illustration friday: excess
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "excess"

(click image to enlarge)
You can never have an excess of birthday cake! More is always better :)
Thanks to Christina for letting me use a super cute photo of herself in this piece!


i'm on cuteable!
Super big thanks to cuteable to the wonderful write-up and mention on their blog. yay! click here to read it.


project runway!
Quick thoughts: Loved the menswear episode. I can not imagine creating something that intricate in two days without a pattern. I thought that Jake would get in trouble for using his shorts as a pattern but that never happened. I can't believe Sweet Pea was allowed to stay. Carmen's was just as unfinished but somehow looked like she got more done, maybe it was because she had a jacket (even if it did look like a Members Only jacket). Sweet Pea's shirt was in terrible shape. I wonder if Tiki really will wear that outfit on the Today Show. hmmm!

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too sleepy.... blog Project Runway. Will post thoughts tomorrow!!


holiday orders are full
Just a quick update! My Holiday order schedule is full. Custom artwork orders placed from here on out can not be guaranteed in time for Christmas. As an alternative, I have an On Its Way Certificate option. This is a perfect choice to let your recipient know that you have a special gift -- literally on its way! You place the order and all your special someone has to do is sit back and wait for their surprise to arrive. You will receive a certificate and full color brochure to give to your recipient on Christmas Day. Click here for more info.

Project Runway is on tonight! yay! See you later!


mabel's famous!
The wonderful and amazingly talented Karen Derrico saw this photo that I took of Mabel and couldn't resist painting her! Look at this amazing creation she created! Notice the food bowl between Mabel's legs. hee hee!

And the best part is she is selling prints from her web site and 20% of the proceeds will go to A Place To Bark animal rescue. She also has lots of other paintings and prints available on her web site with all of them going to help animal rescues. Check out her web site here! She does custom work too! Prints need to be ordered by Dec 7th to receive in time for Christmas.

Yay! I can't wait to show this to Mabel when it arrives!


this just finished....
I just finished up and shipped this custom artwork all the way to England today. I had so much fun working on this one! I have never done a space theme before and it was a treat to work on!

I only have a couple more slots for holiday custom orders. G et yours in right away if you want it to arrive by Christmas! If you're too late -- not to worry! I have gift certificates and also on-its-way certificates too!


welcome to the modern world
I am now a modern citizen with a camera phone! Until this weekend Paul and I have been using 4 year old cell phones with no special features. But they finally broke so we were forced to buy new phones. I hate dealing with the cell phone stores because I always feel like the sales people will try to swindle me. When they told me I had to sign up for a new plan I got all hot and sweaty. Why-oh-why can't they have a simple plan? Too many choices! I don't even know how to text message. It takes me 30 minutes just to type one word. When I told the cell phone girl this she actually gasped. The horror. Now I have to learn how to use this phone so I can take millions of photos of Toby, Stanley and Mabel. yay!


people are dumb
Today I found a dog roaming the neighborhood. At least I was dressed this time and not in my PJs like last time. I ran down the street to get him noticing a car swerving to almost miss him. I caught up with him and thankfully he had a collar with his address. I put Toby's leash on him and I found the house, about a block a away. The woman answers the door and doesn't say thank you, just takes the dog inside. I tell her that he almost got hit and she says "oh well he'll learn his lesson sometime" and then she slammed the door in my face!!OMG! I was so mad. What kind of thinking is that?! Keep your dog safe lady or don't have a dog at all. I am still fuming about it!

If Toby ever got out I would be wandering the streets crying and in hysterics until I found him again. I wouldn't be watching TV waiting for a nice neighbor to bring him back and then slam the door in her face. Oh well I did it for the dog. Not for miss mean lady. sheesh. Some people should not own animals. I don't know how Bernie deals with way worse people every single day rescuing all those dogs that she does. Yay for nice people like Bernie!


illustration friday: zoo
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "zoo"

(click image to enlarge)

I was thinking what a zoo it must be at the malls today -- everyone in a shopping frenzy buying their Christmas presents. So I created a woman avoiding the zoo and shopping online! I had already created this image as one part of an illustration for Florida Realtor magazine for an article about blogging. So I adjusted it a little bit and viola, she's shopping on (notice how she's on the page for my second book)

Hope all the USAers out there had a great Thanksgiving Holiday. I am still sick and starting to get really annoyed. Going to do a little work today and then snuggle down with a book. Maybe I need more rest to kick this virus.


project runway!
A few thoughts from this episode of Project Runway:

It looks like Ricky will be this season's crier. He already teared up a few times. Martha and I have already started calling him "the crier" when we talk on the phone about the show. Not that I would be any better if I were on the show. If I were on the show I would be crying all the time. I don't think I could handle the stress of having to create on demand like that.

Elisa and Sweet Pea managed to pull off a really nice outfit!

Christian and Carmen got together and made an eighties Robert Palmer outfit. Did you notice that Christian and Carmen wear their hair almost exactly the same?

