vote for mabel!
I entered this photo of Mabel (below) in a "My Pet Loves Sleep" photo contest sponsored by the Sleep Institute. I would love for her to win! If you have a minute please click here to vote for her!! To vote you have to scroll a little bit to see the photos . Here's to Mabel's 15 minutes of fame!

You can also enter in your pet photos too because a new contest takes place every week!
PS you can keeping voting until this Sunday night! :)


This is TOO funny! Consider Mabel voted for!! lol Hope you're havin' a great summer CH!
cute - i voted for mabel. fun!
Ok if that dog who is winning didn't have such a close-up he wouldn't be one sits lie Mabel!! Rachel says HI!! She is sooooo sweet and growing and thriving! Be well Toby!! Smiles, Andra
I hope mabel wins because this photo is just brilliant :D garfield -style :D
AWE !!!! What a cute little girl. I just placed my vote for sweet Mabel.
I voted for Mabel too. She's a beautiful cover girl cat!
Just voted for Mabel. She looks so peaceful and happy with that big old tummy. What a cutiepie!
Go Mabel, go! I love this picture, it makes me smile & I just want to rub her belly!
Shhhh, I voted twice!
oh my gosh, Mabel is tooo cute! I voted for her, hope she wins!!

Another vote for Mabel - she really is the cutest!
that picture is so cute!!
oh, how could she not win!
I voted!
I voted for Mabel. That was the cutest photo there!
hi Claudine,
I think I was to late to vote, but I did try. Mabel was the best, LOVE that picture.
so,,,,,,who won?
I just got notice that Mabel won! I find that hard to believe because that dachshund Bella had tons and tons of votes, but I'll take it if they said she won! LOL!
Congratulations!!I've belived your win.You are the BEST!Would you ask some questions,Mabel?Do you always sleep such style?Aren't you tired with such sleeping style?(Of course,I love your sleeping style so much!)
Of course she won! I certainly voted for her. When I want my fat Sherman cat to behave I promise him a date with Mabel. He suddenly becomes a good boy! ha!
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