super busy weekend!
This weekend was CRAZY busy! We did some yard work to clean up after the freeze. Just about all our plants lived, only a few had to be dug up. I am SO glad I did all that work on New years day covering them. In another week or two things should start to perk up and look better in the garden.

Then I put together a whole bunch of new office furniture for our computer room. I had been promising Paul for the last year that we would finally get "grown up" furniture (we have been using my desk from the 6th grade!). So we finally did! I ended up buying what my Mom would call "cheap and cheerful" -- a nice desk set from Office Depot along with matching filing cabinets. They came in these huge boxes in a million pieces and took just about 1.5 days to assemble.

There is something very satisfying about following the directions and putting a piece of furniture together. I found it almost relaxing. I am so used to have to make so many decisions about my business and artwork, that I found it almost soothing to follow someone else's directions step by step for an entire weekend. The Zen of furniture assembly!

I took photos of all the old furniture and put it on and already have some takers. I will be sad to see my old desk go. I have had that desk for more than 1/2 my life!

Now I am worn out!!


I love the "cheap and cheerful" computer desk....very cute....enjoy the new stuff :)
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