Victorya's outfit won. It was nice and all, but it's the same shapeless tent dress style that she created last week and in the same color (black).

It's already really good and it's only the second episode! I hope that Heidi Klum is not getting tired of doing the show so we can have more seasons. I heard that on Ellen's Show, Heidi was on and Ellen asked her about Project Runway and Heidi said "oh you know, same sh--, different season" Ugh! Way to endorse your show Heidi!


hi from Stan and Mabel!
Stan and Mabel say hi from their porch "cat tree."


I bought this cat tree about a year ago and they love it! It goes from the floor to the ceiling (about 8 ft) and they fight over who gets to sit in the "lookout nest." Stan just got done poking Mabel for about 5 minutes in the hopes he would annoy her enough and she would leave and then he could have her spot. It worked! Just after this photo was taken, she climbed down and he jumped into her warmed-up seat!

Thanks for all the well wishes! Still coughing here. I tried Zicam 8 hour cough relief but it only kinda worked. very annoying. On the plus side, I am getting a good ab workout from all this coughing. So now I don't need to feel guilty about being too sick to do yoga.


still sick
I am still sick with this nasty virus, cold or whatever it is.

Now it has moved into the coughing stage with uncontrollable coughing fits at night. I had to spend the last couple nights in the guest room so Paul could get some sleep. All of the pets stay with Paul so then I end up all alone in the guestroom and I don't like it. I tried to get Stanley to come in with me but even he thought I was coughing too much.

My sister in-law Maria told me that her grandma used to put Vicks Vapo Rub on her feet (yes her feet!) and then put socks on when she was coughing and that it would help. It sounded weird but I thought hey I'll try it and I did and it seemed to help and at least I have soft feet now!

Yesterday I went on a cleaning spree. Whenever I am sick I feel like everything is dirty so I was like a crazy person cleaning the house. I should have probably been laying in bed but I couldn't control the urge to clean and at least I was being productive!

Today I got a decent amount of art work done and now I am really tired. I think I might have overdone it. I am off to rest! See you tomorrow!


illustration friday: superstition
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "superstition"

(click image to enlarge)

"The woman to catch the bride's bouquet will be the next to marry"

My illustration is supposed to depict the bride about to throw the bouquet but I don't know if it reads that way. I have looked at it for so long (
you know when you look at a word too long and then it doesn't look like it is spelled correctly anymore) I started to worry that it might read more like she is catching it. But then I felt too sick from this nasty cold to fuss with it any more.

Never-the-less I was happy I had time and energy to make something new for IF even in my weakened and sickly state! I had fun looking up superstitions to work on this. I never realized how many are part of our daily lives!


mount dora barkfest
I was too sickly to go to the Mount Dora Bark fest today but Paul went along with my mom in my place and did the judging along with her. I was sad I couldn't go, but I don't think anyone would have wanted me there coughing away. Here are some photos on my mom's blog. Very cute!


mount dora bark fest and howliday contest
Tomorrow bright and early my mom and I will be at the Mount Dora Bark Fest and Howliday contest! My mom got asked to attend because of her Animal Crazy blog and I am along for the fun. It's still up for debate whether Toby will come or not, he doesn't really like other dogs so I don't know, maybe if he sits on my lap or in his stroller.

The BEST part is, we won't just be attending, we'll be judging the "competitions" along with Mount Dora Mayor-elect Melissa DeMarco and Jean Karr (Mount Dora resident who started the Mount Dora Dog Parade 14 years ago).

It's going to be a lot of fun! Some of the contests are: 4 costume contests, best barker and best manners (Toby would never win best manners!) Here's the web site -- if you are local to the area come on out!


this just finished...
Finished this custom artwork up last week but had to wait to post it until the birthday girl had received it!

(click image to enlarge)
This piece was for a birthday present Kelly -- the cute gal holding the Dr Pepper. The rest of her friends who all meet at the bagel shop pooled together to get her this custom artwork. That's her orange mini on the side! I was worried about fitting in this many people into a composition but it worked out and I really loved working on this piece!


yay! project runway!
The first episode was a good one. I am so excited.

A few thoughts:

I was a little bummed they didn't give them a more interesting challenge for the first episode. I would have liked something really difficult like the grocery store challenge from season 1.

I was sad that Simone was the one to go, she looked nice, but I figured as much, the judges hate "boring" more than they hate ugly.

Why was Victorya's big silver flower on her dress OK but Rami's flower was too "mother of the bride"?

Elisa should be interesting to watch with all her unusual sewing techniques and arty talk.

Please lordy don't tell me lamb chop sleeves are making a comeback. They all seemed to like Christian's outfit. And said how "volume" is in again. Do I need to stock up on non-shoulder padded jackets so I have something to wear?


I woke up sick this morning. ugh. Last night I thought it was just allergies but this morning, sore throat, ear ache, sinus. ugh! So no Project Runway party for me, I don't want to spread my germs. I'll be watching and posting here after the show! see you later!

