another day!
Still not feeling good. At all. I had to cancel the local PBS station filming and move it to a couple weeks' from now. And I was also supposed to go to Tampa on Thursday, had to cancel that too. I hate, hate, hate canceling any commitment, but I can't be making everyone else sick! I need to keep my germs to myself. I did make it to the Dr and got loaded down with antibiotics so hopefully will be on the mend soon!

Here's a custom artwork that I packed up and is all ready to go to it's new home tomorrow! I'm heading back to bed, for more rest, rest, rest.

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Feel better soon! I love this new custom piece. Adorable!
This is AWESOME! I always love your collaged people and I'm also loving those little flowers! I'm sorry you're feeling sick still! Rest up & feel better!
Being sick stinks! I really enjoy your work.
Hi, Claudine -- I am new to your blog, though I've appreciated your work for a long while and have learned from you via old Carol Duvall shows and especially your wonderful Workshop book.

I'm curious -- I work for a PBS station in Michigan and wondered if what you are taping will be offered to other stations or if it's part of an ongoing show. I'd like to lobby to get it if I can talk our programmer into it!

Hope you are feeling much better soon!
Ah, never mind. I should have read the older posts first! I don't think that's available to other stations. How too bad!

Lovely to be popping in now!
Hope you are feeling better soon. Don't worry about the cancellations. They will happily reschedule you after this is all over.

I just found your blog and LOVE your work! I'm trying to teach myself to collage, and your books look great. I might have to convince my husband to buy them for me. :)

Hope you're feeling better soon. We just got over a nasty sickness here in CT, so I feel your pain.

See ya!
Hi Claudine!
I am just checking in to see if you are feeling better. I am so glad you are taking care of yourself and rescheduling. I know the medicine will kick in soon!
:) Melissa
Hope you are getting rest. I had it too, and I drank o.j. everyday and its getting better.
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