weekend's over
As usual the weekend went by way too fast. We didn't get to see The Simpons Movie, but we plan to do that next weekend when it is hopefully less crowded. This weekend I did a bunch of work, packed and shipped artwork, washed Toby, did some gardening, cleaned the house, went to my niece Maiya's 7th birthday party, and went to the mall (yuck hate going to the mall).

Tonight we had our neighbors over to watch the first Bourne movie to get ready for the Bourne Ultimatum this weekend. We tried to rent the second Bourne movie but it looked like a lot of people had the same idea because it was all out at Blockbuster. Darn it. Then we found the first one was playing on USA so we watched that one for free. Even though we had all seen it already it was so long ago we had forgotten what had happened, so it was like watching a totally new movie. We had pizza and too many brownies. Fun fun fun!


We can't WAIT for the Borurne movie to come out!!!! :)))) My weekend went by too fast, too. (::)
saw the simpsons movie last night--it was so funny! i need to get the first two bourne movies, too, and remind myself before the next one.

have a good monday!
Hey, Claudine! My hubby turned me on to the Bourne movies...can't wait for the next one to come out!
When you go to the Simpsons Movie, make sure you stay through the end of all the credits. If you leave before they are over, you'll miss the last laugh!
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