illustration friday: twist
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "twist"

(click image to enlarge)
These gals are going to twist and stretch their way to better bodies! Speaking of yoga.... I am off to do mine now!


Very nicely done! Love the poses and their cute yoga outfits!
They look like they're having a great time. It brought a smile to my face
That is so what I should be doing instead of sitting here.
Wonderful as always!
And they look so happy doing it! Cute!
sweet looking yoga girls claudine!
waving from way up here!
Love that face/pose/clothing on the right! (You can't miss with polka dots :)
excellent tree pose ladies!
great idea! love the colors and those faces!
Great inspiration! :-)
Their faces are great. Lots of fun !
I love this - very cute!!
Great illo!
I like the way you always have a fun concept that doesn't take the topic too literally. Love it!
love the idea! cute!
fun illustration I love the idea as I adore yoga!^_^thank you for your comment on mine Claudine!

This is so cute! Love that tree pose.
Wonderful concept, color, design and of course, I am off to do the same now that you reminded us all.
Your work is lovely! I love the style and pallete you use. Very charming.
HA! Fantastic!! The retro faces and yoga poses are just incongruous enough to make me giggle. Very fun!
that's like my favorite position...^^ love the palette here. oh and btw, i love your cats.
I love your work! This is pretty cool stuff. Very creative and True Art.

I have to look around some more, but I wanted to comment before time got away from me.

Thanks also for your comment!
Charming image!
I love yoga as well!
Unique style!
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