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project runway!
I can hardly wait! Season 4 of Project Runway is almost here! Tomorrow night I'll be going over to Martha + Larry's house with Lynn and John to watch the premier episode. Oh boy!

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chat with me tonight!
Dragon Flare Studios is hosting a holiday party (with PRIZES!) and a chat with me tonight starting at 8pm EST. I'll be there for about 30min starting at 8pmEST if you would like to chat! You don't need to be a member to chat. Just click this link and type in the name you want to want be called in the "login area" and we'll chit chat! Easy as pie! See you tonight!

weekend update
Paul and I had a busy weekend! I think the universe heard me complaining last weekend that I didn't get enough fun, because this weekend was loaded with fun!

Here's what I did:

• worked just a little a bit Saturday on custom artwork orders
• spent Friday with my 2nd cousin from England who I hadn't seen since I was 7 !
• went to the Magic game with Paul ( we noticed Tiger Woods sitting court side)
• watched The Station Agent (loved, loved, loved)
• ate Thai food Friday night! yay!
• went to the Festival of the Masters at Disney and the Folk Art Festival at the House of Blues
• enjoyed the perfect weather 75 and sunny all weekend. ahhh!
• now we'll watch watch The Amazing Race with our neighbors and eat chocolate chip cookies. yum!

see you tomorrow!


illustration friday: scale
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "scale"

(click image to enlarge)

This is a piece that I created for another project with another theme(my new book coming out in late 2008!) But I think this piece works for IF. You can play musical scales on a violin. This is actually a portrait of myself as a little girl. I was a very bad violin player. My interest didn't last long, only long enough to make it to the first recital where I ended up tangling the bow with the violin and making a big mess!

Bonus points to anyone who can guess what the song is on the black board behind me :)


polka dots!
I saw these mugs and plates in the new Pottery Barn catalog. I don't care that they are holiday mugs, I want them for year-round enjoyment. I think I must have them! Maybe I will ask for them for my birthday (*hint* hint* Paul/Mom/Dad)


There's another custom artwork that is on its way to its new home! The colors aren't accurate on this picture, it ended up with a blue cast that I can not get rid of no matter what I do. So I gave up. This one is a 16x20! nice and big!

I am sad there is no Pushing Daises on tonight. I think the CMA awards are on instead. I am going to wrap up a few business/computer things I need to get done and then I'm off to bed! See you tomorrow!


snuggle kitties
I bought this amazingly soft blanket yesterday when I was out running errands. As soon as I felt it in the store I knew the cats would love it. I could hardly wait to get it home so I could watch them snuggle on it. I put it on the bed and Stan has barely left it. Yesterday he spent nine hours straight sleeping on it and today I think he'll beat that record!


I just caught Mabel joining him -- seems she only just discovered the super soft napping goodness!


busy busy
I have been super busy today and yesterday. Working on custom artwork orders, running errands and tending to various business things.

I did take a little break -- Suze Weinberg stopped by earlier today, she's in town with her daughter and her grandson visiting Disney World. It was super nice to see her and catch up!

Here's a custom artwork order that I just finished up and is on its way to this cute gal who is opening her own coffee shop!

Back to work! I have a little bit more to get done today to stay on schedule for this week.

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weekend's over
Boo hoo. The weekend is over. It went by too fast! Too much work and just a little play -- but there's always next weekend for more play time! Today I did a maniac cleaning session. Under beds, under the oven, cleaned the oven, under the fridge, moved furniture to vacuum behind etc etc. I am all worn out but it feels so good! Paul and I are off to visit my parents and Toby's coming along. He loves to visit my parent's and he gets so excited on the drive over!


it's 3pm on saturday
It's 3pm on Saturday and I am still in my jammies. I started working on artworks and things that I need to get done today and now the day is half done and I'm not dressed. But that's OK. I work best in my PJs! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! For now, it's back to work for me, then later I will have to get out of my pajamas so Paul and I can go out to dinner. I wonder if I can convince him to have Thai food again. I could eat Thai every day! hmmmmm.


It's Thursday and our internet is fixed. Yay! I missed you my lovely high speed internet access. How did I live all those years with only dial up?

This morning, the cable guy comes over and we tell him we think it's the modem that's acting haywire. He says "oh no way this brand modem last forever and never breaks"

He goes outside, messes around comes back in and tells us it's fixed. Then he leaves. We go to check it and it's not fixed. Akkk! The horror! We knew if we had to call the call center again it would be days and days before they would send someone back.

So Paul runs out in the street to try and flag him down. He's left. Then we remembered that he called my cell phone earlier to tell us he was on his way. ha! Yay for "the call list" on cell phones! We called him back and told him it was not fixed.

He was reluctant to come back, telling us we just need to reboot (which I knew was untrue). I pleaded and explained how Paul is taking online classes and must have it fixed by the weekend. So he came back. Guess what! It was our modem that was broken. ha! We were right. hooray! And now Paul can do his school work this weekend. Whew!


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