illustration friday: moon
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "moon"

(click image to enlarge)
These ladies are enjoying come coffee after a night of shopping! This is a piece I created for a boxed note set that will be published in 2008 by TeNeues. Yay!

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Love it!!
Bad ladies! All that coffee at night keeps me up :) ~ this is charming.
Just LOVE it !!!!!!!!!!
They look so relaxed!

PS. Just gave Doug his collage, he loved it, it's standing on the counter with his birthday cards until we find a home on the wall for it:)
Love this...They look really relaxed!
How funny Claudine, but the minute your comment came in I had just clicked on your blog! First I just want to say how happy I am for you and your success. You've really made a signature style for yourself and I applaud you! You remind me a bit of a younger Mary Engelbreit and the way she started out, but persevered. Now look at her...and she's very humble. Just like you:)
Congrats on the new line of cards. I'll be sure to keep my eyes open for them and scoop them up!
This is so charming and perfect for cards!!!
Beautiful and elegant!!
I love the expressions on the faces! A great piece on Friendship.
wonderful girls! i love th city in the background... and congrats on the notecards! they will be a huge hit!
I love this! And it's one of my favorite things to a good pal and go have coffee at a nice little cafe--so sweet.
It seems like a place I would love to be at night, having a great cup of coffee. :)
what a sweet picture. so glad i stumbled onto your unique and adorable blog!
Claudine, how in the heck do you find the time? Your works are so unique and every post is a great surprise!
would love to be one of them! lovely piece!
very charming!
lindos colores...que rico tomar el te a la luz de esa encanta
would be the right time to be with them!
very good illustration and also the others here ... a great inspiration!

thank you!

also for your comment at my blog!
I love the classic illustration look to this (and your other) pieces.
thank you for your comment on my blog. I am really intrigued by your work. So very beautiful. Good work.
Hi, I'm from Uruguay.
I hope you visit me.
My blog has a button to translate spanish to english.
I'll see you.

Kiss to you.
lovely as always. :) love the long legs!
So cute as always! Thank you for the comment on my IF post, it made my day! You are one of my fave artists and I read your blog every day! :)
Always a joy to visit.
just lovely!
u continue to inspire and amaze me with ur work
It looks like the perfect way to end a day. By the looks of their patterned dresses these ladies have great style!
your work is so fun and carefree...
They are so chic!!!!
Lovely work! I love colours and patterns scaping from line.
Charming piece - love the positioning - the legs are spot on.
You're supposed to have the coffee before you go shopping- you need that caffeine boost!
i really love your collage work and your creativity! sigh - to be able to drink coffee in the evening and still get to sleep...those were the days...
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