it's tuesday!
This morning I went with my Dad to PetsMart to stock up on new kitten supplies. My Mom and Dad are getting a new rescue kitty tomorrow. A woman at my mom's work found this kitty wandering the streets and now he's going to have a new wonderful life with my Mom and Dad. Yay! We are so excited. I'll take pictures!

After our errands -- the rest of the day was spent returning phone calls, emailing, working on my 3rd book, mixing paint colors, figuring out what I will demo at CHA, working on artwork, deciding I didn't like said artwork that I just worked on, getting a migraine, getting rid of the migraine, 2 hours later migraine comes back, chatting on the
smARTIST Telesummit preview call, and now blogging!

My head is still killing me after two imitrex so I am going to call it a night. Tomorrow is a new day to get work done!


I hope you start getting relief from your headaches soon. I went through a time in my life with severe headaches and I know how horrible that is. Get some rest and all my best wishes for you to feel better! And thank your parents for rescuing their new kitty. That is just sweet.
And before I forget...I just adore that collage you made with your mom sewing the polka-dotty slip dress. Love it!! =)

I am so sorry about the headaches. I too, used to get horrible migraines. Imitrex worked for a while, but then I started to use Midrin and WOW, that was a miracle prescription!! I hope you find some relief. Oh and nutra sweet or artificial sweeteners trigger them for me. Best of luck on relief!

Ditto on the sweetners! They trigger me too! Especailly Nutra-sweet. I've found it hidden in many foods I didn't expect,,,,sorry, but I found it in my beloved Thai and Korean foods lately! Grrr... I hope yours go quickly Claudine! And Wha-hoo a new fur baby!
New book? First I have heard! Oh boy! I am excited to see that! I have given your books away as gifts to my mom, friend and a client (also to me).
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