still sick
Today I feel even worse! ugh! I am giving up trying to get any work done and just going to sleep and rest. I do not make my best art when I feel feverish so it will just have to wait and I will have to try and not feel guilty!

This morning by pure coincidence I had an appointment with a new Dr. I am so excited because I really like her - she actually listened to me and sat with me for 15 minutes while I talked. Incredible! I am used to my old Dr who would run in and out of the room so fast you barely had time to blurt out why you were there.

She is going to have me try taking Topamax to hopefully prevent my migraines. I haven't filled the prescription yet but can't wait to get started. It would be amazing if it works! My other Dr always poo-pooed the option of trying it so it is a relief to find someone who wants to help me. Unfortunately there isn't anything she can do about my nasty cold!

So last night I didn't watch Monsoon Wedding, I am saving that and going to watch it now. But I did catch up on old episodes of Lost. I actually like the "pop-up" Lost episodes better than the normal episodes. But what does it say about the writing when it needs a pop-up bubble to help explain the show to viewers? hmmmm!


No guilt allowed!
I'm sick too, AND I have a sick kid... It's so hard to sit still, but we must! I hope you have some luck with your migraines too.
Another sicky here....but my workday is done...couldn't stay home :(...why is it that we have that guilt gene? You really don't have to live with migraines. I learned that about 10 years ago when my migraines made me miss important deadlines and my dr. prescribed Zomig....a lifesaver...a daysaver and a deadline saver :). I take one at the inkling of a migraine and in an hour I am feeling a little floaty ;) and then no migraine. I don't even have that second stess-that-I'm-going-to -have-a-migraine...go for it.

I often regularly read your blog and enjoy your inspiring creativity.

I hope you are feeling better soon! I understand about those Migraines..I have them to. I think Topamax is worth a try right?
We have all had it here - it is not fun! I hope that you are feeling better soon and that it doesn't hang on. Take some time to rest and take care of yourself!

If I was closer, I'd be bringing you some soup!

Stephenie aka CropGirl!
I hope you feel better Claudine! I have been an admirer of your work for QUITE some time, but just today really sat and perused your blog. . ..and I was so surprised when I realized that you live in Orlando - CRAZY close to where I used to live/work. I SO love your art, and keep seeing your name popping up everywhere. . .you are one talented girl!!! thanks for all the inspiration!
my daughter had bad migraines, she was 4 to 5 headachs a week. They but her on topamax and it did wonders. It made her hands twitch and her face tingle. She also lost weight.. that she didnt need to loose. She was only 16 when she startedtaking it. She is 19 now and does not have many headaches now, maybe one a month or less!!!. It broke the cycle. I would say try it, it did prevent the headaches. Sorry about you being sick. REST REST REST. Feel better soon
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