fun little project - easy dry erase board
Today along with other work I was getting done -- I had a little play time..... I created this little guy using the Style Phyle kit from Scrap in Style TV.

In the kit there was this little yellow envelope with plastic on both sides. At first I
wasn't sure what I was going to do with it... but then I started playing around.

I started layering a collage inside the yellow plastic window and then I thought it would be fun to use dry erase markers to create different doodles on the window. It's easy to remove doodles and start again, and again! The book that came with the kit was
The Doodle Formula by Adrienne Looman which got me thinking about doodling and how I could doodle on this project!

To cover up the yellow plastic on the ends and make a cute border I used the houndstooth gaffers tape in the kit. This tape is great. I think many things in my house will soon be covered in it.

Here are the rest of my Dry Erase Marker doodles:

I am hanging this little guy on my fridge to make more doodles!


WOW....what fun !!!!
That is something to take to church, LOL!
You would never need a nap again ;)
These are great!
Really funny and a little peculiar.
Needs cat or dog ears!!
I am exhausted, but wanted to see what you were up to..
Will call tomorrow..
How fun!
That is just too fun and cute at the same time! Now I have to get more ticket holders to whip some of these up. Love it. What a great idea.
that is so cute! everything you do is like a work of art -to be hung in a gallery!! and i'm so happy to see you have my friend, Laurie Notaro's book among your favorite reads!!
LOVE this! how cool!
i just got my martha email newsletter and i think your ep runs next week!
What fun! Loved the doodles too. They drew out needed giggles :)
what will you come up with next!!!
I love these! What a cute idea.
Fun, silly, rediculous and AWESOME fun!! I need one of these to help me refocus when I'm overly "zoned in" (or out, as the case my be...) in computer-land!!
This is like a way more awesome version of those fridge poetry things! Thanks for the inspiration!
That is really funny!
:) kiss ^__^
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