Toby doesn't feel well...
At the end of last week I got test results from Toby's urinalysis and to my dismay we discovered he has oxalate crystals forming. This is not a good thing and if left unchecked can turn into a dangerous situation where bladder stones are formed.

So this weekend I spent a lot of time on PH watch. Without getting too lengthy --- oxalate crystals tend to form in a urine PH of below 6.5 so I need Toby's PH to get up to around 7.0-7.5.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) I am used to all this because I am intimately familiar with crystals and urine PH because we are always battling crystals with Mabel. So I spent much of the weekend with my PH strips and a soup ladle making sure Toby's diet adjustments were making his urine PH where it should be.

Quite a glamorous picture isn't it!!

If I am able to keep Toby's PH up the theory is that it will prevent new crystals from forming and that the remaining ones will wash away and then they won't have a chance to form into stones. I am so grateful that my vet is working with me and letting me try natural PH adjusters first before putting Toby on a medical diet. I am adverse to Science Diet brand foods and will only put Toby on that as a last resort. I prefer pet foods with human quality meats (no byproduct) and natural ingredients.

Other than that I got a lot of work done, I framed up 16 artworks for the city hall show, they still have to be sanded spackled and painted but at least the wood is cut! Let me mention here how much I love spackle. It hides a multitude of sins :)

Oh I almost forgot! Paul and I went to lunch with my Mom today and we saw Shaquille O'Neal at the restaurant. He was hard to miss!


Aw, poor Toby. (love the picture!) Sorry he isn't feeling up to snuff. You are such a good mommy to your pets. They are very lucky.
po' toe'
So sorry to hear about Mr. Toby. I hope he gets feeling better soon and you can get things regulated without having to go on Science Diet dog food. Miss Beula sends her best wishes.
Awww, poor Toby. I hope the little fella feels better soon. x
Poor Toby...I sure hope he feels better soon. Sending lot of doggie kissies!
Poor puppy. Glad you and your vet knew what was wrong. We lost a very special kitty to a crystal blockage. It was caused by ash in his food, and by the time the vet knew what it was, it was too late. Fortunately people are more aware of the problem.
Awww, hope your little Toby is feeling better soon, and what a good owner you are--- with the soup ladel and all!!! ;) Speaking of Shaq-- my husband had the chance to meet him, he was in Tallahassee, here at the Capitol Building where my DH works-- and an hour before my DH was supposed to meet him, I locked myself and our 15 month old son out of the house, so he had to come home and save us!! LOL... so he missed the whole thing.... but way cool and Seasons is awesome! :)
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