perfect beach day
It started out gloomy today but ended up being perfect beach weather. Slightly overcast so it wasn't too hot. We had a great time at the beach and stayed a couple hours, enjoyed the people watching and got our toes nice and sandy.

Here's my requisite "foot photo". My mom asked why I was taking photos of my feet so I told her all the bloggers do it, so I wanted to take a foot photo too!

My Target bikini lasted just long enough for the beach trip. The closure on the top snapped off. Good thing I had a shirt on over it when it did that! Darn cheap bathing suit. I think I can fix it and sew on a new clasp. It was pretty cute even if it was cheap. And I'll need a bathing suit if Paul and I decide to swim with the dolphins for our wedding anniversary in Sept.

Later this afternoon Paul, the pets and I had nice naps all snuggled down with thunderstorms outside - perfect napping weather. I had the weirdest dream that I was acting in a new Jurassic Park film and was being chased by an anamotronic dinosaur. It was very scary even though in the dream I knew I shouldn't be scared!. Totally weird and left me feeling unsettled even after I woke up.

Then tonight Paul and I watched Volver thanks to Netflix. Great movie. I really loved it!

Back to work tomorrow!

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You are extremely talented!
That is so funny about the feet pictures. I couldn't figure it out myself - is it just a way to take your own picture easily? Looking down? I took some pictures of my feet one day, but never posted them - but I will now just for fun. Glad you made it to the beach, but if you can wear a bikini you deserve to go to the beach!
Too bad about the Target swimsuit. I didn't have too much luck with mine from there, so I went back to shopping Lands' End for really can't go wrong with them. Great that you had a lovely day despite the mishap. BTW...CUTE FLIP-FLOPS !!
TRIPLE ARM PUMP to YOU! I love the beach. I would go everyday if I could so I am very, very happy that you went to the beach - even if your bikini snapped a gasket. Three cheers for taking a break for even just a day.

Can't wait to see you in April!
I swam with the dolphins a couple of years ago-it was the most incredible experience of my life-I highly recommend it!
auntie Mim

I think people take the feet pics because then you don't have to worry about how you look in a photo. feet in cute shoes always look good... that's my take on it!
Agreed on the feet shot. I did a radical non-pretty one, but am going to get my feet in shape for a toe-debut.
Swimming with dolphins! How fun!?! Did you see the pink dolphin swimming in a Lake in Lousiana?
Love the flip flops...
Hey, your blog changed since I last visited. It looks really good.
So do your feet :)
I just put my feet on my blog the other feet are a good thing...Martha said so.
Have a great summer Claudine!!
I've been taking "foot pictures" for yrs-my son used to hate it, but the yr he had his girlfriend included in a christmas shot was a clue that he'll continue the tradition one day...
we have our feet in vegas, hawaii, disney get the idea~
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