Darn it! I am getting sick. I woke up this morning feeling shivery and gross and sore throat. I am beyond annoyed. This weekend has lots of really fun events, there is the Winter Park Art Festival and then Lynn and John are having a big party tomorrow night. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will wake up in the morning and feel better! I have been looking forward to this weekend for a long time!

I have been trying to work all day but it has been hard because I feel so yucky. I think I am going to call it a day, drink some more Airborne, try not to feel guilty about not working and watch Monsoon Wedding that just arrived from Netflix.


I hope you feel better soon! The Yogi teas are awesome and can help with the throat. I got addicted to them after a bought of bronchitis this winter.
Oh no, everyone is sick lately, feel better soon Claudine:)
Bless your heart! It's happening to the best of us. Hang in there and allow yourself to rest.
Hi Claudine! It sucks to get sick! Did you hear all the drama about Airbourne being in a lawsuit due to effectiveness (or lack of)? I looked up effective options and Emergency Vitamin C powder is suposed to be the best. Hope this helps. Oh and zinc tablets early on are supposed to be like magic. I never manage to do any of these things until after I'm super sick, when its too late. My sis swears by the zinc tabs. Well, hope you feel better!

I heard all about Airbone, I still believe it works! will try the Zinc too!!!
really hope you don't get tooo sick! I was just in winter park, florida at shouture last thursday for a party. Then we had the after party at Luma. Wish we could have hung out!!xoxo
Ditto on the Yogi teas - they rock.

And Monsoon Wedding? Well, that will cure all ailments. :)
Airborne works! I just used it this week and it worked. The lawsuit was over the words they used to advertise "cold buster", they had to change it to "immune booster". It wasn't that it didn't work, it was over those choice of words because techinically nothing can bust a cold!

BUT, if you are past the first stage, it is pillow bonding time. hot tea, soup, and a marathon of good movies! Hope you feel better!! all the excitement and energy, your body is saying "Let me catch up!". Take some days off and take care, we need your smiling vibes for the long haul!!
Oh I hope you feel better! It's terrible to get sick before a good weekend! I'm an Airborne believer, too. If it works or not, at least it's not going to hurt, right?

I had to comment because of Monsoon Wedding. I love, love, love that movie! I could watch it again and again. If it was your first time, I hope you liked it.
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