend of mine and another one going out Tuesday!
I am so excited about your products. I am completly self taught and started using gel medium after getting your book about a year ago. I love that you are coming out with a line of products because I know that they will be high quality. Between your new products and Tim Holtz's new stuff I will be broke.

Good luck in the move. Moving is hard work and I can't even imagine moving a working studio such as you have.

Looking forward to your samples and videos and getting my hands onr new paints and gel mediums.

Claudine! It was so nice seeing you at CHA and getting to watch your demonstration. That had to be so much fun for you! Congrats again on the new line. Looks really sharp. And good luck with the final packing. I don't envy you with that. lol!
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