great day for a BBQ
Happy 4th to all the Americans out there! It's the perfect day to relax, BBQ and enjoy a mini vacation in the middle of the week!

Today was a major errand running day and as usual with errands, they left me exhausted. I went to Home Depot to reurn a nail gun I bought on Saturday. It jammed every time I tried to use it. My old one I had for 7 years and never a jam until one day (last week) it broke. So I knew it wasn't a good sign to be jamming as soon as I got it out of the box! Too bad I hadn't read your comments from yesterday's post before I went to Home Depot. Maybe I would have had enough courage to buy an electric miter saw! Maybe this weekend. I'll see how brave I feel. I guess then I would also have get some sort of work table to put the miter saw on so I could use it. It gets more and more complicated. LOL! I don't know, maybe I'll stick to handsawing all that wood.

Also went to the bank, the drug store and to the vet(surprise! I am always at the vet).

Then I went to Office Depot and bought a scanner/fax/printer. I got so flustered figuring out which one to buy. I hope I got a good one. The thing sounds like the space shuttle taking off when it prints a page! But it does make great prints. And at least I finally have a fax. I always felt bad when people asked me to fax something and I would have to admit I did not have a fax.

Paul and I are going to the beach tomorrow with my Mom. We're going to Jetty Park, I haven't been there and hopefully the weather will be nice. Paul's twin and his family might meet us up too. We'll see!

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Jetty Park looks lovely...have a great day !! And good luck with the new fax/scanner (your description of the space shuttle sound had me laughing !) Happy 4th !!
i like the way you can make an ordinary scene look extraordinary with your unique technique
Whoo Hoo! Get on that new bikini and GET TO THE BEACH! Hurray - I love holidays!
Can Poppets of Claudine and Paul at the beach be far behind? Hope not!!! Relax and Enjoy!!
After seeing 'Ka-Boom,' I'm thinking perhaps a caveman discovering fire isn't a bad poppet to create. :) Enjoy the beach!
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