almost better!
Lots and lots of rest and I am almost human again. I felt horrible most of today, but tonight things look like they are turning around! I can breathe again!! Yay!


Here's a pic of Mabel doing her favorite thing, napping! She never feels guilty about sleeping or eating for that matter. Look at how her belly flops over her leg. Oh my! I swear she is on a diet but it doesn't seem to be working.

I think tomorrow I might actually be able to get a decent amount of work done, today I could only work in 1 hour increments and then back to bed!

Sorry the Ranger Transfer Technique Demo video doesn't seem to be working. It must be a hiccup on YouTube, hopefully it will start to work again soon!

night night!

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The Ranger transfer technique demo worked just fine a few minutes ago so I guess it's working now. Loved it (I'm gonna try it for sure!). Did you get your copy of ATC Quarterly yet? Lemme know! Hope you're feeling better!
aahhh - she looks so content, peaceful and as though she is all snuggled up with her pillow. Just precious!
My cat, Mischief, was adopted by my family a few weeks ago and has since ballooned (cannot stop requesting (in the subtle way a cat does!) food). I wrote a post on him in my blog (if you have some spare time you should check it out). It will not be long before he looks like Mabel - but if only Mischief would lie as peacefully...
Now this looks like one happy kitty!!!!
That is one happy kitty!
Going to be checking out the video right away....I didn't get a chance yesterday when you posted it.
Hope you are feeling better.
Just found your blog! (I know, I must live under a rock, eh?) Mabel is such a sweetie :)
Too wonderful- she looks so content!
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